Battle Royale: Heroes vs. X-Men


There has been much debate since Heroes‘ debut of exactly how much it has ripped off the X-Men for characters, plot point, powers, etc. Though the X-Men can’t claim ownership of the whole super mutant concept, it is a bit shaky as more and more heroes show up with even more Marvel created abilities.

Because of the similarities and ongoing feud, I wanted to orchestrate a universe-crossing battle with each hero pitted against the mutant whose powers they ripped off borrowed for the show. The battle lasts ten rounds, and after the dust settles we’ll see who comes out on top. The fighting begins after the jump.

Round 1: Claire vs. Wolverine


Yeah, alright, this isn’t really fair. Wolverine would chop Claire up into little cheerleader bits, seeing as she doesn’t have any means of attack besides her dreaded taser. But as the little Claire pieces scatter the ground, would each of them re-grow themselves to form an army of Claires? Well, Wolverine can do this all day…or all century, whatever.

Winner: Wolverine (X-Men lead 1-0)

Round 2: Tracy vs. Iceman


Please, let’s see some ice armor Tracy and then we’re talking. Granted she’s just learning to use her power, but she’ll probably be killed off before she can do anything remotely cool with it. Meanwhille, Iceman has an ice surfboard. Cowabunga!

Winner: Iceman (X-Men lead 2-0)

Round 3: Hiro vs. Nightcrawler


Both can teleport, but only one can time travel. As much as I love Nightcrawler, Hiro would kick his ass, because what he lacks in combat skills, he makes up for in the ability to go back and try again if he screws it up. Yeah, it’s not exactly the fairest way to fight, but that won’t change the fact that Nightcrawler would end up dead after Hiro stops time, walks up to him and puts a samurai sword through his chest.

Winner: Hiro (X-Men lead 2-1)

Round 4: Matt vs. Professor X


Matt is like Professor X when X was thirty. Potentially Matt could be as powerful as the good professor given another decade or two of power development, but even though he can create illusions now, his powers still aren’t up to the level where the Cerebro wouldn’t blow his brains up.

Winner: Professor X (X-Men lead 3-1)

Round 5: Nathan vs. Angel


We’re talking regular, feathery Angel here, not post-apocalyptic blade slinging Archangel. If that’s the case Nathan wins out because he doesn’t need giant, useless wings to fly around, opting more for the “Superman” style of flying about. They’d be fighting and Angel would end up getting stuck in a doorway. Game over.

Winner: Nathan (X-Men lead 3-2)

Round 6: Super Mohinder vs. Beast


Both are super-agile doctors who do research on the genetic mutations that cause power development. But I think Mohinder has the edge here because he seems to be a bit stronger than Beast, plus he apparently has a few Spider-man powers thrown into the mix as well. Sorry Beast, you need more than blur fur to win this one.

Winner: Mohinder (Tied at 3-3)

Round 7: Meredith vs. Pyro


Claire’s mom has yet to use her power for anything remotely cool besides burning her own house down and almost killing her child. Useful! And also she feels the need to “flame on” her palm anytime she’s introduced to someone. Pyro wins because he can do this.

Winner: Pyro (X-Men lead 4-3)

Round 8: Arthur vs. Rogue


Both have the power to zap the ability (and life) out of another mutant, but Arthur’s power seems much more advanced and dangerous. Rogue only keeps the power for a short period of time, but there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how long Arthur can keep his stolen goods. He also can absorb so much of a person that they literally turn into dust on the spot, even if they’ve been rumored to be immortal. I’ve never seen Rogue pull that off.

Winner: Arthur (Tied at 4-4)

Round 9: Sylar vs. Mageneto


Both are supervillains and controlling metal is pretty much as good as telekinesis, which is really the only power Sylar ever feels like using. But now that he can heal after tinkering with Claire’s brain, nothing would be able to stop him. I think Magneto might find himself looking at the top of his own skull by the end of the fearsome battle.

Winner: Sylar (Heroes lead 5-4)

Round 10: Peter vs. Phoenix


The end-all, be-all of super powerful mutants. I’ve lost track of how many powers Peter has amassed at this point, but he would be throwing every single one of them at Phoenix. Ultimately however, she’d obliterate him in a tempest of psychic energy, and there’s nothing invisibility or regeneration could do to stop her.

Winner: Phoenix (Tied at 5-5)

Wow, I really did not expect that to be tied, I’ll be honest. I thought the X-Men would crush it, but it seems when you rip off someone’s powers, sometimes you can make them bigger and better. But I feel that we should do one more tie breaking round, just so we have a clear winner, so that leads us to…

Sudden Death: Ando vs. Apocalypse



Oh, will you look at that, X-Men win!

  • That one guy

    Adam only turns to dust because Arthur took his invincibility…and he’s hundreds of years old. His power was what was keeping him alive, and once it was taken he necessarily had to disintegrate, as he would have had he never had his powers.

    Also, bear in mind two things about Peter Petrelli. As you know, he doesn’t have any powers now thanks to his father, so Phoenix would absolutely beat him. On the other hand, if we’re assuming (as everyone should be) that he eventually gets them back, then I think you chose the battle wrong. Easy to forget, but Peter picks up every ability he comes into proximity with — so he could just as easily use Phoenix’s tempest of psychic energy against her.

  • Madison

    @that on guy

    Good point about Arthur’s ability/Adam’s death – I am of the same opinion.

    The problem with Peter, though, as we have seen, is that he often isn’t able to master or control his powers right away. Even if he did absorb Phoenix’s powers, she’d be able to use them more effectively and destroy him.

  • Sub-Zero

    Man, you guys are both wrong. So if Adam all of a sudden receives the damage that aging has done to his body for centuries, that should mean that when Peter had his powers taken away, he should have been killed by the resurgence of mortal injuries that he had sustained previously. And that didn’t happen.

  • Meadester

    I have to agree with everything apart from the last point… Didn’t we see future ando with powers that killed Hiro? Power blast to the chest is pretty cool…

  • EPICanthic

    Sylar vs Magneto is a crappy comparison because there was a minor character in the Villains season who had Magneto’s exact powers. And the whole Peter vs. Phoenix thing…Peter would absorb her power so it would be a stalemate, no?

  • Erik

    As for your “Tie Breaker” currently Ando has no powers so your comparison would be pointless. If however we go by Hiro’s vision of the future Ando could probably go toe to toe with Apocalypse.

  • heroes borrows ideas from the superhero genre in general but that isn’t a crime. anyway after this season i dont expect there will be any more heroes….

  • michael

    woah woah woah!!!!! ando don’t has no powah’s!! use the weird indian guy with the power to make vortexes, or the puuppet master who can rape anybody wants! they would pwnage you in a frash!!

  • EPICanthic

    Sylar vs Magneto is a crappy comparison because there was a minor character in the Villains season who had Magneto’s exact powers. Not to mention, Sylar has a lot more powers than telekinesis, that shouldn’t be written off. And the whole Peter vs. Phoenix thing…Peter would absorb her power so it would be a stalemate, no?

  • IrishWhiskey

    This article is dead wrong. Heroes win, because Ando would totally kick Apocalypses ass.

    Does Apocalypse have a Nissan Versa? No? Game. Set. Match.

  • I don’t think that it’s so much that Arthur absorbed Adam for so long that he turned him to dust, but that it was ONLY Adam’s healing power that was keeping him alive for over 400 years. That was merely 400 years worth of age/decay catching up to him in an instant (in my opinion).

  • Zorviny

    Magneto Against Sylar…. Um if we’re matching up powers should we say Magneto against the German? And wasn’t the German easily killed?

    Jesse Murphy vs. Banshee

    Banshee wins!

  • pixelslut


    i dont think so sub. That wasnt Peter’s power but rather one that he procurred with his power. I think ther eis an argument to be made that that could make the difference. Also he got his ability from Claire, so while having roughly the same effect the “implementation on the DNA backend” might be completely different. Plus i dont think it was his past wounds that killed him but rather is suspended aging.

