Childhood Cartoons Get Scary Realistic

Dave Rapoza is a man with a talent for taking treasured memories from my childhood, and bringing them to life in such a fashion that I’m likely to have nightmares about them.

In this gallery, you’ll see his realistic interpretations of Ninja Turtles characters (but not the turtles themselves surprisingly), Thundercats and Samurai Pizza Cats and Super Meat Boy thrown in for good measure.

I’m looking forward to see what he comes up with next. Which series do you think this style would lend itself well to?

  • riot_invoked

    Wow, Cheetara is much less hot…

  • Ugo Strange

    Yeah Cheetara is WAY less hot.

  • jaromir

    This artist is good!

  • Nick D Pags

    Cheetara ain’t so pretty but April O’Neil is smoking hot.
    All are cool though.

  • Andy

    I dunno, man. That look more like Super Meat Man to me…

  • Henry

    cmon, not a single turtle?

  • John

    I’m officially impressed.

  • Adam

    These are badass!

  • crystal

    as a hardcore thundercat fan i must say that i am disappointed 🙁 yes the artist is good but they look more like something from avatar then thundercats.

  • Rob

    There are definitely all the Turtles and more villains. He has a massive gallery at his website as well…. The only disappointing thing about this article, is I know this from your website already doing a feature on him a few months ago ,and it was a little more investigated before the article was finalized. Hell just Google his name and you’ll find the Turtles.

  • yrazu05

    Holy crap that is awesome. Great artist.