Debate of the Day: What Exactly Will a Marvel TV Show Look Like?

In case you haven’t heard the news, this week Joss Whedon was wooed to not only come back to direct The Avengers 2 (whenever the hell that may be), but also develop a live-action Marvel TV show for NBC.

While I’m sure The Avengers 2 will be worthwhile under his direction, I’m a little confused as to how exactly he’ll make a live-action superhero show work set in the Marvel universe. Sure, TV is his bread and butter, but which heroes could be featured that wouldn’t be budget busting? The vast majority require a fair amount of special effects, including Iron Man, The Hulk and even Thor. I suppose Black Widow and Captain America could get their own spin-off, but I can’t see Jeremy Renner or Scarlett Johnasson committing to a TV project.

In fact, I doubt this will be Avengers-centric at all. Marvel has hundreds of heroes to choose from, and I’m sure there are a few out there who would work in a week network show. But who? I thought The Punisher could work, and even Tom Jane would definitely come back for that, but that’s going to be too gritty for NBC. I don’t think Disney has the X-Men or Spider-Man licenses back yet. So that’s the question, which hero(es) will be picked for this show, and what will it be like? Debate below.