Debate of the Day: What’s the Worst Show Currently on TV?

This is a question that I want to pose because honestly, I don’t have time for bad TV. In watching movies, playing games and consuming GOOD TV shows to write about, I don’t have a second to spare for something I know isn’t going to be worth my time.

But maybe some of you do, as television is a leisure activity and not a prerequisite of your job, so you’ve probably seen the worst shows out there, or at least bits and pieces of them. The way I see it there are five main categories of bad shows:

Shitty network reality shows – Any sort of contest where people compete to win something or get married or whatever. Thankfully there are a lot less of these than there used to be.

Shitty basic cable reality shows – Pretty much any show on TLC, History or The Discovery Channel these days about swamp loggers or pawn shop brokers. There are far MORE of these than there used to be.

Drama filled shitty cable reality shows – This is your Jersey Shores, your Real Housewives, your Teen Moms. Anyone who puts their over-dramatic life on camera, where the action is probably all scripted.

Long running shitty shows everyone likes – Two and a Half Men. And most of CBS’s stable of shows these days.

New shitty shows – They’ll probably get cancelled, but until they do, they’re stinking up TV.

So, what is YOUR #1 worst show on TV right now?


  1. Blade3k3 February 17, 2011
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