Debate of the Day: Should Netflix Save Community?


Well, I’m eating my words and it finally happened, NBC cancelled Community. I previously predicted this would not come to pass, given NBC’s recent desire to retain any show with a fanbase now matter how low its ratings.

It appears there was a limit, and Community breached it. Unlike Parks and Rec, it will get no fixed final season to say goodbye, and we have to be content with Abed’s canonical asteroid strike that wiped out all life on Earth in the Greendale universe.

Now there are expected cries to other networks to save Community, directed toward Netflix in particular who has the clout, resources and past history that would indicate Community might be able to slide over there.

The question is, should it?

After five seasons and damn near a hundred episodes, has Community really been “killed too soon?” Perhaps, but not by much.

I think NBC should have at least let them come back for a shortened season to say goodbye. Just six or eight episodes even, where they could at least fashion some sort of organized finish. That would technically be a sixth season, and set a hard end date for the show they could plan around. I do not think Community should be the type of show to go for eight, nine, ten seasons, and run itself into the ground, but I think it deserved better than swift cancellation after five seasons as well.

I guess now places like Netflix are the only hope for more episodes of Community, whether it’s a farewell tour or a real season. What do you think should be the fate of the show? Fade away or try and return to go out with a bang?

  • Thug Carlton

    I believe Hulu has the rights for Community, so if it’s resurrected, it would be on there. Community creator, Dan Harmon, has also stated how he would not pursue any efforts in moving the show elsewhere to live on, so even that is unlikely …

  • The only way I’ll be there is if Harmon comes back. Without him, the show is just missing what made it great. Season 4 was disappointing and I didn’t even bother with 5.

    • Jae

      Dan Harmon was back for season 5

      • Seriously? How did I not hear about that after his dismissal was such a thing? Guess I’ll have to check out season 5 after all.

        • nickro

          Season 5 was awesome. All I’m gonna say is GI Joe episode.

        • TotesMcGotes

          You should. It was great, but after season 4 the fans’ excitement died down quite a bit. A lot of them, like yourself didn’t come back for 5.