Debate of the Day: What One Show Would You Resurrect from the Dead?

It’s a simple question really.

Which television show that you’ve loved has fallen to the mighty ratings hammer, and you wish could have just one more chance? The catch here is that you can only choose one. You might want to bring back Undeclared, Arrested Development or Jericho, but you can only pick one.

As you can see above, I’ve made my choice and it’s Joss Whedon’s prematurely executed Firefly. I’ve declared my love for Arrested Development as my #1 show of all time on many an occasion here on the site, so why not that?

I worry with that and other comedies, they have the biggest potential for getting stale, and not ending on the relative high note they did. Arrested concluded its series in a hurry, but it did it well, and by only having two and a half season, never got to go downhill.

I picked Firefly because I believe that the universe that was created in the show had so much potential, and the crew was such a well put-together cast that I’m sure it could have run for seasons with ease. Yes, the eventual film gave the show the ending it was never allowed, but I can’t help but think there’s so much more there.

So, what about you? Which one show would you save?

  • Postal


  • Arafax

    I totally agree with you. Firefly had such a great Potential.

  • Guy Incognito

    Yeah probably Firefly for me as well. Second would be Veronica Mars.

  • adam

    Party Down

  • Bud the Chud

    Surface – so I finally know what it was all about, what the endgame was.

  • Mr Jim

    My Name Is Earl – let it finish with some nice developments for all the characters for them all, but especially Earl, instead of ending on a whimper/cliff-hanger.

  • Val

    Veronica Mars, for sure.

  • Nutcookie

    kitchen confidential – one of the best comedies ever. Starring bradley cooper. it got cancelled after 13 episodes

  • Firefly.

  • I’ll let you guys bring back Firefly, I want The freaking 4400 brought back.

  • Mat Couthon

    That show was going places, but it was killed off just after 2 out of 6 planned seasons. Bummer 🙁

  • Jared R

    Have to say Deadwood, such a great show that never got its much deserved fourth season. Although i wouldnt have minded another season of The Wire.

  • Hopton

    Stargate Universe 🙁

  • Greg Soto

    Either Firefly or Dead Like Me.

  • Rick


  • Chris F


  • Rich

    Another vote for Firefly

  • Deafpony

    Pushing Daisies hands down. Had such great writing and was cancelled during the second season. There was so many loose ends that weren’t tied up, and wish they could’ve done so.

  • #1 Firefly
    #2 Its like you know…
    #3 Stargate Universe (yea season two got so much better)

  • Crispy

    Reboot! I rewatched the series and discovered it has a cliffhanger ending. Childhood ruined.

  • Allie

    Terriers. :’-(

  • Lacy

    Pushing Dasies

  • semios

    Definitely Deadwood.

  • DarkPassenger29

    Carnivale all the way…

  • ScatteredRoot


  • Drester

    Definitely Twin Peaks, what a great show that was.

  • YoYoMAster

    Dudes… how about Flashforward?

  • Andrew C

    OH GOD YES FIREFLY. That show had so much more story to tell, it’s freaking ridiculous that the moronic Fox executives cancelled it before it really even got started.

    And that picture just made me fall in love with Jewel Staite all over again… <3

  • ash


  • Bernie

    American Gothic
    Harry Dresden

  • Havoc

    Firefly, hands down.

  • Grimlock_Smash


    …but on a serious note, Greg the Bunny and Titus. Damn FOX.

  • Deadwood or Arrested Development

  • romple

    Firefly, for sure. Amazing cast and equally amazing universe we barely got to see any o.

    SGU if I could pick two. Season 2 was great. And I can’t help but side with Rush. I want to see what Destiny’s purpose was! So much left open…

    Why does Syfy always cancel their good shows? :-/

  • Erin

    Oh, I’m so happy I’m not the only Veronica Mars voter. I’d have to say Veronica, just because the third season ended so badly and I think she’s a character that could have transitioned into a different type of show really well, such as working with the FBI.

    But, much respect to those who said Arrested Development, Firefly, and Party Down.

