Debate of the Day: What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

How can you not love puny Chris Evans?

Alright, so I just so happened to have my one year anniversary with the gf fall on Super Bowl Sunday so I didn’t get to see much of it this year, not that I really care who wins the Yellow and White Team vs. the Yellow, Green and White Team battle, but I was bummed I didn’t get to see the commercials.

I saw a few, including the first spot for Captain America above, and also JJ Abram’s Super 8 trailer. Outside of those in the quarter I watched, I didn’t see anything super spectacular, except for that little kid Darth Vader one I already posted.

So what did I miss? What were your favorite ads from the evening? Vote in the comments, and if you could, post a link to the spot so I can check it out for myself.

  • The Cap and Super 8 trailers were really the only good ones. I already knew about the VW Vader, so it doesn’t really count.
    But heck yes, sign me up for Cap and super 8.

  • C

    Here you can view, and vote on, all of the superbowl ads:

    I haven’t seen any yet. Unfortunately have to watch the broadcast on a Canadian network and they never show the commercials.

  • The Kia Optima was the coolest. The Doritos finger lick was the funniest. Go Daddy was the dumbest. Stella Artois was the weirdest. Chrysler Eminem was the “what are we selling again?”est.

  • Peter

    The Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” ad was the best. I had also seen the Vader one before too, but it got a huge response out of everyone I was with.

  • average joe

    I love how chik it is to make sure people know you didn’t watch the game.

  • Anton

    Chrysler advert from a marketers point of view was silly. I see what they’re trying to do, emphasize the heritage of the brand etc but Eminem as a spokesperson? Not someone i would have chosen to sell ‘luxury’.

  • Josh

    @Anton: That ad wasn’t meant for the world at large. It was meant for the people of Detroit and of Michigan. We don’t have faith in the automakers anymore and if they truly want to rebound, they need the heart of the automotive world to believe in them again. In my eyes, it was a genius move by Chrysler to use Eminem, a hometown hero whose journey from the bottom to the top is so well known around here that they are actually teaching it in high schools as a motivator (I live in northern Sterling Heights, about 20 miles from the Detroit River, and it is becoming commonplace to teach kids to dream big by using Eminem and to teach creativity by using Kid Rock’s life story).

    Anyway, best commercial has yet to be mentioned here. It was easily the Coca-Cola ad. I thought it was a WoW ad at first. The 3D work in it is what really made me like it, but the message they are trying to send in it is pretty good too.

  • BOLT

    Couldn’t tell you what they were selling but the one that started off with Ozzy who got replaced by Justin Biber…Bieber..Beiber..who cares but they made a joke that made fun of Justin looking like a chick…gave me a good chuckle
    The Vader using the force was a homerun as well…

  • Jake

    I was a fan of the camaro miss eveyln commerical

  • Mikey

    I grew up in Sterling Heights! I’ve actually seen Eminem at AMC 30 when I used to work there and he used to go there all the time

    I think one of the best commercials was the “Imported from Detroit” ad. I’m sure anyone outside of MI wouldn’t care, but it’s nice to see something that doesn’t shit on Detroit.

    I liked the Bud Light kitchen remodeling and product placement commercials

  • Josh


    Yeah, back when he used to live on Hayes between Utica and Clinton River, I used to run into him every now and then. Once came across him, Kid Rock, Pam Anderson, and Ted freaking Neugent at Big Valley Party Store on 19 Mile and Schoehnerr. That was one hell of a sight.

  • DFunk

    It’s not even a competition, Darth Vader Kid FTW

  • The way they CGI-ed Chris Evans into the pre-Steve Rogers is uber-creepy.

  • Sara C.

    Am I the only one who liked the Sealy commercial? Simple premise, cool music, and yay sex!