  • Light-Day

    All of you are wrong. The real answer is that all of the Heroes are being controlled by an evil empire named GE, and has hired writers to try to put the “lost” effect on to their show. As we all know the writers have failed miserably and have driven the show to an un-understandable nightmare.

    For instance, lets say the hero of the show dies, does it even matter? Answer: No, because we all know he will be back somehow next week. It’s happened like 7 times this season alone.

    Another thing, the time paradox scheme they are using kills the show. It prevents anything form being final. Who even knows if the whole final conflict with the world will even happen anymore due to all of the “corrections” in time. Or if they do stop the world from exploding who is to say someone wont go back in time and make it happen again?

    Im all about getting into the mythology of a show and everything, but never compare the genius of the Xmen mythology with a tv show written by corporate hacks.

  • Alan Knut


    Peter wouldn’t absorb Phoenix’s power because it isn’t a power. It is a powerful cosmic entity that inhabits Jean’s body.

    Also, why are you comparing Heroes to the X-Men movies? How about to the comic books which came before the movies, and therefore, which heroes would be much more guilty of ripping powers off from.

  • jack

    sub-zero, i don’t think the people above are talking about all of the held-up injuries that adam had dealt with, but rather just simple time: he’s been “alive” for centuries, and when he loses his power, those years catch up with him. to bones and dust!

  • That other guy

    In response to Sub-Zero’s statement concerning Peter’s injuries coming back after he loses his powers…. The regenerative power we’re discussing here works rather simply. Damaged tissue is repaired, enough said. Taking Peter’s accrued powers away and expecting him to lose the regenerated tissue is like taking Parkman’s power away, and expecting that he wouldn’t remember all the information he gathered after having read the minds of others. Or, another example, taking the speedster’s power away, and finding that everytime in the past when she tried to move quickly, she actually hadn’t… which would be a pretty major change in the timeline. I think Arthur just takes your power, a power ‘vampire’ if you will. I don’t think that his power entails changing the moments of benefit that the powers offered before the power is taken. Just my two cents.

    Also, concerning Peter / Phoenix… If Peter was indeed able to take Phoenix’s power, and he had his own accrued powers, he’d definitely defeat Phoenix. Why? Well, quite simply put, he cannot be killed as far as we can tell, as long as he has Adam’s / Claire’s power. Without said powers, yes, he’d be as much of a pushover as Ando if he were facing Apocalypse.

  • Alan Knut


    Why not compare Kitty Pryde and DL’s powers? They are exactly the same, except Kitty Pryde isn’t a bitch.

  • Incendiary

    If you forget the poorly done movie series and go back to the actual comics that created the x-men characters (which I’m assuming is ok since you went back and forth about whether you were mentioning powers that were in the movie or not), then rounds six and eight change. And round seven is just wrong to begin with.

    6. In the comics, super strength is a part of beast’s mutation, and he has routinely lifted things far heavier than suresh has. And if you look at the list of things Beast has invented and the number of breakthroughs he has made in the comics, his intellect is also vastly superior. Sure, Mohinder can secret a paralytic goo, but the only way the paralytic could work would have to be through absorbtion into the skin, which would be difficult with Beast’s fur. Beast wins this one, hands down!

    7. Pyro would still win this one, but not for the reasons listed. It’s not exactly a fair comparision to put what pyro CAN do up against what meredith HAS done. However, Meredith can create fire while pyro can only control it. But that means he can control the fire meredith creates.

    8. Wrong in so many ways. In the comics, Rogue has absorbed peoples entire identities, put her first boyfriend into a coma with a kiss, killed at least one person I know of by absorbing them (and yes, she was some sort of immortal space travelling superhero), and in doing so she permanently acquired those people’s memories, knowledge, and powers. She can keep her powers indefinitely, if she kills. And among those powers was flying, identical to Nathan Petrelli’s. So she would take out both Arthur AND Nathan.

    That makes the score 7-3 without ando.

  • really?

    Calling the Sylar v Magneto in favor of Sylar seems a bit far fetched… Telekinesis is nice and all but until I see Sylar lift a cargo freighter weighing 30,000 tons 50 feet into the air from a distance of 300 feet away I’m gonna have to go with Magneto on this one for sheer overpowering force.

    Even despite the plethora of wonderful abilities such as “hears really damn good” that Sylar has in his favor. I think the fight ends with Magneto trapping Sylar in a nice metal Coffin and hurling him into the sun before Sylar can break out.

  • I wonder if the Haitian could negate Phoenix’s powers? Then she’d be a cinch to take out… unless magic was involved, but ouch, that hurts my head.

  • JP

    Adam was hundreds of years old. His power kept his ancient body going in a constant state of regeneration. Take that away and poof!

    Peter’s a normal young guy. Take away his regeneration ability and he’ll just feel like a normal person etc. until he grows old.

    You have to wonder about the wounds he received and healed already though and the nature of this healing ability. That’s a good question.

    Claire could be stopped with, apparently, a claw through the brain. ? Wasn’t future Peter “killed” by a gunshot to the head ?

    We don’t know what happens if you chop Claire, Adam etc. up into little pieces.

    Seems like Claire’s mom is immune to fire and a few other things. She and Pyro would just end up burning down whatever place they are fighting.

    Mohinder’s a freak, Beast would kick his ass.

    Let Rogue touch you long enough and you’ll wish you were dust, even Wolverine knows better than to mess with her..

  • Zorviny

    How about Forge Vs. Mika!

    This article needs a version 2.0

  • Zorviny

    Better Battle for Peter:
    Peter vs. Mimic

  • T. Paine

    “Adam only turns to dust because Arthur took his invincibility…and he’s hundreds of years old. His power was what was keeping him alive, and once it was taken he necessarily had to disintegrate, as he would have had he never had his powers.”

    This is pretty much confirmed on the Heroes website.

    Episode 306 | Season 3 | 10/20/2008 Knox escorts Adam down a long hallway at Pinehearst. Adam isn’t afraid… until he spies Arthur. Knox drags Adam to Arthur’s bedside, where Arthur grabs hold of Adam’s arm. In the blink of an eye, “immortal” Adam ages to the point of decomposition, then crumbles into dust. Rejuvenated, Arthur rips out his tubes and sits up and smiles, happy to breathe on his own once again.

    It is also confirmed here And Heroes Wiki is linked at the official Heroes site.

    Sorry Sub-Zero. You’re the one who is wrong about Arthur’s ability to drain life. Actually I thought the majority of these comparisons were sloppy.

  • Murray


    The idea behind Adam disintegrating is that he is centuries old, so if you take away his ability to regenerate time catches up to him and decomposes as he naturally would have.

    As for Rogue, she does have the ability to permanently steal powers, (example – Ms. Marvel) well at least the non lame movie version of Rogue can.

    I’d also disagree with the Mohinder vs. Beast scenario. Not only does Beast have superior fighting skills but also still has his wits about him. Mohinder appears to have gone completely insane.

    My score 7-3 X-Men for the win.

  • mastersix

    Ummm hello Pyro has done some awesome things but he needs a sources of fire to do it so i don’t think he would win against Meredith

  • john

    no way sylar would own all of them by himself. period.

  • Incendiary

    “How about Forge Vs. Mika!”

    Forge’s only power was that he could invent anything. Mika could feasibly turn Forge’s own creations against him.

  • Sub-Zero

    Alright, alright, I concede the Adam aging point since I’ve been proven wrong by the almighty “Heroes Wiki.” But I still maintain Arthur would win that battle.

    Separate question, does immortality mean that Claire is going to stay sixteen forever since that’s when her power kicked in? Or is there some “peak” age you get to reach?

  • JP

    Oh yeah.. and Mohinder “beat” Slyar recently — bashed the back of his head against the floor. Without his healing ability, he probably would be dead. Slyar just isn’t really “with it” lately..

    Given a little time for planning, Magento would find a way to surprise and defeat him.

  • Zorviny

    “How about Forge Vs. Mika!”

    Forge’s only power was that he could invent anything. Mika could feasibly turn Forge’s own creations against him.


