Caprica Officially a Go on Sci Fi, Please Don’t Be Law and Order in Space


Once a miniseries that was barely rumored to exist, Caprica has now been officially greenlighted as full-blown series on Sci Fi, complete with a two-hour pilot. The show chronicles the adventures of the Battlestar Galactica universe 50 years before the Cylon apolcalypse. I don’t know my mythology as well as I should, but wasn’t there some big conflict around that time? But I swear to God this better not be full of those damn CGI robots which are by far the worst thing about BSG today. And on the flipside it better not be some bootleg space courtroom drama like they dabbled with in season 3. Ugh.

The show has Eric Stoltz cast as the lead, you might recognize him as “that guy” as seen in a seemingly infinite number of shows ranging from Close to Home to Chicago Hope to Mad About You. Eh whatever, I have faith that BSG can turn anyone into a good actor. The only person I knew from the original show going in was Adama as “that creepy guy from Blade Runner” and everything’s turned out quite OK.

Sadly the series won’t be until 2010, but that’s fine considering we’ve got 10 whole episodes of BSG to get through before then. Knowing them they’ll probably spread them out once a month, just to be cruel.

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