Debate of the Weekend: This is Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki, in costume for her new primetime TV show on NBC.


  • Megan

    I hate to be th first one who says this but ths is just awful. If they go out like this, the movie will bomb and DC’s reputation will just sink. They need to spend more time on other characters and not just on Batman.

  • Rob J

    No. Do not like for role.

  • Sveppi

    “I hate to be th first one who says this but ths is just awful. If they go out like this, the movie will bomb and DCā€™s reputation will just sink. They need to spend more time on other characters and not just on Batman.”

    It’s just a TV pilot, which explains the cheap look.
    But it looks pretty horrendous, no way you can have her wearing that and not looking uncomfortable and cheesy.
    Sad to say that on the off chance that the show even gets picked up, it probably won’t last more than a season.

  • Melanie

    It looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

  • Marc

    Yeah, the show isn’t supposed to be campy.


  • David

    Yeah this does not look good at all. When I was young I like wonder woman with Linda Carter. When it came on in re-runs when I was of an age to appreciate it I was like OMG she was HOT! This girl..not so much. Maybe it’s the outfit.

  • Venro

    That…looks like what someone would have as a Halloween costume.

  • DrPenetrator

    Isnt the gold plating supposed to be armor and not horrible looking plastic?

  • Amey

    Something more traditional wud hav looked better IMO. Quick photoshop. šŸ˜‰

  • Noemi

    Yuck! It looks so cheap!

  • PooBerry

    I hate this look. Even though she’s covered up, I think that this costume comes across as something that’s going to be worn in a Wonder Woman porn parody. I’m not sure if it’s the actress or what, but it just comes across as one of those “Sexy Superhero” Halloween costumes. I always thought that Wonder Woman was beautiful, but she still gave off a strong “Don’t screw with me” vibe.

  • Lacy

    Amey, your photoshop job is really good. It is way beter than the original.

  • Lee

    Let’s face it. There is no way you can make a live action Wonder Woman without it looking cheesy or porn-esque. Leave it to the comics or cartoons, where it looks like it belongs.

    Unfortunately that’s the problem with DC. The only character they have that wont seem contrived and cheesy is Batman. Which, as stated earlier, is being overdone.

    Besides, why do people like Wonder Woman? Titties. That is all.

  • Philip

    I think it looks better than Lynda Carters granny panties.

  • Jackson Briggs

    Simply BREATHTAKING…. Just kidding. It sucks. Show will be right up there with Knight Rider as riveting, ratings-drawing gold for NBC… oh wait a second.

  • EMI

    The only thing that would make that costume look good is a camel toe.

  • looka

    she looks retarded.. and i don’t mean the costume. her face looks like she is legaly retarded.

  • Ron

    This is a terrible outfit. It rivals the nipple-gate of Clooney. But in this instance, I would be okay with nipples šŸ™‚

  • nibol

    I think she’s not right for the role: she would have to be more robust, since WW is an amazon and stuff.

  • Troy J.

    I guess they have silicone in Amazon now. How hard would it be to make the suit darker and not shiny? Or why not just put her in the white amazon dress. It would look so much better then this abomination.

  • Chandamyaya

    Amey, your photoshop is much better — thanks for changing the boots to red, and most of all, thanks for changing the bracelets to gold (they really bothered me). I’d like for the costume designers to see your revisions

  • DC Fan

    Well, it really depends on how they film the show. If it’s comic-book-y, similar to how they did Scott Pilgram, then that costume is fine. A clearly fantasy show would require a clearly fantasy costume, and not something realistic. I like this look, as it sticks with the original, and she looks hawt in it.However, the photoshopped one looks even better, that much is true.

  • john

    i don’t think it looks that bad. the crotch on the pants goes a little low though

  • Mikey

    Isn’t WW supposed to be at least somewhat attractive? I don’t know what this girl is, but attractive she is not.

    Also, the suit looks like a terrible cos-play attempt

  • Adam

    Hey didn’t I see that at Wal-Mart?

  • Cal

    That outfit aint even fap worthy… thats how bad it is!

  • J5

    The only thing that can save it now is if they add “This Aint” before the title and make the costume crotchless, because the costume is only porn worthy.

    But I wasnt going to watch this anyway, so I dont really care.

  • Simon

    I like the idea of her wearing pants, but the fact that it is shiny is almost as awful as a vampire that sparkles… Other than the shiny-ness I would change the color of the bracers to gold and the boots to red. The reason why I like this it is less demeaning and a little more modern, I also would love to see the white amazon dress. So in conclusion not shiny (except for the stuff thats gold), gold bracers and red boots that would be a much more appealing costume.

  • jaromir

    Everything about this show looks and sounds awful. I would elaborate but in the end it does really matter, WB is still going to release the shit pile….The only thing WB has ever gotten right with their superhero properties were 1. Batman, 2. first 2-3 seasons of Smallville, 3. Anything animated.

    Aside from this it just seems like they just want to make a quick buck off of their properties.

  • Her face and boobs are not worthy of Wonder Woman.

  • Wonder Woman was an Amazonian beauty. This chick looks like she just had her wisdom teeth pulled. It’s campy cosplay at best. And how is she gonna manage those super jumps w/o those wonder breasts flopping out?

    NBC has it all wrong.

  • Diva D

    Tits or GTFO.

    (Seriously, though, that outfit is ridiculous.)

  • Alex
  • I don’t really care… but as a girl, I must criticize the gauntlets? Just, why are they silver? Nothing else is silver. Just fashion 101. Pants might be more practical than the bikini, but not when they’re rubber. How can she walk?

  • Zora The Geek

    I don’t know…I think the main problem I.M.O. is that everything from the waist down is the same shade of blue, and that makes it look kind of weird and blah. Maybe if they made the pants a darker shade of blue, or perhaps made the boots red or something. I also have to agree that the bracers need to be gold. I wouldn’t say that I ‘hate’ it, but it definitely could use a re-do.

  • Emilio

    Why I can’t shake off my mind the idea she will be spending a lot of time in court. Yet, I’ll be fine having James Spader dropping by from time to time as a mentor figure or an evil hand behind it all.

  • Imjustagirl

    She looks like a character in one of those campy SyFy channel movies. Not the lead…..not even the sidekick… extra. Please rethink this bad use of latex.

  • Jim

    one word and one word only: FUGLY!

  • Hahaha

    Hahaha….is there anyone who actually LIKES the costume?

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  • That 70’s Kid


    Linda Carter will always be Wonder Woman.

    It’s not here fault that the merchandise royalties were taken away from her…