    Ok Fine then Mika vs. Douglock,



  • T. Paine

    Regarding the question about Claire aging – Angela Petrelli explained it was Adam’s cellular regeneration over a period of time that caused his cells to eventually continually regenerate i.e. become immortal.

    So it just depends — when (and if) Claire’s cells reach that level of regeneration.

  • Incendiary

    @ alan knut

    Kitty Pryde would easily be a match for DL, so imagine if you used her later persona; Shadowcat. I shudder to think about what would be left of DL

  • Guy Incongnito

    Mimic is a totally better matchup for Peter than Phoenix. (Hard to say who has an edge, Peter can retain abilities better but Mimic can pick up non supernatural abilities, Peter’s regeneration would probably give him an edge (that is if they werent able to absorb each other’s absorbed powers))

    Sylar’s telekinesis would be a better match up against Jean Gray (edge Jean because of her wicked psychic power)

    The German would be a better match up for Magneto (edge Magneto, the German was a pussy)

    And I would almost say that Cable would be a better match up for Hiro (It would probably be an eternal tie, although Cable’s advanced technology could give him an upper hand)

    Meredith vs. Pyro is really a tie since neither can really be hurt by fire, with a slight edge to meredith who doesn’t need a fire source for her power (but arguably Pyro later also does not need one)

  • Incendiary

    I don’t remember pyro ever not needing a fire source. I remember him having a flamethrower strapped to his back and arms.

  • Matt

    as much as Id want X-Men to win, i need to point out Meredith vs. Pyro. Mer can make fire, and Pyro just manipulates it (taken as movie version, though cant remeber what comic one can do, so maybe wrong)
    So Meredith would win as she has the crucial bit realy. though thinkin that now, can she manipulate it as well as pyro. uhm? im lost now. wait… nope lost. ah ignore this, xmen should win, Phinix could kill them ALL

  • TheKing

    I think in a fight between anyone (honestly, anyone) and a heroes character, I”d have to say anyone would win…partly because the “hero” would just stand looking constapated. But mostly because, as the plot has shown again and again, everyone in the heroes universe lacks any level of common sense.

  • Gkorjax

    Sylar would lose to Magneto, simply because Magneto is much smarter than he is. Magneto would lay a trap, sacrifice some cronie dressed up like some mutant sylar is drooling after , sylar would blunder in…get entombed in Metal and yes…hurled into space at magneto’s leisure.

    P.s. The Heroes would would lose because they’re generally all dumb…as we saw when noone finished the job and offed sylar when he was helpless at the end of season 1. Hell…even someone as moralistic as Colossos or Kitty Pryde would have had no problems finishing him off. And as they haven’t the brains enough for the good guys to band together, everyone is apparently not very smart.

    I actually like heroes. I liked season 1…but disliked the end.
    This season so far is much better than season 2.

  • chad

    Claire’s Mom can create/control fire. Pyro can’t create fire ONLY control it (that’s why he has that pussy little gadget on his arm). HEROS WIN!!!

  • Misc

    Just playing devil’s advocate:

    Bare in mind Pete gains Phoenix’s powers once they’re in proximity. If she had control over hers she’d have the advantage, but since she rarely does they’re probably closer to equally likely to obliterate each other (and everyone else).

    Also bare in mind Pete survived BEING ground zero for a nuclear blast.

    Claire’s regen may possibly grant immortality. If wolverine’s doesn’t, he loses to old age after decades or dicing immortal Claire.

  • Michael X

    Correct. Dark Phoenix tilts the scale over to the X-Men.

    First, you have to be able to handle the Phoenix power without burning up and being obliterated yourself during the absorption process.

    Second, the phoenix force is a living entity, if you try to absorb it, and it doesn’t want you to, well, you’re screwed.

    If the phenomenal power it contains doesn’t destroy your body and mind, it’ll actively obliterate you for messing with it against its will.

    Phoenix is an entity with a power level that ranks as “diety” (God) it is capable of destroying entire worlds and even galaxies, not just heroes.

    Phoenix alone, could wipe out the entire Heroes roster. She’s insanely mindnumbingly powerful.

    That’s why we love her. 🙂

    Michael X

  • Marf

    To me, Claire’s mom would clearly take the win against Pyro. As somebody pointed out previously, she is immune to fire, however I’m not sure if Pyro is. If he is, then we kind of have a stalemate, HOWEVER he needs a zippo, or something to start fire, where as Claire’s mother does not.

    Therefore, Claire’s mom = win

  • Dustin

    You’re wrong. Rogue can keep the power forever, but the person would have to die.

    You’re just using the movies.

  • But then smurfs come in and win. SMURFS FTW!

  • Bishamonten

    First off in no way shape or for does xmen lose or even tie with heroes.

    1st phony match-up: Just because Hiro can control time doesnt mean he is all powerful. If he can stop time and kill so easily than wouldny he just need to be in the same room with sylar or any bad guy for that matter to kill him. Also if he was so powerful why didnt he go back in time and stop the nuclear explosion himself. Couldn’t he have frozen time so he wasnt recorded or seen.

    On that nighcrawler beats hiro not only in power but in swordsmanship too.

    2nd phony match-up: Out of all the characters in the xmen universe why would you pick angel to represent the people who can only fly? Answer because anyone in the xmen universe with only levitation style flight would beat the heck out of politician man.

    3rd phony match-up: The person who said that rouge can only absorb powers for a short time knows nothing about rouge. If she could only absorb them for a short time how come in the majority of the xmen continuity rogue has super strength and flight that she took from another mutant years before. And who cares if they turn into dust or not if rougue holds on to a person long enough they die…end of story.

    4th super phony match-up: Sylar in no dimension can defeat magneto one of the most powerful mutants in xmen simply by using his telekinetic powers. Do you know how many psionics there are in xmen?! If it were that easy to do then magneto would have been dealt with years ago. On top of that magneto power far outreaches Sylars. There are refrences in the comics of magneto moving entire asteroids and in the movie a good portion of a bridge. Can sylar even come close to doing that….NO..And to top it off magneto has a genius level intellect and can fly.

    And to conclude. If you were to put all the characters you mentioned for comparison on this page in one room. Rules Team FFA X-men versus Heroes who do you think would win. Out of all the xmen men characters mentioned one has the capability to possibly beat all the Heroes characters in the room single handedly and 3 have the absolute ability to do it single handedly. So author of this page you need to do your homework and never write something like this again….

  • Jim

    Claire’s mom is no match for Pyro. She can make create/control but her control is weak at best, Pyro would just use her fire and tunr it against her.

  • To those saying that Pyro would lose to Meredith because he can’t create fire…
    Well if Meredith creates fire to destroy Pyro then Pyro now has fire to manipulate. Pyro can increase the size/heat of flames and also decrease them to the point of them extinguishing. So all Pyro has to do is put out Meredith’s flames and then use his superior fighting abilities he gained from training with the Brotherhood of Mutants to beat her to a pulp. Pyro wins.

  • Adriols

    you are wrong in the arthur part, when he takes away the powers of the immortal guy, he becomes dut, because he has been alive for over a 1000 years and when he takes his powers away he becomes a mere 1000 year old mortal, who turns into dust, it’s normal.

  • Lol! Loved your comparison, I mean battle. I truly thought X-men would win as well, but you definitely shed some serious Pyro light on the debate.

    I will ALWAYS think X-men has a deeper, complex and overall better story and history, but Heroes is a pretty good tv series and I’ll take it because unfortunately there currently exists no X-men series.

    I don’t know why they don’t gather up some seriously talented animators and make an anthology of X-men stories like they did with The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight; imagine how KICK-ASS it would be!?!?!? I’m almost having a self-inflicted Sylar moment just thinking about it.

    Anyways, thank you for addressing both of these awesome series!

  • C

    “Separate question, does immortality mean that Claire is going to stay sixteen forever since that’s when her power kicked in? Or is there some “peak” age you get to reach?”
    Subzero, if you actually watched Hero’s and listened to what they said about Adam, the age he maintains depends on the amount of healing his body constantly goes through. Considering that Adam was a Samurai who constantly went through battle, it would happen pretty fast. Claire on the other hand hasn’t gone through as much.

