Cry Baby Lane – The Lost Nickelodeon Horror Film That Only Aired Once


Update: New link until they remove this one.

I love me a good urban legend, and rarely are they ever proven true. But thanks to the magic of the internet, one has been brought to life this weekend.

There was a legend of a horror movie called Cry Baby Lane which aired on Nickelodeon in the year 2000. The film was deemed so scary, it was pulled and never aired again, with no copies of the movie actually known to exist. It seemed like the stuff of legend, with only a few people having caught the film when it aired, but one intrepid soul actually recorded it on VHS, and now via an elaborate reddit conversation, that copy has finally surfaced, and you can watch Cry Baby Lane in its entirety above.

I haven’t had the chance to watch the whole hour and ten minutes yet, but from what I’ve seen, it’s well made for a TV movie and exceedingly creepy for something that aired on Nickelodeon. Not like, they had to burn all copies of it, but I understand why they might have chosen to not air it again.

  • knuck

    aaaaaaaaaaaand they removed it. How predictable

  • vincent_D

    DAMN Viacom has already removed it, this needs to live!

  • Anonymous

    Aaaand Viacom steps in to take the video down, because they were losing so much money having that video hosted free on YouTube. Welp, that’s what happens when you upload to YouTube. I’m sure a proper download link or other video link will appear soon.

  • Aaron

    If you’d really like to see it, it’s available on (and probably other torrent sites).

  • john v.

    that was pretty intense. maybe not the scariest thing EVER, but I’d imagine it scared the crap out of a lot of kids. Becky will give me nightmares. And what exactly was “chi-chi?”

  • Metallimetal

    Well, for whatever reason, I’m not having any trouble watching it on Youtube. Anyways, I’m about 40 minutes in, but I was just curious if anyone noticed Jim Gaffigan around the 38-minute mark? He’s kind of a dick, however, you can’t help but laugh…

    That being said, this movie is pretty terrible…so far. Although, it is cool hearing all of the familiar sound effects from the “Are You Afraid of the Dark” days. I’m guessing had I seen this back then, perhaps it would be easier to watch, if only for nostalgic memories, I mean.

  • Tony

    So what made you guys write about this? Did you listen to this weeks drunk tank and get the idea?