Debate of the Day: What’s the Best New Show of the Fall?

We’re getting close to mid-October, and that means that at this point a LOT of new shows have premiered across a host of networks. Some have been picked up, others are on the verge of cancellation already.

I have a distrust of new shows because I don’t like getting into bed with one that ends up getting cancelled after a half or full season. As such, I’m more prone to wait and hear what others think about certain shows, and then give them a shot.

Which shows have you seen so far that have stood out to you? I’ve heard good things about Last Resort and Ben and Kate (watching the latter, it was decent). Some are saying Nashville was good last night, and Revolution has a fanbase somehow even if it did make me lose interest rather quickly. Any others you like so far? I’m curious to hear, and let me know in the comments.

  • XenoIrish

    I like “Last Resort” a lot. Andre Braugher is great in it, as is the supporting cast. If the writing stays above board, and the show isn’t dragged out longer than the story merits, it could be the best submarine based NBC drama since “SeaQuest”.

    “Revolution” perplexes me, I hate the premise of electricity magically not working except with those pendants or whatever, because it has no basis in reality. I find the writing and characters pretty terrible, and the fight choreography pretty unrealistic. The only characters I’m interested in are Miles, Monroe, and Neville. The weird thing is I keep watching, as does most of the country.

  • JB

    Arrow was actually alot better then I expected. Lookig forward to seeing where that goes.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    You know, I haven’t caught all that many new shows — had some personal things to deal with lately and managed to squeeze in a small vacation — but I did watch the first two episodes of LAST RESORT before I decided it just wasn’t for me. For the most part, I liked the cast, but the premise just felt REALLY out there. I’ve DVRd NASHVILLE, but I probably won’t watch it until this weekend. I didn’t even give REVOLUTION a chance because of all the publicity, and methinks JJ’s lost his magical touch due to watering down his brand so much. I’m holding out for that Kevin Bacon show, though, and a few others that might get midseason replacement slots. Otherwise? One big meh.

  • Alex

    I’ve really enjoyed each episode of Ben and Kate. Unfortunately, I think it suffers a bit from the How I Met Your Mother syndrome of having the sidekicks be funnier than the leads.

  • Canadian Scott

    I hate to admit it but Elementary is pretty good and so is Vegas. I am giving Revolution its due right now and watching it but it is getting to be a thin thread.

  • trashcanman

    666 Park Avenue is looking pretty sweet right about now. Think American Horror Story with a touch of Supernatural’s crossroads demons and you’ve got the basic idea. Lots of good shows on the air right now.

  • Postal

    I’m going to suggest something a bit different. Call the Midwife. A UK import on PBS. Most shows this year seem a bit like leftovers to me.

  • Josh

    I like Go On personally. It’s got Matthew Perry who’ve I’ve missed since Friends ended and a whole set of funny characters including John Cho. It’s about a sports radio personality who loses his wife and needs to go to group therapy to deal with it. While I know it sounds sad and sometimes it does pull at the heart strings, it finds a way to be pretty funny without taking it too far. It’s got a Community like goofiness to it which I fricking love. Definitely worth at least a check out.

  • Steve

    +1 for Go On. It’s kind of like Community Light. I liked the first few episodes of New Normal, too, but each episode has been slightly less entertaining than the last.

    I didn’t know what Revolution was until I watched it, and now that I’ve checked it out, I’m not a fan. I watched the first three and never grew to care about a single character. It feels a bit like watching The Walking Dead with no zombies and every character is as likeable as Lori. Also, it feels somehow even less plausible than The Walking Dead.

  • Barretstrife

    Another for Elementary, thought it was going to suffer from having to compete with House, Sherlock, and the two movies with Robert Downey Jr. But in actuality no, it takes its own twist on sherlock holmes and making him a new character that is not as tedious as other adaptations. Also making elementary the only procedure show that I will watch.

  • Nihir

    Best show of the season for me has been The New Normal. Incredibly funny and poignant at times too.

  • Vince

    Another vote for Go On. Supporting cast is great. I feel the same way as XenoIrish about Revolution. When I watch it, I feel like I’m watching a terrible show and I should hate it, but I just keep watching. If it got cancelled though, I wouldn’t miss it.