Because Community is Too Far Away, Here’s Allison Brie Doing the Charleston


Community has been delayed and delayed this year, in what’s overwhelmingly likely to be its final season. The current plan is that it will be out some time this winter, and will hilariously (sadly) have to air its Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes far from the actual holiday. NBC don’t give no shits.

I’m tired of waiting for the show to return, so when I was sent this video of Alison Brie doing the Charleston, I couldn’t help but smile. Oh Annie, how we miss you. Why does she know how to do the Charleston, a dance popularized in the 1920s? I’ve no idea, and can’t place an episode of Community or Mad Men where she would have needed to learn it but hey, a girl never knows when she’s going to have to bust out some 90 year old dance moves, okay?

Watch above. Smile.


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