We’re Gonna Have to Get Rid of Rita on Dexter….Like Pronto


OK folks.  Let’s have at it.  Yes, Julie Benz is hot.  I get that.   But I’ll tell you something.   She was a hell of a lot hotter and cooler when she wasn’t Dexter’s wife.  I mean could her character Rita be any more annoying at this point?  Good God I feel like I even married her.  Is this what happens in a real marriage?  Like they get all sensitive and annoying and stuff?

If I hear one more “we have to talk about it Dexter” or “because I love you and it’s important to us” line I think I’m going to vomit.  I think it’s at the point where the producers know how much Rita is going to piss us off and they use her character as a contrast to how awesome Dexter is.  In fact I’m quite certain that’s why Rita is still around and Dexter hasn’t ringed her neck yet.

But come on!  Could she be any more Miss Tart?  Ooooohhh, she was kissed by someone.  Give me a break man.  She sucks.  Dexter’s whole family thing sucks.  It’s the only thing on the show that pisses me off.

Remember two seasons ago, the character Lila?  Dexter’s “sponsor?”  Now that was an awesome character.  Wild sex scenes and she was psycho enough to burn down her own house with Dexter in it.  Now that’s a woman.  Plus he was cheating on Rita with her, which was awesome.


Don’t get me wrong.  This season is amazing (mostly due to the fact that John Lithgow always plays an incredible psycho).  I just think that most Dexter fans would be with me on this one.

Rita sucks.  And let’s get her off the show please.

Oh and P.S. Keith Gordon made a little cameo on the show last night.  He played one of the Kyle Butlers.  Way to go buddy!


  • IcemanD

    Dexter lost me as a fan right around the 3rd quarter of Season 2. The whole wife storyline just didn’t work for me.

  • Nattyb

    I think it works out as far as him juggling roles and what not. I just can’t stand her.

  • Ashik

    How about dexter murdering his family as a season finale!!! Hahaha!

    Of course Rita and the kids would have to cut away the limbs of an innocent and have them for dinner? first.

    I scared myself.

  • Alex

    You may get your wish. I heard there is one major death in the season finale. However although I admit I wouldn’t mind seeing Rita(still I would prefer a lot more for that moron Quinn to die) but let us not forget that this would make for an even bigger problem- Dexter as a single dad. I am not sure I would like to see this

    By the way did you guys see the sneak peek for next week?


    Deb finally learns about Dexter’s mothers. Can’t wait to see how this will turn out


  • Jeff

    I’d like to see Rita discover what Dexter is (or at least has a darn good idea) and Dexter finds a way to get rid of her without getting caught. A wife goes missing, the husband is always the prime suspect so it would be a real challenge for Dex – he could pull it off though. That would be a brilliant storyline to a season.

  • Nattyb

    @Jeff – GREAT idea.

  • Erainor

    Let’s get rid of Deb. She really doesn’t serve a purpose any more, and it seems almost forced to get her involved in the story at this point.

  • Nattyb

    Plus Deb is kind of gross looking. Though I love her attitude.

  • Drew Dickinson

    I may be alone on this one, but I think Deb is sexy…. It may be her attitude doing it for me, though,,,,

  • Nattyb

    Drew, I can’t lie. There are times when she’s very doable. Granted I still think she’s gross looking but I’m a guy so….

  • mcouthon

    Good god, do I love for this post…

    I’ve been hating those exact sentences since the first season. It always baffled me, how could such an obviously talented cast of writers be so damn repetitive and boring with this one character?

    Also, I don’t even think she’s *that* hot.

  • Madison

    Eh, I don’t know. I think making Dexter a family man was the next logical step with his character, and it is more of an obstacle to his secret murders than the cops are. Plus, it sets up that great dymnamic between he and Trinity.

    Sure, Rita sucks, but making Dexter married with kids was a smart move by the writers.

  • Madison

    And as far as Deb goes, I think the actress who playes her is the best on the show. Who cares what she looks like? This is a show about a serial killer. If you want beauty, go watch Entourage.

  • Nattyb

    Entourage doesn’t have nearly as many hot chicks as it used to.

  • As much as I hate Rita, and the fact that Dexter has a family holding him back, I think this season has moved through that pretty well and has actually become pretty great near the end here. The scene where Trinity walks through the police station and finds Dexter is one of the best I’ve ever seen in the series.

    This being said, I think the next season should open with Dexter’s family being slaughtered and he goes on a murderous rampage killing all sorts of (bad) people before finally finds who did it.

    And then the final season he needs to get caught, and immortalized as the greatest serial killer of all time to the public. And then of course, escape custody and start killing in some other country.

