Where are They Now? The Cast of Undeclared

People always talk about Freaks and Geeks when referring to dorky shows that they miss from this generation.  At least that’s always the show we talk about when it comes to the careers of people like James Franco, Seth Rogen, or Jason Segel.   But there was another show that came out a year later that lasted the same amount of time (one year) that I happened to enjoy.  It was called Undeclared.

The show was basically about college life as a Freshman and was produced by the same guys as Freaks and Geeks.  The main character was Steven Karp, played by Jay Baruchel.    The synopsis of the show is as follows:  “College freshman Steve Karp and his fellow dorm-mates embark on one the greatest experiences of their lives…unfortunately for Steve, his lonely and recently divorced father is tagging along for the ride.”

I’m actually surprised IFC doesn’t show reruns of this like they do Freaks and Geeks.  Anyway, I decided to take the 6 main characters and show you what they’ve been up to recently…..

Steven Karp played by  Jay Baruchel

Baruchel was the main character on the show.   Personally I remember first seeing him in Almost Famous.   But most of you know him from movies like Knocked Up (the guy with Pink Eye) or She’s out of My League.   Jay is still working as an actor and definitely landing himself plenty of roles.

Lizzy Exley played by Carla Gallo

Funny because all of you know Carla Gallo by face but not many by name.   She was the chick who “perioded” on Jonah Hill in the movie Superbad.  And since that moment she’s had plenty of appearances in comedies.  Also a small role on Californication I might add.   Gallo is still going strong as an actress and gets plenty of roles.

Lloyd Hathe played by Charlie Hunnam

I remember Charlie’s character, the handsome, charming British dude.  Since Undeclared he’s taken on a role you wouldn’t expect given his heritage. He stars as the tough, decidedly American biker Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy, now heading into it’s fourth season.

Rachel Lindquist played by Monica Keena

Monica Keena played the resident “hottie” on the show.  She was definitely a cutie back then and still is.  Monica is still doing pretty well with the acting.  She’s got 3 movies in production and has had small bit parts on TV series such as The Closer and Robot Chicken.  Plus she poses in bathing suits a lot.

Ron Garner played by Seth Rogen

We all know that Rogan made it, so that’s that.

Marhsall Nesbitt played by Timm Sharp

Timm’s latest venture is a series called Enlightened where he played a guy named Dougie.   That was last out in 2010.  I don’t see anything after that.   But it looks like he kicked around doing acting after Undeclared stopped.

*Jason Segel was in 7 episodes and we know what he’s up to now.  Also, Louden Wainright III played Steven’s dad.

  • XenoIrish

    I can’t tell if your being sarcastic about Charlie Hunham having “had a small part on Sons of Anarchy”. He was also in “Green Street Hooligans” with Elijah Wood which was worth watching.

    Anyway, a lot of decent people in this show, i’ll check it out.

  • I assume he was being sarcastic about Hunnam in Sons, considering he’s the series lead.

  • Yeah that wasn’t clear, so we just changed it.

  • Alex

    IFC does show reruns of Undeclared, its the reason its available OnDemand.

  • xXburekXx

    if you want to see a young jay barachul look up popular mechanics for kids he was one of the hosts with a also young Elisha Cuthbert

  • Carla Gallo also had a great role in Carnivale. Its too bad about Timm Sharp. Marshall is one of my faveorite characters of all time and he really sold it.

  • dagny t

    Charlie Hunnam debuted in the UK with the groundbreaking series ‘Queer As Folk’. He played Nathan Malloy, the 15 year old who explodes out of the closet.

    & yeah, I was surprised by his casting on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ too, but he does a good job with it.

  • Helsing

    Baruchel didn’t have pinkeye. He was the guy that was sensitive and looked in during the birth scene.