Disturbing New Trend: Muppets with People Eyes

I really could have gone without this as the first new Tumblr I stumbled upon in the new year. It’s called Muppets with People Eyes, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Someone got the bright idea to photoshop the Muppets with human eyes, thus effectively murdering most of my childhood memories, and causing me to never be able to sleep again.

Gonzo was my pick for the most terrifying, but you should probably just head to the site to see what others have spawned from the depths of hell. More updated every day!

  • Soji

    There is a very disturbing thing popular around where I live (Quebec province in canada) called “Têtes à claques” (it means something like “Hit-me faces”

    All the clips use that AWFULL mix of fake something (in that case, I think it’s clay figurines) with real-life eyes and mouths. Peoples around here think they are funnies, they are jsut plain disturbing. Even worse than that muppet: they move!