Cancel 30 Rock, Not Community

There’s some drama over at NBC right now that’s a bit unsettling. Community has been benched by NBC indefinitely, while 30 Rock is coming back and taking over it’s 8PM timeslot. This has worried both fans and those working on the show, as it’s certainly not the best indicator of faith that NBC has in the show. The network says that yes, it’s coming back, but they won’t specify when, and picking it up for another season is looking a bit unlikely at this point.

Community can be tough to get. My group of friends and I usually sit down and watch “TV Thursday” which consists of Parks and Rec, The Office and Always Sunny, but the vast majority of the group doesn’t really like Community despite liking all these other programs. It’s an exceptionally unusual show, but it’s very creative and one that breaks the mold of almost all half hour comedies on air right now. It’s not a straight mockumentary like The Office or Parks, nor is it a laugh track fueled  nightmare like Whitney or How I Met Your Mother. It’s something all its own with its memorable themed episodes. “Paintball” remains as one of the best episodes of TV show I’ve ever seen.

But 30 Rock? Its ratings are similarly low to Community’s, but if it’s one or the other, I’d say it’s the show that should get the axe. Yes, it used to be one of the funniest shows on TV, but those days are long gone as the characters refuse to evolve in meaningful ways. Even though the show still has great one-liners, which it’s always been known for, the individual plotlines have been increasingly stupid, making characters like Tracy and Jenna almost completely irrelevant. I know it’s a higher profile show as it has big names like Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, but that alone does not make it a better show than Community.

Both programs are struggling a bit, but I don’t remember laughing more than a handful of times through the entire last season of 30 Rock, while Community has still had a lot of great moments. Jeff’s karaoke duet with the Dean last week had me cracking up, and there have been similar classic moments in both this season and last.

If you have to pick one NBC, it’s got to be 30 Rock. Six seasons is definitely enough.


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