Debate of the Day: Will Community Return?

Last night was the last episode of Community possibly ever. And though it might be nice to have it sent off with Alison Bree singing a non-copyrighted rip-off of “Santa Baby” in half a Santa suit, the show deserves to keep on living.

But will it? NBC is taking Community off the schedule indefinitely, “shelving” it as it were. Ratings aren’t great, and the perennial Emmy winning 30 Rock is swooping in to replace it. The show isn’t “cancelled” yet, but it’s certainly on the ropes. The problem is a lot of people don’t seem to get it, like my friends who love Parks and Rec and The Office, but don’t really understand what Community and its many parodies are all about.

I think that channels are learning a bit from past mistakes however. In today’s day and age where online fan clubs and petitions can be organized in an instant, and blogs written in support of something can actually change minds, it’s a luxury to have a die hard fanbase for a show, and that might be something NBC might not want to lose. The channel has been struggling for a while now, so to throw away a devoted fanbase, even if its translating ratings aren’t great, would probably not be in its best interest. And shelving something midseason where it would NEVER return? That’s just a slap in the face.

So what should NBC do? Let Community come back in the spring, and then give them one more full fourth season so the gang can all graduate from Greendale. Tell them its their last season so they can plan accordingly, and send them out with the sort of grand finale they deserve. I’m not saying the show needs to last forever, that’s how quality can rapidly decline, but they at least deserve a proper farewell when it is their time.


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