Benjamin Linus Revisited

Normally I don’t post just any tee shirt image I come across, but this one made me laugh out loud so I thought it was worthwhile. It was yesterday’s Teefury shirt of the day, which frustrates me to no end as I HATE stupid limited time only t-shirt places like that. Though that said, I probably wouldn’t have bought this to wear, it’s just a rather funny image by itself.

The Dharma blanket is a nice touch. I wonder if those were standard issue for the kids when they got there.

  • hun23

    It is actually Michael Emerson’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Ben!
    *hopes that no one has already posted this*

  • EJ

    Don’t see why anyone would hate Teefury or Ript, or their competitors. Just because they only sell shirts there for 24 hours at a time doesn’t mean you can’t find them elsewhere. They just sell them for $10 instead of $20-25 a pop. Many can be found at the artist’s website, or at Red Bubble, only at 2 1/2 times the price than at Teefury. Captain Ribman ( and WinterArtwork ( some of the best shirts, and the ones you’re most likely to post here. But getting them for $10 can’t be beat!