  • Frank

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

  • adam

    arrested development

  • Another vote for Firefly from me. Loved the series and loved the movie.

  • Stan Thomas

    I’d throw in for Titus as well…only for Stacey Keach. I think Christopher Titus is hilarious…too bad all that stuff really happens to him.

  • Nash

    The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

    Everyone is still alive (even John Astin.)

  • sheff

    the wire

  • SLZY

    SG:U or B5 for me, Firefly was dull.

  • Sara

    Dark Angel for sure.

    It had so much promise and was cancelled for Firefly actually. It was an awesome show that could have gone for several more seasons.

  • john


  • silly_sad_machine

    Carnivale. By a long shot.

  • johfamer

    freaks and geeks

  • Julie

    Totally would be Dead Like Me. The movie did not do it justice. But Dresden Files would make a great movie.

  • DDD

    Dead Like Me, the movie was ruined because of the non return of Mandy Patinkin and the real Daisy so they’d have to be there for a successful return of the show. Loved that show.

  • romarmo


  • elnino

    Angel…I wish they got that final season instead of being canceled. It ended excellently, but I wish they could have ended when they were planning to, instead of the make shift ending for Season 5.

    But that doesn’t count.

    So my pick is…

    Firefly – As you already stated, had a ton of potential as a television series. But Joss wrapped up everything nicely in the awesome Serenity movie.

    But its already stated and an obvious pick.

    My pick would be:

    Spectacular Spider-man – they only got two seasons, but an awesome two season it was. They adapted the stories in a fun all ages manner and juggled both done in one and serialized storytelling quite well. I’m upset this series cancelled the way it was. Probably my favorite adaptation of spider-man.

    Honorable mentions.

    Wolverine and the X-men: Another great show with a fantastic storyline that wasn’t really adapted from any specific storyline, they took the characters and went new places with them. The cliffhanger at the end showed they had awesome plans ahead.

    Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – ended prematurely and on a cliffhanger. The seasons had their ups and downs, but the second season was on a tear at the end there.

  • Mikey

    The Loop (it was on Fox, of course it got cancelled)

    Clone High

    I want Heroes back, but you know, if it was actually good again

  • George

    Rome or Deadwood.

    Firefly also in the mix…but I KNOW an extra season of Rome or Deadwood would have been awesome while Firefly is more of an issue of failed potential.

  • Emilio

    Gotham High. I loved those pictures you posted. Can you somehow post them back?

  • Scott

    The Unit
    Arrested Development
    My Name is Earl

    The list could go on and on…

  • donpureevil

    brisco county jr.
    bruce campbell in a sci-fi western series – genius!

  • KingCrimson

    It’s not much of a question for me at all: Firefly. Tons of potential wasted because of Fox. Goddamn Fox.

  • Phoenix

    Firefly without hesitation.

  • Exyle

    Jericho, Arrested Develpoment, Dead like me, agh!! too many choices!!!

  • batman

    buffy and angel

  • The Longshot

    Of course I agree with Paul, Firefly needs to be resurrected… but I seriously felt like Dead Like Me didn’t get the ending it deserved either. There was so much potential in that show.

  • Lissa

    Veronica Mars. No question.

  • RobG

    Terriers, arrested development, virtuality (only the pilot aired), rubicon, reaper… So many fallen heroes 🙁

  • venom_2k2

    For me it would be “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and then after that “Firefly”

  • chelsea

    i am shocked and dismayed that no one else has mentioned the one show that came to my mind first:


    seriously, one of the best seasons of any show and it got the axe. NBC is the worst (just like with Southland).

  • al

    Freaks and Geeks

  • Bynx

    Firefly & The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

    I would say Red Dwarf, but that’s already coming back.

  • Jeb

    I would agree with a few already posted, Firefly, My name is Earl, Freaks and Geeks, and a few others. American Gothic was decent for what it was, but a little before it’s time. If it had came out 4 years later, it would of had a better chance of survival. I my choice would be Undeclared. It really had so much potential.

  • nova

    better off ted anyone?

