Dr. Tobias Manhattan, Supernatural Analrapist


Uh first of all, it’s pronounced AH-NAL-rap-ist, so get that straight. He’s the world first analyst/therapist/supernatural physicist. Who has lab assistants who are also blue, bald, jacked and naked. Though I am pretty sure Tobias is wearing cutoffs.

Yeah, yeah I’m sure this is really old, as Watchmen jokes would seem to be very 2009, but I laughed out loud when I saw this, and I’m pretty sure I need to pop in an episode of Arrested now.

  • Velovan

    Tobias: “No, I’m afraid I just blue myself.”

    Michael: “There’s gotta be a better way to say that.”

  • Laura

    Yeah and you were almost arrested for those cards.

  • J5

    I wish they could pan out to show him in his cutoffs….. No way Dr Manhattan Funke leave his blue dong in the breeze.

  • J5

    “Allow me to take off my acting cap & put on my barbara streisand ass-masking therapist pantsuit…..”

  • Chrystani

    Me thinks Tobias is enjoying his “understudies” a little too much.
    That smile is priceless.