Coke Meets Inception for Christmas


If you need further proof that Inception’s Mind Heist theme goes well with anything, someone set it to this 2010 Coke commercial, and it fits extremely well.

Santa is controlling in world through a snow globe, and the “dream layer” comparison is easily felt. The guy being rolled around the city in a shopping cart doesn’t seem to mind very much.

Check it out above. This song is still my alarm, which I think is appropriate considering I’m ripping through dream levels whenever it wakes me up.

  • starr

    its not a inception fad. i’ve seen things like this done before. there was that one simpsons opening when they zoomed out from homer’s head, past the aliens, planets, into space, the galaxy, in to the universe, into an atom, yadda yadda, into a cell, into homer’s hair again; and then homer said “whoa”.

  • Scott

    You guys know that song isn’t actually in the movie, right?