Download and Play Breaking Bad’s Methopoly



I stopped playing Monopoly quite a few years ago after every game seemed to turn into an hours-long shouting match among friends and family. Every game went on long enough where Boardwalk just became a time bomb with five hotels on it (we altered a few rules) and backroom deals were made to ensure no one ever truly went bankrupt.

But I may consider coming out of Monopoly retirement for Breaking Bad’s Methopoly, as seen above. The game is custom made by a fan, and features a whole host of properties from the show that you can purchase. Obviously ones like the Meth RV are cheap, while the Superlab is the most expensive.

I’ve attached a few more pictures of the board below, but you can actually download ALL the files here to print out and play for yourself.






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  1. Nick D Pags February 21, 2013

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