We’re Gonna Have to Get Rid of Rita on Dexter….Like Pronto


OK folks.  Let’s have at it.  Yes, Julie Benz is hot.  I get that.   But I’ll tell you something.   She was a hell of a lot hotter and cooler when she wasn’t Dexter’s wife.  I mean could her character Rita be any more annoying at this point?  Good God I feel like I even married her.  Is this what happens in a real marriage?  Like they get all sensitive and annoying and stuff?

If I hear one more “we have to talk about it Dexter” or “because I love you and it’s important to us” line I think I’m going to vomit.  I think it’s at the point where the producers know how much Rita is going to piss us off and they use her character as a contrast to how awesome Dexter is.  In fact I’m quite certain that’s why Rita is still around and Dexter hasn’t ringed her neck yet.

But come on!  Could she be any more Miss Tart?  Ooooohhh, she was kissed by someone.  Give me a break man.  She sucks.  Dexter’s whole family thing sucks.  It’s the only thing on the show that pisses me off.

Remember two seasons ago, the character Lila?  Dexter’s “sponsor?”  Now that was an awesome character.  Wild sex scenes and she was psycho enough to burn down her own house with Dexter in it.  Now that’s a woman.  Plus he was cheating on Rita with her, which was awesome.


Don’t get me wrong.  This season is amazing (mostly due to the fact that John Lithgow always plays an incredible psycho).  I just think that most Dexter fans would be with me on this one.

Rita sucks.  And let’s get her off the show please.

Oh and P.S. Keith Gordon made a little cameo on the show last night.  He played one of the Kyle Butlers.  Way to go buddy!



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