  • Rogue

    I think most people forgot here, but Rogue got most of her powers after permanently absorbing Ms. Marvel’s powers and putting her into a coma. Rogue can easily knock out Arthur since she can permanently get any power she wants as long as she holds on long enough

  • C

    “If he can stop time and kill so easily than wouldny he just need to be in the same room with sylar or any bad guy for that matter to kill him. Also if he was so powerful why didnt he go back in time and stop the nuclear explosion himself. Couldn’t he have frozen time so he wasnt recorded or seen.
    On that nighcrawler beats hiro not only in power but in swordsmanship too.” Bisha, no, no, no. It was Hiro’s destiny to kill Sylar as seen in the comic. If he did not it could create a rift or a butterfly effect. It is one of the main reasons he doesn’t go back in time anymore, just like that thing with Adam. Hiro is not perfect, if he makes one mistake as he goes back in time, he could make the future totally different. Also, if Hiro and Night crawler were on even ground on flat ground, Hiro would win because of his power to stop time. Just because Hiro’s morals get in his way does not mean he does not have the ability to kill nightcrawler.

  • xfan

    As far as Magneto goes, I have an X-men comic that states Magneto can stop peoples blood from flowing in their body because of the iron content, killing them instantly. Everyone knows that Magneto is arguably the most powerful and most feared mutant in the X-men universe. It would not matter which “Hero” you pitted him against; he would kill every one of them. Every last one. It wouldn’t matter if they had an epiphany and joined up or if he had to fight them individually. He would kill every one of them fairly quickly. That episode of Heros would last 10 minutes only because the opening and closing credits would take about 8 minutes.

  • Adam

    Listen, First off, Apocalypse has two powers: shape-shifting and immortality. Fucking immortality! the guy is over 5000 years old! I don’t care if Ando gets powers, Apocalypse wins! this is an unfair comparison, however. Also, I disagree on the Pyro/Meredith thing. She can create fire and manipulate it. He can only create it. Oh, and she’s a MILF. QED

  • donovan mchomo

    damn, you guys are nerds.

  • hector

    hey one thing,when hiro went to the future he saw ando killing him with a power so ando will defeat apocalypse and another thing meredith will crush pyro because meredith can create fire and pyro can’t so hereos 6 x-men 4 oh,will you look at that,hereos win!

  • hector

    ok ok lets say that pyro can use meredith powers agaisnt her well then meredith dont take the flames out get a knife or better a gun…………shot to the head wow meredith wins

  • hector


    you say that pyro can create fire. CORRECTION HE CAN’T. HE ONLY CAN MANIPULATE IT.

  • theawesome

    adam turned into dust but i kind of feel like hes not dead. once peter or hiro or whoever kills arthur i think everybodies powers will be restored including adams. and the black guy who gets stronger with fear is completely lame

  • Call me Daddy

    After reading half of the posts, I am frankly ashamed that my inner nerd makes me feel the need to say this, but all the same:

    Rogue does have the ability to both kill and permanently retain powers, which is how she obtains her super strength and ability to fly from Miss Marvel.

    I’m glad I got that out.

  • Claire vs. Wolverine
    Since Wolverine is totally into chicks he
    could loss his control if Claire used
    her charms.

    Thanks from tony

  • Well, I would prefer characters from heros. Anyway, making a comparison between x-men and heroes are funny!

  • I thought Ando would win?! 🙂

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  • First, I wouldn’t have put Claire versus Wolverine, she clearly doesn’t have the experience Wolverine has. (To be fair, Adam Monroe – the 400+-year-old dust dude who was to be Hiro’s Hero – bit the dust, so I could see the reasoning.)

    Second, can anyone define what exactly Mohinder is becoming? If I were to guess, Spiderman would have been a better challenge, because that’s what Mohinder’s powers seem like they are.

    Third, I don’t think Sylar is a Supervillian. Yes, he was “the villian” for the first two seasons, but you have to remember that the premise of heroes was “ordinary people dealing with extraordinary powers.” I think by the end of Season Three, we’re going to see that he’s closer to Professor X than Magneto – a good guy who’s made mistakes. (Then again, since the season isn’t finished yet, who knows? I could be misreading his character entirely.)

    Finally, Ando got his powers in the future from a drug – not born naturally with it (like Claire) or expirimented on (like Nathan/Peter/Sylar.) Pitting him against Apocalypse when he currently doesn’t have powers is a major bitchslap. (Arthur, on the other hand, might have been more appropriate – unless you’re against new characters getting second turns.)

    Finally – and I have to ask this – HOW THE FUCK DO YOU FIGURE THAT WHEN ARTHUR DIES EVERYONE GETS THEIR POWERS BACK? Given the way the show has played its hand thus far, I seriously doubt that’s something that could or would happen. We already know Adam’s not going to be back (I wonder if he even got a second grave) and it’s quite possible Peter didn’t die because Sylar helped him down (we don’t know everyone yet that Sylar has stolen from.) If we lost our powers (assuming we had any beyond “amazingly deadly farts”) in the Aurthur/Rogue way, most likely than not they’d take a while to come back – provided the take wasn’t permanent.

    So I think that covers everything. BTW, loved the pic at the top! 😀

  • First of all, much props for the comparison. I enjoyed reading it. However, here is my take: the X-Men have just way too much experience where the Heroes are a bunch of neophytes. It is like the Bad News Bears vs the 1927 New York Yankees. Sylar vs Magneto: Sylar has the powers but Magneto’s experience would prevail. Arthur vs Rogue? Arthur would stome the movie version of Rogue but the comic book version of Rogue already has the powers of Ms Marvel.

    Anyway dude, nice reading this.

  • Sorry – two “Finally’s.” (Should have caught that!)

  • Eh?

    We know that Arthur absorbs abilities…..and he took the invincible ability from Peter/Adam, not to mention the telekinesis, and the black death eyes….does Rogue honestly stand a chance?

    And what about Sylar vs Magneto? Magneto can only control metal, as where Sylar can control ANYTHING. I just see magneto trying to throw a bunch of metal shit at Sylar, who would stop it and throw a tree or some shit at Magneto….or is everyone that is posting just assuming that Sylar can’t control shit as well?

  • Crism

    Handsdown x-men win against heroes

    1. Magneto controls metals, he could rip off all the metal in sylars body before he evens blinks much like what magneto did to wolverine, look at that gooey sylar go…

    2. Phoenix’s powers is not a power at all it is a cosmic entity living inside phoenix, and peter can’t absorb that, because it chooses it host, it can fuck up peter good before he can notice it.

    xmen rules.

  • Gambit

    The thing with Rogue is that yes she can keep powers indefinitely, but she has to kill whoever she is taking them from, like in the case of Ms. Marvel. Rogue kills Ms. Marvel and BAM she now has her powers forever.

  • ** Arthur vs. Rogue **

    Both Arthur and Rogue have the ability to steal the others powers, so, what would happen if they touch simultaneously? Would they end up having the same powers? None of them would have powers? Would Rogue steal a specific power while Arthur steals another one, ending up in nothing more than an exchange?

    Anyway, if Arthur REALLY stole Peters powers, then Rogues screwed, because he would have stolen Peters “I stand near you and learn your trick” shit, so Rogue would never have the chance to even touch Arthur.

    And if he didn’t stole that “I stand near you and learn your trick” power then Peter is still awesome and I give a fuck about this comparison, PETER RULES BITCHES (even do he is a fucking emo). Anyway, he would also have stolen the time travel/stopping thingy that Peter stole from Hiro, so Rogue, you are kind of screwed.

    But then again, I don’t know what powers had Ms. MArvel or what powers did Rogue gained along the comics, so maybe she still has a chance.

    ** Meredith vs. Pyro **

    Meredith creates flames, Pyro controls it to turn it against her, even do than means simply putting them off ’cause Meredith is invulnerable to them. Then he would kick her ass because he is a mean son a bitch and she is only a bitch who is hot.

