Debate of the Day: Who’s Your Favorite Captain?

Behold, the Holy Grail of Nerddom. I’m told this is the first time that all five TV Star Trek captains have been in the same photo where it wasn’t crudely photoshopped, and that’s one hell of an accomplishment. Throw Chris Pine in there and you’ve got yourself a stew, but you might upset some die hard fans including him.

Strangely enough, I was raised on Voyager, which was the popular sci-fi show when I was growing up. Naturally I had a giant crush on Seven of Nine, and I thought all Vulcans were black for a while. Which captain was your favorite? I’ll assume Kirk or Picard, but I could be wrong. Did anyone actually like Enterprise? I’m not being sarcastic, as I’ve never seen it. Was it anywhere close to as good as the rest of these?