Cosplay of the Day: An Attack on Titan Ballgown


I’ve seen some creative cosplay in my day, but I think this one has to take the cake.

Attack on Titan is an anime that features giant humanoids eating people, which should immediately explain the awesomeness of this costume, even if you haven’t watched the show. Yes, they really do look that creepy and yes, people have literally been chomped in half like that on the show. No, we have no idea why there are giant naked mute humans eating tiny regular humans. Perhaps that mystery will be solved in season two.

Cosplayer is Drabblemeister, and she is amazing to have come up with this.

  • I’m of the opinion that the Titans (most of whom are essentially giant zombies) represent the same thing zombies do: people’s base nature. The wealthy don’t need more money, yet they spend all of their time and energy trying to take it from those who have less than them. Thus the big devour the small; not for survival, but simply because they can. Consumerism without compassion. I’d almost rather prefer they avoid explaining the mystery of why they do it in crazy anime science to leave the metaphor intact. Either way, god bless that woman and her psycho costume.

  • MattChi