Eight of the Dumbest Game Show Losers Ever


I’m not sure if anything gives me more pleasure than seeing stupid people get what’s coming to them. That’s why when someone loses big on a game show because of their own idiocy, embarrassing themselves in front of friends, family and millions of strangers, I laugh hysterically and compile posts like this.

I’ve only done one for each show, the best one I could find, but you can bet there are way more out there if you want to look.

1) Family Feud


Do you need a passport to get from Paris to France?

2) Wheel of Fortune


Some people don’t know when to say “when.”

3) Deal or No Deal


Look, if I said to you, I will either give you $600,000 right now, or you could get a million dollars if this coin lands on heads, or zero if it’s tails, what would you do? This guy fails at not only probability, but life.

4) Who Wants to be a Millionaire


Slumdog Millionaire would have been a lot shorter if it starred this guy.

5)  The Price is Right


DAMN those are some SWEET motorcycles!

6) The Newlywed Game


(you’ll have to click through for this one, but it’s worth it)

People were also dumb in the ’70s. Must have been the drugs.

7) 1 vs. 100


Also, Bob Saget was there, so that just makes it worse.

8 ) Jeopardy


Alright, I tricked you. There aren’t really a whole lot of dumb Jeopardy contestants (seriously, I looked), because they, you know, screen them. So here’s a clip of Ken Jennings giving an awesome answer. Bad Mormon!


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