    ** Claire vs. Wolverine **

    Claire sucks. End. Of. Story. I know shes hot and all, but you should have compared Adam vs. Wolverine. At least Adam knows how to swing a Samurai Blade (or two), and that would be a little more fair against Wolverine’s kickass blades.
    Also, Wolverines skull is made of adamantium (I think) so you virtually can’t kill him by sticking a wooden brunch or bullet. But Adam’s skull is just bone. And Wolverine could cut that with whatever he has at hand (pun intended).

    ** About Adam becoming dust **

    When we heal, we create new cells to replace the damaged ones. When Claire cut her pinky, it grew back. So Adams cells weren’t 400 years old. As far as I recall, we humans change completely (including bones) in about 7 years, take or give. So, even if he loses his powers, all of his body parts would be brand new.

  • T. Paine

    “The thing with Rogue is that yes she can keep powers indefinitely, but she has to kill whoever she is taking them from, like in the case of Ms. Marvel. Rogue kills Ms. Marvel and BAM she now has her powers forever.”

    Last time I checked Carol Danvers wasn’t killed by Rogue. From the Marvel website –

    “Rogue attacked Carol in San Francisco and the pair fought atop the Golden Gate Bridge. When Rogue tried to use her power-absorbing abilities on Carol, something went terribly wrong, and she absorbed too much of Carol’s persona, making the transferal permanent. Driven mad by Carol’s thoughts and memories, Rogue threw Carol’s body from the bridge. Amazingly, Carol was rescued by Spider-Woman. At the hospital, Carol was identified and diagnosed as a tabula rasa – a blank slate.”

  • PohTayToez

    A couple of points I would disagree on… Claire would be Wolverine, because she just CAN’T die. Wolverine simply just has quick healing powers, but Clair’s healing powers don’t seem to have any limit.

    Also, Meredith would have a slight advantage over Pyro because Pyro needs to have a fire source (hence that spark maker he has on his palm), while Meredith can make fire from nothing.

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  • Crism

    hiro vs. mavrick… mavrick kicks hiros ass

  • Josh

    *Note – People should check the posts before they argue a point that has already been made.

    Wolverine would beat Claire simply because of his ability to eviscerate her. Wolverine is over 150 years old and has been trained as a samurai and a soldier. He survived having his adamantium skeleton RIPPED off of his bones by Magneto and lived. Claire couldn’t do anything to him.

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  • Ultimate Fight

    Who would win in a fight betweeen Magneto and Apocalypse?

  • really great article. I never would of thought to compare the two….I like both.

  • cable

    Hey, i just wonder…
    Meredith can also survive without air.
    The way she torture Claire.
    Well, i’m pretty sure Meredith should suffocate too because she was in the same container.
    Maybe she can use that to go against Phyro.

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  • regisa

    i agree with everything except the beast and mohinder and the meredith and pyro matches.

    i think beast is much stronger, and that mohinder only has a wall-crawling ability with that web substance, which he wasn’t shown to be able to “sling”me. beast wins cuz he’s a beast.

    meredith wins cuz she can start fire on her own. Pyro needs a lighter…weak! hehe…

    and ando does kick ass! he freakin’ killed hiro!

  • Albert

    I must admit, I haven’t watched Heroes much, so I might not be too qualified, but any team with Wolverine, Rogue, and Gambit kicks the ass.

  • Pyro

    Nice post, but to be honest, Prof X wins, as all he has to do is kill everything/one using cerebro except magneto [taken that from the movie]. either magneto was killed by someone before, or he will be the last one alive after he kills Prof X. what about flint, he could have gone against Pyro, or is it becuase his flames are blue?

    Love the first pic with cyclops and peter

    Pyro ftw

  • JohnWarlock

    Ok just some views:

    Claire vs Wolverine:
    From what I understand Claire is immortal and can’t be killed, not only that Wolverine’s Healing Factor has a limit that is slows his aging but doesn’t stop it completely so after 1,000 years Claire would be alive taken no one steals her powers like Arthur Petrelli, vs Wolverine would be dead.

    Tracy vs Iceman:
    Hands down Iceman, he eventually transforms into an ice elemental unless she can equal those abilities all she can do is ice cubes for parties.

    Hiro vs. Night Crawler:
    Yes hero would stop time and impale Nightcrawler with his sword, or chop him in half if he learned anything from when he tried to kill Sylar

    Matt vs Professor X: Professor X hands down, even without Cerebro he can control Matt and make him do Sepuku.

    Nathan vs Angel:
    Nathan can go supersonic and he can “blend” in, although Angel seems to have better landings than Nathan.

    Super Mohinder vs. Beast: I agree that Mohinder seems more powerful. Besides lets face it, Mohinder gave himself powers, Beast managed to turn his fur from brown to blue… who’s the better scientist 🙂

    Meredith vs. Pyro:
    Meredith might make her own fire, but Pyro has shown the best demonstration of power… The Flamethrower vs lil balls of fire. I’d give the win to Pyro.

    Arthur vs Rogue:
    Arthur wins by a mile, he took Matt’s Dads powers, he can lock her up in her mind, and while Rogue’s Powers do take the powers of others, he can touch her and absorb not only all of her powers, but the ones she was trying to absorb from him, not to mention he can just go ahead and snap her neck from a distance if he didn’t want the powers.

    Sylar vs Magneto:
    Sylar wins, have we easily forgotten Sylar can just use all of Magnetos metal as a super rod for his electricity, and he has uber reg/healing powes now.

    Peter vs. Phoenix:

    Tough call, as everyone calls out Phoenix is an outer space entity, what I’m not sure about is if the time stopping will affect Phoenix, and what would happen if before Phoenix came to Jean he just went back in time and killed her and see if Phoenix would choose him instead? Plus Peter can hop from place to place and absorb every power he can come across and go forward/backward in time to learn them until he can try taking on Phoenix; if none of that would work, but as it stands Phoenix would smack Peter around like a red headed step-child on the 4th of July

    Ando vs Apocalypse:

    Ando could use his super red energy bolt against Apocalypse and then Apoc would destroy him and laugh.

  • FrankiiDoodle

    Meredith would clearly win because she could do exactly what Pyro did without the need for a lighter. However Pyro can still win because he is a bit fitter (for the Americans I don’t mean actual fitness, I mean attractiveness)

  • oussama

    what are you talking about , Ando VS Apocalypse, wrong
    Ando Vs Cyclops has supposed to be

  • oussama

    Because Ando has red energy and cyclops has laser in his eyes so,
    red energy is just like laser eye.

    i think Ando going to win , because red energy is stronger than laser eye. and peter get his power back by the formula

  • Oussama

    Heroes Vs X-Men

    Peter Petrelli Vs Phoenix
    Claire Bennet Vs Wolverine
    Hiro Nakamura Vs Nightcrawler
    Matt Parkman VS Xavier
    Sylar Vs Magneto
    Ando Vs Cyclops
    Arthur Petrelli Vs Rogue
    Nathan Petrelli Vs Angel
    Mohinder Suresh Vs Beast
    Flint Vs Pyro
    Knox Vs Juggernaut
    Tracy Strauss Vs Iceman
    Ted Sprague Vs Gambit

  • Bigby

    Look, its very simple, none of those so called Heroes would be able to stand up to any of the X-Men. They have so much experience fighting all kinds of people its laughable to think these novices could even give them a hard time. And no I am not talking about the X-Men movies, that is for newbies to the X-Men that don’t know anything about them or their history.

    Wolverine defeats Claire, Claire is not immortal, she is a regenerator, that is all, and Wolvey has taken out plenty of those in his time and is still chugging along. Not only that he has tons of battle experience to back him up.

    Nightcrawler defeats Hiro, this is purely a experience type fight. Nighty has it, Hiro doesnt. Nighty teleports into another dimension when he ports, look it up people I won’t explain it to you. He can easily circumvent Hiro’s ability with sheer experience and take him down.

    Iceman defeats Tracy. This isn’t even a close call, Iceman can turn his whole body into ice or make huge ice weaponry and move his body at will, hell they have even showed him doing a type of teleporting by freezing and shattering himself. There is no way in hell Tracy can beat someone who knows their own powers so well.

