Debate of the Day: What’s the Worst Show Currently on TV?

This is a question that I want to pose because honestly, I don’t have time for bad TV. In watching movies, playing games and consuming GOOD TV shows to write about, I don’t have a second to spare for something I know isn’t going to be worth my time.

But maybe some of you do, as television is a leisure activity and not a prerequisite of your job, so you’ve probably seen the worst shows out there, or at least bits and pieces of them. The way I see it there are five main categories of bad shows:

Shitty network reality shows – Any sort of contest where people compete to win something or get married or whatever. Thankfully there are a lot less of these than there used to be.

Shitty basic cable reality shows – Pretty much any show on TLC, History or The Discovery Channel these days about swamp loggers or pawn shop brokers. There are far MORE of these than there used to be.

Drama filled shitty cable reality shows – This is your Jersey Shores, your Real Housewives, your Teen Moms. Anyone who puts their over-dramatic life on camera, where the action is probably all scripted.

Long running shitty shows everyone likes – Two and a Half Men. And most of CBS’s stable of shows these days.

New shitty shows – They’ll probably get cancelled, but until they do, they’re stinking up TV.

So, what is YOUR #1 worst show on TV right now?

  • Blade3k3


    No other comment necessary.

  • Steve

    Shitty Network Reality Show: Gotta go with the one that started it all IMO, “Who Wants to Marry A Millionaire?” This show definitely set the template for beautiful/vapid women who would do things for money/fame. Who would’ve thought back then where tv would end up?

    Shitty Basic Cable Reality Shows: This is just opinion here, but I never cared for “Little People, Big World”. My mom watches this all the time, and every time i catch a glimpse in passing, i notice that nothing of even the slightest interest is happening in the lives of these people. The whole gimmick of the show is that they’re midgets, no more, no less. Exploitation at it’s best.

    Drama filled shitty cable reality shows: Jersey Shore for sure. I personally wanted to go with The Simple Life, as Paris is the one who made this sort of show mainstream, but Jersey Shore is now a goddamn phenomenon. The website “Hotchickswithdouchebags’ has proven that the “Greico virus” has now spread worldwide. At least Paris Hilton has disappeared (for the most part). When JS ends, at least 3 of these idiots will have their own reality show. Then someone from that show will get THEIR own reality show. Rinse, repeat.

    Long running shitty shows everyone likes: The Simpsons. It pains me to say this as it was my favorite show as a kid. Looked forward to 8pm on Thursday night every week to see it. However, around 1997 or, I noticed I wasn’t laughing as much, and I found myself watching the older syndicated episodes than the new ones (now on Sunday nights). By 2001-2002 I was done. However, it’s reached a point where the joke is about how the show used to be funny. I even heard that at a press conference/Q&A/whatever it was that Matt Groening gave t-shirts to people who DIDN’T mention the show sucking now. As far as I’m concerned, the Simpsons have become the Panda Bear of comedy. People refuse to let it die even though nature has proven that this species must go extinct.

    New Shitty Shows – Can’t think of any, as I don’t watch any. It definitely says something though when I can name a million reality shows off the top of my head, but not one regular show. The shitty shows tend to get canceled pretty quickly.

    Reality tv is a beast that cannot be fed. Remember that episode of the Simpsons when Homer sells his soul for a donut, and the guy working the crane feeds Homer an endless amount of donuts? The viewers are Homer, and the donuts are the shows.

  • Rob J

    Swamp Loggers is just so harsh it borders on extreme discrimination. One of the ads on the Discovery channel just had your typical toothless hillbilly in a swamp going “if you think this is easy you come down here and try and do it yourself” in the strongest Louisiana accent and it was just horrible.

    Medium is also the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen and the ads for it drive me insane

  • Diva D

    Bridalplasty is a good call. I also really despise stuff like The View and Tyra Bank’s show, because I think they prey on people in a more insidious way than some of this other stuff.

  • Parker Jammstein

    I have several. I can’t whittle it down to just one.

    -Jersey Shore. The fact that these talentless assholes make so much money irritates me to no end. Snooki’s book? A travesty to the English language. It’s fucking dumb. Pure and simple.

    -Teen Mom (or 16 and Pregnant, what have you)- If the first thing that pops into your head when you get pregnant at 16 is “LET’S CALL MTV IMMA BE FAMOUS” you need to be euthanized.

    And now for non-MTV offerings:

    -Everything on ABC Family. I’m still fuming that they got rid of Whose Line is It Anyway? Pure bullshit.

  • Gabriel

    Shitty network reality shows – Bridalplasty (Right on that one)

    Shitty basic cable reality shows – Ru Pauls Drag Race….., anything that beast Tyra Banks spews out.

    Drama filled shitty cable reality shows – Real Housewives, almost everything on Bravo that isn’t Top Chef

    Long running shitty shows everyone likes – CSI, Simpsons, Two and a Half Men

    New shitty shows – Hawaii 5-O, The Event, Skins(not even as close to as good as the British one)

  • Jackson Briggs

    I wouldn’t know what’s bad as I make it a point to only involve myself in good TV programming. With the over abundance of good shows on network, cable and premium TV why would you even bothering wading through the crap that is reality TV at all. You should know better than that, it’s your job after all.

