The Best TV Sitcom Episodes about the Lottery

Each and every one of us has thought at least once about how it would be like if we won the lottery because it seems to be the absolute shortest path to making our dreams come true. So, it should come as no surprise that almost every sitcom to hit television has featured at least one episode where the characters play or even win the lottery. In this article, we have made a list of the absolute best ones out there to tackle this popular theme, but it is up to you to pick your favorite.

1. The Flintstones – S01E12 – The Sweepstakes Ticket

We decided to begin our list with a classic TV show and The Flintstones was the ideal choice. The show featured a lottery-themed episode, where Fred and Barney buy the last ticket for the famous sweepstakes that everybody in Bedrock was looking forward to. They decide to share the ticket and Fred decides to ask Barney to take it for safe keeping. He places the valuable ticket in a cookie jar in order to avoid telling Betty about spending money on it. However, the entire situation becomes extremely complicated when Betty gives away the ticket to a passing hobo. Needless to say, Fred is furious with Barney for losing the ticket and they begin a full-on quest to find it. What they don’t know is that Wilma and Betty had their very own ticket safely stashed away in the Rubbles’ house. This is one of the best episodes in The Flintstones, so we’re going to let you find out how their sweepstakes story ends. We promise it’s worth it!

2. Friends – S09E18 – The One with the Lottery

Throughout its 10 seasons, Friends has covered almost every possible theme known to television, and the lottery could not have been an exception. The episode is called “The One with the Lottery” and it features the whole gang getting all raddled up about playing the lottery after Phoebe’s psychic has a vision where they win the lottery. Not even Ross, the rational voice of the group, can resist putting in a lottery ticket when there is a chance that it could make them all extremely rich. However, the entire situation becomes much more complicated when the group begins to discuss how they would spend their lottery fortune. To find out if the friends do win the lottery, watch this hilarious episode!

3. The Simpsons – S21E11 – Million Dollar Maybe

While The Simpsons featured two lottery related episodes, we have chosen “Million Dollar Maybe”, where Homer wins $1 million in the lottery. But in the all-famous Simpsons tradition, Homer manages to mess things up. His lottery endeavor begins with a fortune cookie that tells him he’s going to have a lucky day. Initially, he is not impressed by his fortune, but then a series of very fortunate events begins to unravel and, caught in the moment, he decides that it is mandatory to buy a lottery ticket at the Kwik-E-Mark. However, this leads to a very long wait for the ticket, which causes him to miss a wedding he was supposed to attend with Marge. Knowing that this is going to lead to a fight, he drives recklessly and crashes his car. Then, he wakes up in the hospital $1 million richer. But, will Homer confess his mistake to Marge or keep his lottery win a secret to avoid conflict? To find out, watch this amazing episode of The Simpsons!

4. Family Guy – S10E01 – Lottery Fever

In Family Guy’s lottery episode, the Griffins find themselves struggling to get by on a very strict budget. But when Peter sees an inspiring lottery story on the news, he goes all in and makes a second mortgage on the house to buy lottery tickets. With some thousand tickets in the game, the Griffins actually win big in the lottery. After spending a few days discussing how to spend their newly-found fortune, Lois decides that they should not change their lifestyle altogether and continue to live a normal life. But, as you may expect, Peter does not exactly adhere to his wife’s plan and goes on a humongous spending spree. Find out just how much the Griffins’ lotto fortune lasts on “Lottery Fever”!

5.  The Office – S08E03 – Lotto

The lottery-themed episode in The Office does not feature the main characters winning the jackpot themselves. Instead, the guys from the warehouse win the lottery as a syndicate and as a result, they all quit their jobs. This causes quite the havoc in office, with Darryl falling deeper and deeper into depression and Jim, Dwight, Erin, and Kevin experimenting warehouse life up close and personal. As you can imagine, the bunch has to improvise quite a bit to complete the tasks in the warehouse, all while Andy and Darryl try their hardest to find new qualified employees. Their lottery fever is somewhat different than that of the other characters on our list, but it makes the episode immensely fun to watch!

So, which of these is your favorite lotto episode? Whichever you decide to go with, we guarantee you’re going to have a great time. As for winning the lottery for yourself, remember that the fundamental step is actually playing, so put in a lotto ticket every once in a while, and maybe you will get to have a lottery story of your very own.

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