    Angel defeats Nathan. Why? Experience and plain better martial arts abilities. Sure Nathan can probably fly faster but Warren Worthington (Thats Angels real name), has had tons of aerial battles and still came out on top. Plus he has been trained to fight for years in the X-Men and with Psylocke, (look that up too if your confused.) Mr. Poltico couldn’t even defend himself from the sheer beating he would recieve at the hands of a combat vet like Angel. Hell the guy used to be known as Death under Apocalypse for crying out loud.

    Pyro defeats Meredith. This is a joke. This woman defeat a seasoned fighting fire manipulator? Is that some kind of joke? He can’t create fire? And Meredith can? How is this a problem? He can stop her flames or use them against her. She is invulnerable to flames you say? Well is she invulnerable to the building Pyro brought down around her using super heated flames to buckle the support beams? Or is she immune to the exploding trees Pyro super heats near her? Pyro is a highly experienced fire user and understands how to use fire to his advantage in a fight. Hell he could just stop her flames all together and just go beat her ass if he wanted to, c’mon people think for chrissakes.

    Professor X defeats Matt. Prof X tells Matt’s mind to go to sleep, he wins. Or he makes him think he is a five year old. Or he just wipes his mind clean (as he did to Magneto back when he ripped the adamantium skeleton from Wolverines body), or any number of things to the fledgling psychic Matt. Next.

    Beast defeats Mohinder. Even in just a scholastic test Dr. Hank McCoy trounces Mohinder with one lobe behind his back. Has Mohinder ever built a super advanced spacecraft? Or a gravity manipulator? Or holographic disguises? Nope. But Beast has. And on a simple fight, their powers may be similar but Beast is stronger and just better trained in using his abilities to fight with. Mohinder goes down faster than you can “Oh my stars and garters”. (Beast joke, if you don’t get it you don’t know the X-Men)

    Rouge defeats Arthur. Rogue has flight, super strength, invulnerability AND can absorb anyone’s strength and powers. She could hurl a building at Arthur from a distance without even mussing up her hair. No way he can hobble away fast enough to avoid tons of debris from smashing his face in.

    Magneto defeats Sylar. Really? This was a matchup of some kind? It’s freaking Magneto! Eric Magnus the master of magnetism!. A tv villian is going to give him a hard time? This man has created entire cities himself single handedly. Turned back armadas of giant robots, stopped nuclear blasts, hurled submarines at people, pulled asteroids from orbit, ripped iron ore from the earth itself to shape and mold at his will, and this Sylar guy is a match for him? Take all that away and Magneto is still a hundred times more experienced and capable than Sylar hopes to be. Let’s move on.

    Phoenix (Jean Gray) defeats Peter. Because she is Phoenix and he is not. That should be simple enough but some people need explanations. She is the most powerful psychic and telekinetic on the planet. She can rip you apart from miles away with a thought. Stop all the blood in your body from flowing. Or if she has the Phoenix force in play, snuff out your sun and destroy your entire planet as an afterthought. Peter has no hope in hell of even causing her to chip a nail.

    Apocalypse defeats Andro. Apocalypse has been around a very long time. He has seen hundreds of different people try to stop him and all have failed. They have had powers rivaling gods and yet he still remains. He can crush just about anyone with minimal effort. Do you really think this Andro guy can stop him? I mean really? You need to go back and check your X-Men lore before you say such things

    There you have it. Read your history before you say these Hero guys have a hope in hell. They are a hundred years too early to start messing with the X-Men.

  • Mecline


    We get it dude, you read the comics and think you know everything about the x-men. Its obviously totally relevant that Angels name is Warren Worthington, Beast has a catchphrase and Nightcrawler teleports by traveling through other dimensions ( and can you believe I didn’t even have to “look that up”?). Maybe if you weren’t so blindsided by your apperant hard-on for Charles Xavier’s team (OMG did you know that was his name?!?!?!?) You’d see the sense behind some of the Hero’s team winning. I do agree with you though that Mohinder would absolutely have no chance against Beast, the man would tear him apart and has more contributions to science than Edison. But Nightcrawler beating Hiro and Rogue beating Arthur, are you serious? The fact that Nightcrawler travels through dimensions doesn’t help AT ALL against a person capable of completely stopping time. It also cancels out your experience argguemnt as they can’t move or create any sort of usage of power, so it would end with them lying in a pool of their own blood. Same goes with Rogue, with Petrelli able to Time-Travel the fact that she can do power-absorbtion through touch is nulled. Even without that Petrelli can absorb peoples powers by proximity, lives forever, telekensesis and the list goes on. I’m pretty sure Arthur could stop her before she even got remotely close to him, or just take her powers away when she did.

  • anon

    Except ando now has a power that can supercharge other peoples powers! YES! Heroes wins.

  • dan

    Ando has powers now haha!

  • Ninja

    I think the author is just stinging because Heroes didn’t have to deal with a crappy movie and isn’t the domain of nerds.

  • Ninja

    In response to Bigbyon, all your arguments are simply pants-on-head retarded. You never actually explain how the X-tards win the fight you just say they are more experienced. To this I say, bollocks. Experience can’t win if the person is more powerful. If a gnat with a black-belt in martial arts of all kinds(don’t ask how) goes up against a 5-year old with a flyswatter the kid wins because all the gnat’s tiny strength can’t stand up to the bigger swatter. This is most evidenced in the Sylar v.s. Magneto and Hiro V.s Nightcrawler arguments. If Magnet-boy can’t access any metal than jack all to his power and one less brain for him. Hiro can simply stop time and bitchslap Nightcrawler all he wants. Also, just because Mohinder hasn’t built a timemachine/sports car/pointless contraption doesn’t mean he isn’t stronger than Beast.

  • Ninja

    Oh, It’s spelled Ando you pillock.

  • jack

    ….and then Onslaught comes through and kills them all. Game over. End of story.

  • Dave

    All I have to say is, Nerd Fight!

  • mokgohan

    C’mon, who doesn’t want to see Nathan fight Arcangel instead?
    Or, ‘Politician in a blender’ as the epically short battle would be called thereafter.
    Classic comic book characters Vs Dilluted Rip-off hack characters- Hmm…
    I think even Dazzler could kick their asses.

  • Theo

    To those thinking that the Heroes would have a good chance against the X Men, you need to take a few things into consideration (this is all straight from the comics):

    1) The X Men undergo frequent, intensive training in the Danger Room to hone the use of their powers, their teamwork, and their ability to think fast on their feet, to observe and discover weaknesses in whatever/whomever is pitted against them, with a complete debriefing after each session. The Danger Room did not suffer any lapses in attention or judgment, both could get you killed Real Quick, and For Real.

    2) Each X wo/man has several years of battle experience under their belts, under diverse conditions and against a wide variety of enemies, some more powerful than they are. They also keep battle records, which are used not only for debriefing, but to program different scenarios in the Danger Room.

    3) The Heroes had none of that, from what I observe from the above comments (I’ve never seen the show) they aren’t even organized, and are slowly becoming familiar with their powers.
    If I’m wrong, please correct me. Thank you.

    So, the Heroes taking on the X Men would be like a bunch of talented junior high kids going up against a squad of veteran Navy SeALs. Any wins would be sheer dumb luck.

  • Whedon


    …and his powers are awesome.

  • Orphen

    If the author wanted it to be VS the X-men from the comic, didn’t u think he’d use pics from them?
    COME ON!!!
    its clear he meant the movies in which case heroes wins

    the whole thing with peter and phoenix, Peter would win
    in the movie wolverine got to her because or his REGENERATION POWERS….. and then stabbed her… So Peter can do the same thing AND he has many other abilities at his disposal…

    and Sylar VS Magneto? Sylar wins hands down even if magneto could overpower him sylar cant die thanx to claire…. he can stop the metal from hitting him or melt it or use the super radiation explosions… honestly his powers alone could wipe out most of the X-men

    and as for this “entity” that is phoenix? IT HAS “POWERS” thus CAN BE ABSORBED!!!!!!

    silly comic nerds…

  • Orphen

    And Heroes will continue because it rolling in way too much money to stop…. after season 4 “Fugitives” they might put a season 5 to end it if it doesnt end in season 4

  • TJ

    Uhmmmm, Phoenix vs Peter.
    Peter wins, regeneration does help.
    Wolverine regenerates, he got close enough to kill Phoenix.
    Peter regenerates, can throw shit with his mind, launch lighting bolts out of his hands, burn anything withing a 30ft radius to shit…. to name a few

  • Dirtydanchez

    One word: CABLE.