  • Comfortable Madness

    Toddlers and Tiaras. Awful show. Awful people. Awful concept. Awful.

  • Cheryl

    The Bachelor, I don’t understand it’s appeal…never have and I’m a reality/trash tv junkie…but that show…it’s embarassing and awkward at all times (and this from someone who gets excited about Teen Mom each week).

    Also, 2 1/2 Men…the kid is like in his 20’s now right? and it’s just not funny.

  • Jeremy

    Anything they make fun of on “The Soup.” And Toddlers & Tiaras.

  • AngryMan

    Family Guy.

  • FireBlogger

    The Middle. (dodges rotten fruit) Let me explain! Let me explain!

    I grew up with Malcolm In The Middle. It was one of my favorite shows growing up, and as I rewatch them on FX today, I find even more jokes I didn’t get the first time. (You can only imagine what it was like when I first found Arrested Development)

    I still think that Malcolm In The Middle was a brilliantly written show, with bits of humor for everyone. They used physical comedy, and they had good actors for that, they used dark comedy, which also had good actors for that, and they used tons of double entendres for the people who like that. Now, of course, even though I’m no slapstick guy, I do like physical comedy every once in a while, and I always love double entendres and dark comedy, so Malcolm In The Middle was quite freaking awesome.

    The Middle is a terrible rip-off, right down to the characters and the setting. The only original jokes that they may come up with generally turn out to have the same punchlines as each other, the show abuses Gilligan Cuts to an unbelievable extreme (look it up on TV Tropes), the characters mug at the camera, they have extremely offensive portrayals of minorities (the Dewey lookalike is obviously autistic, and the writers love to use his “quirks” as jokes) and the plots are so BORING. There was an episode where, I kid you not, was all about the autistic kid not knowing how to rake!

    And going on from the offensive stereotypes, how about Brad, the most offensive gay character since Kurt from Glee? How about the show taking irrelevant, mean-spirited insults at homeschoolers (I was homeschooled)?

    And when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. Axl eventually started to laugh at his own jokes and follow up his jokes with a pun like “chopped down by the axe man”. It was like a written-in laugh track. “Laugh, idiots! Axl’s being funny! Laugh!”

    God, I hate The Middle. And the fact that everyone loves this show is another reason that it disgusts me. It’s the new Two And A Half Men, and I’m gonna have to wait for eight more years until it finally ends because one of the stars overdosed on coke.

  • BobaFett

    I would say Brothers & Sisters, but I love Sally Field.

    I would say The Cape, but the camp is sometimes refreshing.

    I would say The Event, but Jason Ritter is pretty good.

    I would say the Bachelor, but women have to have something to watch.

    I would say Grey’s Anatomy, but Heigl’s not on there anymore.

    I would say anything on MTV, but it’s on MTV, what do you expect?

    I would say Real Wives of …, but we gotta hate on somebody, right?

    So I’m gonna have to go with Nancy Grace, seriously chick, go away.

  • 8bithero

    Shitty network reality shows – I don’t watch network reality shows, but I instead lump every damned one of them into this set. Waste of time.

    Shitty basic cable reality shows – Every damned “work” related job on every damned network. If I wanted to watch people work, I’d stay at work.

    Drama filled shitty cable reality shows – Again, all reality shows are shit.

    Long running shitty shows everyone likes – 30 Rock. I just don’t get it. It sucks so bad.

    New shitty shows – All of them.

    To be honest, I don’t really watch “new” television. It’s just so bad.

  • thatotherdude

    shitty network reality shows: american idol(it got so stupid after season 4)

    shitty basic cable reality shows: i agree on toddlers and tiaras (i believe no one under the age of 18 should be aloud to model or be in a pageant of any kind. it turns girls into shallow, ruthless, and maniacal bitches before they even have a chance to become a decent person.)

    drama filled shitty reality shows: jersey shore by far.(the fact that jersey shore has lasted more than 3 episodes is a testament to how far downhill the human race has gone. and to think its in its 3rd season.)

    new shitty shows: gotta go with bucket and skinny’s epic adventures on nickalodeon. stupidity of this caliber is bad enough with cartoons, but to put in a live-action show is just horrible. and its actually getting good ratings. fan boy and chumchum made me lose most of my faith in humanity, bucket and skinner made me lose the rest.

    just general shittieness: most everything that was made after 2005. this means on ALL networks and channels. especially on children’s networks like disney and nick. nothing can compare to the sheer stupidity thats making nickalodeon millions right now. i feel ashamed to say im was a nick kid when i was little because of how bad its gotten.

  • jose

    30 rock and the office are the worst comedies

  • Dennis

    ANY show – especially those dealing with storage locker auctions, pawn shops, repo/tow firms and gold prospecting anywhere – where the men on camera apparently spend their days swimming laps in an Olympic size swimming pool filled with testosterone.

    These drama queens need to be placed in one very large storage locker . . . and have the door welded shut.