Childhood Has a Crappy Ending: The Lost Nursery

This kid has the biggest pair of Lost fans in the world as parents, and as such, he gets to be raised as a Dharma recruit.

His room is a collection of all things Lost, from his Dharma crib to polar bear from to Oceanic 815 mobile. It’s a cool concept in my opinion, even if he is too young to give a shit. But you might as well start them early on good TV, right?

God, I really did hate the end of the show though. But the fun was in the journey, not the destination, I suppose. Check out the gallery below:

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[Source via Buzzfeed]

  • DocDoom

    This is pretty awesome, indeed.

    I get that people didn’t like the ending to the show. I personally liked it, but I’ll respect the opinions of the naysayers…

    …as long as you didn’t think they were dead the whole time. I still don’t understand how people who watched the show think that.

  • Tim

    Well done!

    Also, great show… indeed.

  • Maria

    Despite my ambivalence towards the grand finale, the overall show was an amazing ride…so for sure I am going to brainwash my infants with the Dharma Initiative stuff.

  • Chelsea

    @DocDoom – THANK YOU! I’m actually rewatching the series again as we speak. My biggest pet peeve is when people talk about how much they hated the show because the island was purgatory and they all died in the plane crash. It’s like they didn’t even watch the last episode at all which stated in plain english what happened. I argue with someone about this on at least a monthly basis.

  • The Wolf


  • bloodandmetal

    yeah the show had me in the beginning and the first few seasons were great..but then when they started whit the time travel bullshit i was like ehh to far.,ha..but it did start of great..