  • Joe

    tha’s no fair. Ando? what about daisie or ted sprague vs. deadpool or someone even had a chance to win. I love x-men more than heroes but that was a cheap shot.

    ted sprague vs. deadpool who would win?

  • Kirk

    To everyone who keeps saying that some of the X-Men characters are so powerful that they would kick all the Heroes characters, like Phoenix, or whatever…

    Peter can absorb and use any power as far as I have seen. So no matter who you have in the room or how powerful they are Peter can absorb and use their power. If there was a whole room of X-Men and Peter on his own then he would absorb all their powers and he wouldn’t even have to touch them to do so, like Rouge would.

    Now even if Peter absorbed a power and couldn’t control it it doesn’t really matter because he can regenerate now anyway so eventually he would learn to use it and then come back stronger.

    The dude combines pretty much every power to his advantage. If he couldn’t immediately use a power he absorbed he could just freeze time and run away until he learnt it them come back and kick some ass. If he got hurt he could turn invisible and sneak away. If someone was too strong he could fly up in the air and they couldn’t reach him. If he wanted to he could steal Rouges power then freeze time warp behind a person then grab them and absorb their power until they died. etc etc etc. Any combination of the above or variation etc etc etc However you want to look at it I’m Pretty sure Peter has the edge in every single battle.

    I think Peter trumps all the rest.

    Well that’s my take on it anyhoo.

  • Bob

    Whoever wrote this clearly doesn’t remember X-3, which is where some of those pictures are from. Remember how Phoenix died? The character with healing abilities, Wolverine, walked up to her and sliced her in the chest, and there was nothing she could do about it. Who else has healing abilities? Peter.

    Peter would destroy Phoenix.

  • kookimebux

    Hello. And Bye. 🙂

  • chucky says “read the Phoenix Saga”

    dude why’r u guys psychoanalyzing this? its suposed to be funny…

    and btw phoenix would totally woop any of the heroes ass

    she’s not even a mutant she’s a force of nature…

    c’mon peter aint got shit on eating stars and planets

    peter absorbs powers so he wouldn’t get anything from phoenix anyway

    its like calling breathing a power

    Phoenix is closer to a alien/god then a human-mutant

  • chucky says “read the Phoenix Saga”

    cable vs hero…

    that could work…

    i wish u slipped gambit into there… he’s the best =]

  • J-Z

    With the Meredith vs. Pyro scenario:

    Meredith would win. Just because she isn’t as cool as Pyro doesn’t mean she would lose. First of all, unlike Pyro she doesn’t need to have a source of fire to use her power unlike Pyro. Also, she has more years of experience than Pyro and is better at controlling her power (and ego).

  • Mecline


    Its not the film incarnation of X-men vs. Heroes, its the X-men in their normal character incarnations. Wolverine shouldn’t have killed Phoenix at all and technically didn’t since Jean reverted to her normal self so that she could be killed. In the comics she is a cosmic force able to extinguish stars, poor peter wouldn’t know what hit him.


    Pyro has years of experience fighting for the Brotherhood of evil mutants, against the X-men among others, while Meredith has been sitting in her trailer for years using her powers to light her cigarettes. He may not be able to create his flame directly but their are a ton of ways he makes his own and anything Meredith caught on fire could be manipulated and expanded by Pyro. He may be an ass of a character with a ridiculous ego, but Meredith couldn’t last too long.

  • Greg

    A better match up would be Sylar vs Mr.Sinister

  • Sam

    Lame, as said before Rogue would tear Arthur apart with her absorption ability, back when she was a badass she absorbed so much of Ms. Marvel her powers and conscience became a part of her … so with the flying super strength and absorption Arthur wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Mostly Xmen would win the majority of those matches bar Hiro and possibly Sylar, but Hiro’s usually to damp to do anything remotely aggresive and it doesn’t really make sense pairing him with magneto though, just because one of his sub powers is the ability to manipulate metal at will… should have really based the character matches on the comic books rather than the films

  • HWmike

    I think you could put peter up against any mutant and he could win…in the end if it came down to it he could go nuclear and kill everybody as a fail safe…and by nuclear i mean mutant cells would vaporate and they would die

  • Mecline


    Technically Petrelli has the exact same ability only all his absorbed powers stay forever, and he can get as many as he wants. Even with Super-Strength and flight, Petrelli would just have use his psychic powers, his immortality he stole from Adam, or a little thing we like to call time travel. In the end, Rogue would fail.

  • You know how you tell yourself you are studying because you have your certification books opened in front of you? But you are really clicking on Stumble Upon to find interesting posts to read?

    Yeah well, I came across yours and had to write to tell you I enjoyed it very much. I gave it the thumbs up, so more people can come across it and enjoy it also.

  • Seradan

    If Adam was killed because of the loss of his power, and the ‘all of a sudden aging’ thing, why didn’t he just die during the first eclipse? … Or one of the many that would have happened between.

  • Belenos

    “Both have the power to zap the ability (and life) out of another mutant, but Arthur’s power seems much more advanced and dangerous. Rogue only keeps the power for a short period of time, but there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how long Arthur can keep his stolen goods. He also can absorb so much of a person that they literally turn into dust on the spot, even if they’ve been rumored to be immortal. I’ve never seen Rogue pull that off.”

    The problem with this article is simply this: ” Rogue only keeps the power for a short period of time” which is wrong. If you read the comics for which the movies were created, you’ll see that Rogue is able to fly and is nearly invincible, which are powers retained from an early run- in with Ms. Marvel, which left Ms. Marvel comatose. Rogue still retains these abilities to this day. These powers may not help her defeat Arthur, just thought I would use the nerd abilities at my disposal.

  • zsavior

    This whole list made me sad, because the Xmen have fallen so far to even be compared to heroes. Xmen have the danger room, heroes have….yea. Horrible show is horrible.

  • SilverReiatsu

    well Heroes Would Win 11-0 vs Xmen

    Hiro Nakamura will teleport to the past and Kill the writers of Xmen. So All of the Xmen wouldnt Exist…gotcha..rofl

  • SilverReiatsu

    well ando would definitely Kill apocalypse..hed simply burn the comic book and apocalypse is done for…lol

  • id

    hahahahahhahahahahahahahha Ando vs Apocalypse
    that was so funny I actually laughed out loud !!! :)))

  • Mutant

    You can’t compare comic book characters to live character in power rankings. Comics always exaggerate power levels. For example compare the hulk films to the comics. In the comics Hulk smashed a meteor 3 times the size of earth with one punch. He stamped the floor so hard that lather from the earth’s core gushed out. Do you think any movie or T.V. show version will ever be this powerful. Silver surfer in the comics moves faster than light, could he do that in the film. My point is any comparison has to be with the movie version of X Men to be fair.
    -Nathan vs. Angel i agree Nathan
    -Claire vs. Wolverine, that’s Obvious- Adam with an Adimantium Sword would have been a better comparison
    -Tracy vs. Iceman, i agree Iceman
    -Super Mohinder vs. although Mo seems more powerful Beast should edge due to combat skill and ferociousness,
    -Hiro vs. Nightcrawler Hero easily
    -Meredith vs. Pyro, Pyro can just control her flames, so he doesn’t need his own. But they wont hurt her so he beats her to death.
    -Sylar vs. Mageneto Syler could telekinetically slit mags throat faster then enything mags can do e.g. tear the Iron from his blood. Plus he can take fatal injuries.
    – Peter vs. Phoenix. Firstly This Phoenix is not a cosmic entity like in comics but a level 5 mutant (big difference). But i think Peter taking on her ability just kills the intrigue. Also Jean allowed Logan to stab her. If she didn’t he could not have done it. To make up for her tutoring from Xaviour lets use future peter. Fight goes like this. He survives her initial attempt to tear of his flesh due to healing factor( supperior to logans). Realizes how powerful she is, freezes time then telekinetically hacks her to pieces.