  • piperjedi

    stargate atlantis – cause it was great and the storyline could’ve blossomed literally into anything they wanted it to be (its sci-fi)

    firefly – cause.. well read all the comments above

    legend of the seeker – cause it has a uniqueness to it, above par acting, great visuals, but just didn’t have enough time to really develop into greatness

  • Baller

    I have to say Reaper, I loved every moment of that show.

  • Bud the Chud

    Wow, forgot about brisco, dresden, stargate and a few others. Lets just pool our money together and bring them back.

  • M*A*S*H, Quincy ME, and St. Elsewhere. I doubt any of those are possible. They don’t make TV the way they used to.

  • chandamyaya


    A great show that only aired for a summer — starring young Heath Ledger. It took place in 400 AD britain during the Roman occupation and was a welcome change from Xena and Hercules because it was actually serious. Check it out! An awesome show, over way, way, way too soon.

    Oh, and of course, Firefly!

  • wizardface

    the loop
    better off ted

  • Yautja


    Sorry to burst your bubble, friend, but Julius Carry (Lord Bowler) passed away in 2008. I still want a Brisco reunion…all Campbell’s doing is pissing away his middle-age making “Burn Notice”.

  • Ruby

    Arrested Development hands down.

    Or Better Off Ted.

  • Bert

    Well, coming from one of the biggest AD fans around – I’d have to say I wouldn’t want it back. It finished where it needed to, like you said. It got its three seasons, and it feels complete.

    Deadwood felt a little less unfinished, but we still got three seasons of Olyphant swagger and Ian McShane outacting everyone on TV. I still maintain that Swearengen is one of the single best characters TV has ever had – the evolution of Al over the three seasons from villain to anti-hero is epic.

    But based on the series alone (I haven’t had a chance to watch the film or read the graphic novels yet), Firefly has got to be my pick. I never expected to even like the show, but it hooked me so fast and so hard that it pained me to watch the last episode on Netflix knowing that there was no more. The last episode just seemed so…tantalizing. Joss had more stories to tell, and I know he wanted more than two hours and a couple comic books to wrap it up. It should have got three seasons as well.

    What was the deal with Book anyway? That one’s going to eat at me for a long time.

  • Charlie

    Titus. I will never forgive FOX for what they did to my sweet, sweet Titus.

  • Keen Eddie
    The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

    If you don’t know Keen Eddie, here’s a couple of clips.

  • bud the chud

    I forgot all about keen eddie, that was a great show, and then the actor gets screwed over again with Human Target, but that was more of the writers fault when they added the new characters and changed the show too much.

  • emilythestrange

    Max Headroom……………………………..ok that’s to damn far back. I totally agree on Firefly.

  • Brimstone. Fuck you all. Firefly had the fuckin movie. Brimstone had nothing like that and it was better. Where the fuck is Pete Horton now and he was so good in this. In fact picture this, that guy who played Lex Luthor’s father in Smallville, that guy, PLAYING THE FUCKING DEVIL.
    And all those guys who said reaper, I really liked it but FUCK YOU. It just was not as good as the real thing.
    And the theme song was cool.
    I am very sorry for the trolling I just commited but this is something I feel really strongly about and if you just watch some Brimstone I believe you will understand me even if you disagree with me.

  • Leonato

    The Tick.

  • Jonnie Darko

    Better off Ted – one of the best shows, such potential, and fresh, and talented cast.

  • PElo

    Charlie Jade

  • Jonnie Darko

    Okay I said better off Ted, but I had not yet seen firefly in all of it’s glory, changing my vote to firefly.

  • Jeff

    John from Cincinnati – Way better than HBO ever dreamed up, and the freaking cancelled it after one damn season

    Deadwood – Same guy that did John, made the writing and dialogue so awesome

    Pushing Daises and Eli Stone – Fuck ABC. They’re as bad as NBC and Fox for they way they treat well written and acted shows.

    Brisco County Jr. – that would be a hell of a re-launch. Bruce just gets better with age

    And, as a throw away, I don’t give a shit – AUTOMAN – with today’s CGI, that would be a reboot to watch.

  • Jeff

    They freaking cancelled it. Forgot the y.