Cosplay of the Day: Lady Spoiler of Spoilers


I’m going to tread very carefully here… This is a BIG GAME OF THRONES SPOILER, but just by looking at this picture, you won’t know why the f*** that would be unless you read the books. But in any case, go no further, and I won’t even discuss the character in question here until after the jump, just in case.

That’s right, this is Lady Stoneheart cosplay, the resurrected form of Catelyn Stark after she absorbed all Beric Donadarrion’s extra lives to live again after having her throat slit at the Red Wedding. Now she commands rebel armies with her screeching death voice, and has skin like well, stone. I’m really curious to see how the show will handle her coming back, and what the fan reaction will be. Will she really look like this? Will she really remain mute and simply howl and screech? That might not translate well onscreen.

Anyway, great job by cosplayer Shattered Stitch.






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