Behold, Beer Brewing Bender

I’m currently somewhere in the middle of season two of Futurama as I desperately try to catch up to all the cool kids that have seen every episode, but even now I know how much Bender loves his alcohol.

Someone decided to not only build the crass robot in real life, but enabled him to share his love of beer with everyone he meets. They’ve literally turned him into a brewery in an exceptionally elaborate and awesome project.

That’s more or less the end result above, but the process is what’s worth checking out. Head below for the world’s longest image chronicling the entire process.

  • cool project…

    btw, the second half of season 6 starts today 🙂
    can’t wait!

  • Rob J

    That is beyond awesome!

  • Andrew C

    I don’t even drink alcohol, but I would drink some of that. And the picture of Countess from “A Flight to Remember” is a nice touch 🙂

    Good to hear you’re getting into Futurama, Tassi! What do you think of it so far? Any favorite episodes?

  • Sam

    That guy’s got a brewing tender AND a TARDIS. Jealous!

  • jon

    wow. i am at a loss for words at how cool this is.

  • Jim Jahey

    I now need to make myself one of these.

  • Ken W.

    Cool project,

    Where did you get that fermenter? It looks similar to the one I got with a Coopers kit a few years back. I was looking to get a 2nd one, but their new one I don’t like and you can only get it as a kit.