    There, two more seasons, and we’re out.

  • LieparDestin


    Overall Dexter follows the book pretty well. I mean its nowhere near exact, but the basics are pretty much the same. Rita plays a big roll in being Dexters cover. Also the trama her kids suffered from their abusive father leads them down a ‘dark passenger’ path, which would be quite the interesting thing to see happen on the show.

  • Tim

    While I have to say this season has been a bit slow it has most certainly picked up towards the end, as Paul said, the scene where Trinity walks through the police station and meets up with Dexter was probably the best I’ve seen for a loong time. It sent shivers down my back!

    While Rita does get a bit annoying every now and then I think she really adds something to the show, and I do prefer her over Lila who added nothing and was just annoying as hell.

    I can hardly wait another week to see the conclusion of this season, who will live and who will die!?

  • Ashweee

    I don’t know, I don’t really like Rita anymore, but I think it helps because it shows how much Dexter is REALLY juggling, and it’s starting to catch up with him.

  • Konar

    Rita is necessary. I think she’s a terrible actress (RAMBO), but she’s perfect for the show. Remember the first season where Dexter said he had to find someone as dead as him on the inside? She’s shallow, but if he had an intelligent girlfriend or wife, she would figure him out. It’s the only way for the show to realistically work.

  • chelsea

    Rita is the WORST… she has been for quite a while. i’m always hoping Dexter will kill her. i’ve read the first 3 books (starting the 4th one soon) and the idea that Cody and Aster are “dark” like Dexter is such a great way to take the story. in the books, Dexter starts to teach them Harry’s code. maybe one of the kids can kill Rita… seriously, she’s annoying. and to whoever said Deb is the best on the show…. i hope you’re joking… god, she’s awful. her facial expressions always reveal constipation whether it’s supposed to be excited, sad, about to cry, angry or happy… she is an over-acter in every way. i will say, however, that she was really good in “The Haunting of Emily Rose”.

  • Jaromir

    @ those saying Dexter should kill her off……….gotta say you guys don’t really have a grasp of what Dexter character is about, I mean you don’t at all.

    As far as Rita being annoying; yes I have to agree that yeah she is, but the show as a whole IMO has been handling the situation pretty well. I do have a feeling though that she will eventually get killed thus leaving Dexter a single dad, but I doubt it will be this season. The way I see it, I think that they would develop Dexter and Rita relationship a bit more (like her finding out) before axing her, where Dexter is at fault (maybe not killing a serial killer when he should have…wink wink nudge nudge.

  • inviktus

    You guys do know that the show is based on a book right?

    Dexter of the book uses his family purely as cover and cares naught for them.

    You can’t give credit to the shows writers for making him a family man, it was in the book already. Which is much darker than the show.

  • MightyFaker

    Wish Granted.

  • kerem


  • demayto

    I was kind of sad that Rita got killed but hey, it was meant to be. I mean, common If the trinity killer hadn’t done it, i’d have killed her myself :)))
    GOD was she annoying and abusive! Somehow I knew he as gonna kill her when I saw john lightgow googling for dex’s adress, then when he got whacked I thought “Damn! so close but still he failed” then at the end when i heard baby Harrison crying I knew he got to her, i was like “DING F***** DONG, THE WITCH IS DEAD !”

    i know i’m mean but hey i’m sure some of you think the same 🙂

  • noob

    I agree. I don’t like Rita at all, but, I really don’t like how they killed and f’d up the family part. I guesss they have a plan though.

  • lose rita

    GOD rita sucks. she irritates me in every single episode these days (season 4 now).
    I was irritated with her when she was just his girlfriend too though. She is utterly two dimensional. Dull. Boring. so very vanilla that it turns the stomach. She is continually being a pain in the ass – making problems. Most of the time when Dexter is in trouble – its in some way caused or exacerbated by her.
    course thats WHY she cant be written out – she is a plot tool. but man she sucks.

    i suppose at the end of the day.. everyone kind of sucks except dexter. deb is continually having meltdowns too. I’m sick of watching her blubb and be brainless. She lived with dexter her whole life – she is supposed to be a detective. She never noticed anything unusual about him?

  • chelsea

    @lose rita… have you finished season 4 yet? because they can write out rita.

    one thing i like about the dexter books is that deb finds out what dexter is and is torn between her loyalty to him and turning him in.

  • MaximusX67

    They screwed up Rita’s character so badly …. she was never awesome to begin with. But just as the author states, her whiny ‘we have to talk Dexter’ bullshit was played out before season 4 even started. She was God awful – so boring and dull. Total snoozefest …………………….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz