Dexter Season 4’s Teaser Poster is Creepy but Effective


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You can’t deny that this thing doesn’t elicit some kind of wacked out feeling.  At least for those that know the show.  Is anyone else pumped to see season 4?  I’m a big fan of Dexter.  Rarely do shows with such a dark undertone accomplish the task of being humorous yet completely intelligent while at the same time making you root for a serial killer.

And with fatherhood on the way the show is certainly set to have another successful season.  Will it keep up?  Most shows have a hard time doing so after 2-3 seasons (24 is probably the best example) but for some reason I think Dexter will work.

Michael C Hall is too suave an actor in this role and I think it would be tough for me to get tired of the guy.  Kind of like Hugh Laurie on House.  Though House has got to be running out of ideas pretty soon.  There’s only so many cases man….

What do you guys think of the new Dexter poster?

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