Behold The Tonight Show’s Rotting Corpse


Man, why did NBC even let cameras in there? Now we have a visual representation of the figurative decay that is eating away at the once great network. Can you imagine being one of those people that spent half a year designing and building that thing, only to watch it be torn to pieces a half a year later? Bummer.

Surely, Fox could have just bought the whole package for cheap once Conan moves over there. That would have saved them a bundle, and we could have gotten to keep looking at that excellent Mario Bros. stained glass that was always behind Conan.  That’s probably in Jay Leno’s house right about now.

The biggest bummer about his whole Conan thing? I think NBC might actually renew Heroes due to the fact they now have five empty hours of time to fill a week, and it would then be six if they axed that show. I vote for just doubling the orders for Parks and Rec and 30 Rock instead.



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