It’s Early But Let’s Start Getting Psyched for Dexter


OK so there are theories that Rita will live.  There are questions lingering about whether or not Dexter will have custody of the children.  There are rumors of a great new bad buy who will be “Trinity” esque.   Apparently Julia Benz will actually make an appearance in the first episode and I’m hearing there’s gonna be a nanny for the kids.

There’s just so many questions about the show right now but the most important one is “can it possibly be as good as last season?”  In ranking all time show finales, like in television history, Season 4 seriously has to be considered a top ten.  I mean people are still talking about its meaning and how significant last season was.

Is Dexter gonna come out swinging from the gate or is the season going to build up?  Unfortunately the show doesn’t start until fall but I’m happy to talk about it all summer.

Honestly I’m excited about nearly every single question out there and let’s start the forum right here and now. Let’s talk about Dexter….

  • J5

    I wonder if Debra’s gonna find out Dexter’s ENTIRE story. I know she got a bit of a glimpse, but what’s gonna happen with Rita gone (if she actually stays gone)? Debra’s gonna try to be there for Dexter & on top of that he’ll have the kids, so when’s he gonna sneak away for some sweet sweet duct tape & seran wrap justice?

    Also, in the books it started hinting towards the kids having Dexter-esque qualities, so I wonder if they’re gonna start developing that more.

    Either way, I’m stoked for this season, especially since I just picked up showtime.

  • Fred

    I think that Rita was so annoying last season that I was initially happy to see her die. Then I realized that that just meant that Dexter was left alone with the kids and that he pretty much had the same problems, if not more. I also think that last season was the second best season (season 1 being the best). I loved the Trinity killer and thought it really made the season. The only thing the detracted from the season was Rita and the kids. The problem that I can see with the upcoming season is that this season will probably focus on the kids. I am happy to here that there might be a new “Trinity” esque killer this coming season.

  • Willy C

    Hey guys, has this changed at all since it was written? Haven’t been in the Dexter loop in a while.

    Producer Sara Colleton gives Dexter Season 5 hints:

  • Clay

    I really hope Dexter takes a page from the book of Harry and teaches those kids in his fine art.

  • Hayes

    So I highly doubt Rita is coming back, but I could be wrong. Why? Well, depending on how serious you take Wikipedia here’s the entry for Season 5 of Dexter:

    “Showtime has renewed Dexter for a fifth season, which is set to premiere September 26, 2010. Julia Stiles will guest star in 10 episodes as a new woman in Dexter’s life.[8] Shawn Hatosy will appear in a multiple episode arc as a “bad guy”.[9] Maria Doyle Kennedy will also join the cast of Dexter in Season 5 as an Irish nanny.”

  • judas

    from what I’ve read i think this season is going to be alot more like Season 2(for Good or Bad) i think it is going to be a story arc about Dexter having the light shown on him as the Husband and Finder of the body(two of the more common suspect in a murder) and this will be compounded by the fact he really cant give an Alibi as at the time he was tracking and murdering Trinity.I think Rita will only be in the first one or two episodes as a body and maybe flashback type scenes. from what ive heard there wont be a Big Bad as Buffy fans would say but more a dodge the spot light, Predator trying to escape the yard type of story.which could be good as long a Lila doesnt return

  • KavehM

    my theory, Julie Benz perhaps will return at times as a regular…but only as a character speaking to Dexter inside his own head (a la, Dexters Father)

    Keep in mind, dexters dad has been dead since before the show began, but has been in nearly every episode …
    (if not EVERY episode)

    So maybe Rita appears now and then, as sort of a guide, to center Dexter’s emotional status, but the “now” Rita, in Dexters mind, knows all about his acts…past, present and future…

    just a theory…

  • Josh

    Everything I have heard says that Julia Stiles is the nanny and there will be no big villain at all this time around.

    I can see them not doing the villain thing, though. How can you possibly match up against John Lithgow’s character and his performance in last season? He was spectacular to the Nth degree.

  • chelsea

    all i know is that julia stiles will be in 10 episodes or so… i hope he kills her. she couldn’t be any less annoying than rita was and she’s much uglier.

    there’s no way rita is still alive…

    @ judas – why would lila return? dexter killed her.

  • Sam

    I have a theory for how the series will end and I quite like it but if you don’t just let me know. I think throughout season 5 Deb will find out more and more about Dexter and his little “hobby” and she will find out for sure in the last episode of this season. Then the sixth and, I predict, final season it will be about he dealing with the knowledge of it but at the end of it all she can’t deal with it and arrests him. This leads to Dexter getting the death penalty and Deb having custody of his children. And after taking care of them for a few years she’ll notice little Harry is killing animals just like dear daddy Dexter because he had a similarly traumatic experience. And the final scene will be her taking him to Dexter’s execution just like Harry Sr. did with Dexter. And she’ll say something along the lines of I’m going to teach you the code of Dexter.
    Well that’s it. What do you think?

  • Nattyb

    I dig it Sam.

  • judas

    @ chelsea sorry i meant a Lila type character.

  • Rachel

    I am so incredibly excited for season 5.
    I am surprised that everyone in here thinks he will keep the kids, once I got over the shock of Rita’s death I thought that it was a perfect (and very clever) way to get rid of kids that can’t really serve as a good plot device any more. My prediction is that Cody and Astor go live with Rita’s Mom and Dexter keeps Harry. I highly doubt they would try to stay true to the books and make Cody have a dark side, there has been absolutely no hint of it in the series, it would just be too much of a hash job. If anything they could do a fast-forward a few years (probably not the next season) and show Harry turning dark and Dexter training him, I think that would be cool, or Sam’s idea above (which btw is fantastic).
    Season 4 was truly brilliant, the family stuff in the middle was starting to drag a bit, but in the end it was worth it I don’t think Rita’s death would have had as much impact if they hadn’t had the focus on the family like they did. If she had been killed after a season of ho-hum daily life that was largely ignored it wouldn’t have been as (I hesitate to say good when I’m talking about death but for lack of a better word) good.
    That’s my 2cents anyway.

  • aaron

    Rita will live, what, im only starting the second season, dont want to read this but the temptation is there