It’s Early But Let’s Start Getting Psyched for Dexter


OK so there are theories that Rita will live.  There are questions lingering about whether or not Dexter will have custody of the children.  There are rumors of a great new bad buy who will be “Trinity” esque.   Apparently Julia Benz will actually make an appearance in the first episode and I’m hearing there’s gonna be a nanny for the kids.

There’s just so many questions about the show right now but the most important one is “can it possibly be as good as last season?”  In ranking all time show finales, like in television history, Season 4 seriously has to be considered a top ten.  I mean people are still talking about its meaning and how significant last season was.

Is Dexter gonna come out swinging from the gate or is the season going to build up?  Unfortunately the show doesn’t start until fall but I’m happy to talk about it all summer.

Honestly I’m excited about nearly every single question out there and let’s start the forum right here and now. Let’s talk about Dexter….


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