Debate of the Day: Is It Time for Sci-Fi to Let Battlestar Galactica Die?

Battlestar Galactica remains one of my favorite TV shows of all time. That’s saying something when a combination of my job and a hobby has had me see about 45 different complete series in my life so far.

It’s a sci-fi epic that managed to look impressive while being relatively low budget, and it also worked as a powerful drama and mystery. To be short, the way I introduce it to my friends who automatically associate it with hardcore nerd-dom, it’s a good TV show that just happens to be set in space.

I’ve been able to get many people into this show who otherwise wouldn’t have gone near anything sci-fi. It’s not without its flaws, but generally it had a pretty excellent four season run, and will forever live on as a classic.

But Sci-Fi (I refuse to call them “Syfy”) seems to realize that the show was their golden goose, and they haven’t been able to replicate its success since. They had the idea to make a prequel to the series, Caprica, but with no human cylons, the most important aspect of the plot was removed. Instead we had a show that didn’t have a real direction, and I tuned out when a dead girl’s consciousness got trapped in a giant cylon’s body…and fell in love with a boy.

That show was cancelled after less than stellar ratings, but now I hear there’s ANOTHER Battlestar prequel series in the works starring Luke Pasquilano (above) as a slightly older William Adama than in Caprica, and the show, Blood and Chrome, takes place during the first Cylon war.

Again, no human Cylons, so this effectively becomes a Terminator Salvation miniseries set on another planet. Don’t you think it’s just time for sci-fi to let this one go, and continue developing their other properties? Or do you think BSG really has the potential to spawn spin-offs as effective and enjoyable as the original?


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