Best Discovery of the Week: The Red Green Show is on YouTube

My parents wanted me to watch family friendly shows as a kid, and because of an odd channel line-up I got into some rather strange shows. There was Keeping Up Appearances and Are You Being Served from the UK, thus beginning my love of British comedy, and then there was the Red Green Show, from Canada.

Before Ron Swanson, there was Red Green, the manliest man who could fix anything, or really build anything, with duct tape. It may sound dumb, and perhaps it is,  but there was just something about the humor of this show that cracked me up as a kid, and still does today.

I just discovered that A) This show actually lasted until 2006, and ran for 15 years, and B) YouTube has a whole bunch of seasons online with tons of episodes you can watch for free. I’ve taken the liberty of selecting ten that I found rather great, and you can check out the videos below:

 The Pilot – The Big Outboard


He-Man Contest


Safety Week


Canoe Jousting


The Running of the Bulls


The Movie


The Cult Visit


Bingo Was His Name


The Beer Project


The Guard Dog Project


  • Bad Acid

    Yessss. I used to love this show back in middle / early high school. It used to be on Monday nights, and Little Caesar’s ran a $2.99 medium thin crust one topping pizza deal, so my, my mom, and my dad would each have a pizza and watch Red Green. Good times!

  • b33tleborg

    And here I thought I was the only one that watched this. It used to come on public television at like 11:00 PM Saturday nights.

  • Mr. Tassi, are you free?

    • (in Humphries voice) I’m ALWAYS free Ms. Clemens.

  • Jonathan

    So glad you posted this. For far too long I thought I was the only person on planet earth who watched this show. Every attempt I have made to reference this show in conversation has been met with a blank stare.

  • josh

    hell yes! same line up with the brit comedy, only add Mr Bean, and black adder. PBS used to have some damn funny programming. And if your wife dont find ya handsome, she should at least find ya handy!

  • annie

    Sara, you beat me to it.

  • james garvey

    Still runs on PBS stations in Rhode Island & New Hampshire. Steve Smith did a Red Green one man show in Rhode Island just a few months ago.

  • Charlie Ward

    What the—? Are your parents MY parents, Paul?