  • ken

    What if rogue and arthur took each other’s powers at the same time? FFFFuuuuu

  • Rafael

    Ok, what about Maya, Angela, Elle and the Haitian guy? Maya could kill ’em all with that black eye of death. Angela is by far more experienced than any of the Xguys, she could kill any of them without getting her hands dirty just by seeing the future and manipulating people. Besides.. I think it’s not fair to compare characters taken from an old story with those from Heroes. Heroes have only existed for 4 seasons now. X-men had thousands of comics to evolve, get skilled etc.. Even so, Peter’s like a sponge lol he could take all of X-Men powers without touching ’em.
    Dude, your knowledge about X-Men is quite impressive but knowing their names didn’t help you at all. Your fanboyism killed your point.

  • WLPowell

    Magneto has shown he can implode people by manipulating the little bit of iron in their blood stream (ala X2, but he’s refined that skill greatly in the comic)

    Iceman controls the water in the air, he doesn’t have to battle Tracy with Ice Powers… he could drown her to.

    Rogue would smash Arthur. She can call on any power she wants she just doesn’t, and she’s touched Wolverine, Gambit, and Magneto… Arthur’s screwed.

    Future Ando could be a good match for Apocalypse, because his powers could very well make him Darkseid from the DC universe.

    It could really go either way and the only way to tell is if capcom gets to work on the video game…

  • BigBadLarry

    For all you §$%” nerds and fanboys:
    A normal man made sniperrifle with an average soldier could take out nearly everyone of your so hysterically loved superheroes.
    One bullet to the head and it is over.
    The exception would be heroes who are either:
    Indestructible (you can’t kill which you can’t hurt)
    Immortal (by the means that they have limitless regeneration on the atomic level)
    Psychics (if the person you want to shoot in an instant knows that you want to kill him/her even from a mile away you cannot surprise them)
    And don’t forget – to be immortal alone is no real power. You can be imprisoned for all eternity after you are immobilzed through a bomb or a shot to the head which first has to be regenerated.
    So even the GREAT Magneto (who has to endure all the fanboys masturbating when they think of him) would die by a bullet. Just make sure it is made out of titan or some alloy he can’t control. Although even an iron bullet probably could catch Magneto unaware.
    And now you wnt to know why Magneto is not already dead in your precious comics? BECAUSE THEY STILL WANT TO SELL THEM TO YOU.

  • Mememe

    Wow… there really is no point to this, is there?

    But you know, I’m glad I don’t watch ‘Heroes’ and I’m glad I hate the show with a visceral intensity. I tried to watch it a couple of times and found myself looking frantically for the remote, feeling like my brain might melt even before my eyes exploded in their sockets.

    I’m glad I’m a comic (female) nerd (no, I’m not a Jabba the Hut look-a-like) and I’m glad pretty much everyone is well aware ‘Heroes’ is capitalizing on something other people made up years before (and much better, btw), effectively ripping off Stan Lee and Chris Claremont, among others (who created most of these characters, even if they’re now called ‘Sylar’ or ‘Claire’ or whatever…).

    Funny how the story of Heroes so far bears such an uncanny resemblance to the X-Men’s: a group of people unexplainably getting powers (uh… the mutants), something to do with a virus (take your pick, Legacy or T-O), then some guy who wants these powerful people to be identified and dealt with (Senator Kelly), someone travelling through time to save the world (Kitty Pride/Cable). I could go on, but I guess only us nerds would know what it’s about.

    I’m VERY glad I got all of Bugby’s references and that I know about them instead of which powers the writers of ‘Heroes’ decided to add up to flat characters in vane attempts to make the show compelling enough that people will keep on watching – and buy the DVD’s as well (hey, as long as the dough keeps rolling in, right?).

    The X-Men are a concept more than 40 years old. You can’t create anything or conjure any scenario the comics haven’t tapped already, sometimes successfully, sometimes with disastrous results (just think of the clone saga in Spiderman – Oh, right, you don’t know it, you’re not nerds). The COMICS, not the characters in the movies which were really crappy.

    One example? Professor X once lost the control he was exercising for decades on his extraordinarily powerful mind and turned into a massive entity who decided it was going to wipe out every human and mutant in existence. The heroes of the Marvel world joined up to fight him and he ended up killing the Fantastic Four, Dr Doom, a few of the Avengers, the Hulk (separated from his alter ego Bruce Banner), and even Magneto all in one stance.
    Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm (not an X-mutant, but a child of two mutants – yes, the Fantastic Four were mutated by their exposure to cosmic rays) a seemingly all powerful child, created an alternate Universe where he placed all these people killed in the battle, including his parents, safe and sound. Eventually, some big explosion I wont’ bother to explain now joins the real and alternate universes and everything goes back to normal.

    This could make an entire season of Heroes, and it’s probable it will, since the writers seem to be lifting the plots directly from comics and adding just a few changes here and there so it won’t be so completely evident.

    Hell, at least ‘Smallville’ has the excuse of having hot guys to look at which duly divert your attention to the anal rape of the original characters and storyline…

  • BigBadLarry

    Jo Mememe. Not even slightly trying to have a connection with the statement “Battle Royale: Heroes vs. X-Men”.
    Just nerd rambling about holy X-Men.
    Failed. Sit down.
    And for a nerd you don’t even know the basics.

    Fact 1:
    The first comic character who would fit the description “superhero” was Superman created by Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel.
    Fact 2:
    Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon were created even before Superman; they were no superheroes but their stories were one of the first comic strips with aliens, spaceships and so on.

    So to be unfair and ignorant like you dear nerd/fanboy(girl),
    Stan Lee and Chris Claremont just stole the ideas from someone else. What a shining achievement.
    On the other side Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Superman could be partially inspirated of stories created by Jules Verne – who would he still live – could tell anybody that all SciFi is ripped off and copied from him because he is the official father of SciFi.

    It is the same joke with the nerdwars regarding World of Warcraft, Warhammer and other stories placed in the fantasy genre. In the end they all copied more or less from J.R.R Tolkien. While he got his inspiration out of Mythology and the like.

  • BigBadLarry

    Jo Mememe. Not even slightly trying to have a connection with the statement “Battle Royale: Heroes vs. X-Men”.
    Just nerd rambling about holy X-Men.
    Failed. Sit down.
    And for a nerd you don’t even know the basics.

    Fact 1:
    The first comic character who would fit the description “superhero” was Superman created by Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel.
    Fact 2:
    Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon were created even before Superman; they were no superheroes but their stories were one of the first comic strips with aliens, spaceships and so on.

    So to be unfair and ignorant like you dear nerd/fanboy(girl),
    Stan Lee and Chris Claremont just stole the ideas from someone else. What a shining achievement.
    On the other side Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Superman could be partially inspirated of stories created by Jules Verne – who would he still live – could tell anybody that all SciFi is ripped off and copied from him because he is the official father of SciFi.

    It is the same joke with the nerdwars regarding World of Warcraft, Warhammer and other stories placed in the fantasy genre. In the end they all copied more or less from J.R.R Tolkien. While he got his inspiration out of Mythology and the like…

  • rizzle

    You forgot one crucial aspect of pyro’s power. He can only MANIPULATE fire, he can’t control. HE LOSES!

  • richie rich

    NO way mohinda would beat beast!! beast can flip, spin and climb all over mohindas arse.

  • Technically…

    For everyone saying Pyro can’t create fire…he can just use the fire Meredith creates against her.

    Phoenix’s “powers” aren’t powers…phoenix is an entity that uses Jean’s body so technically peter can’t get and use the “powers” against her

  • Tyler

    Uhm. This is utterly ridiculous. The mere fact that someone thought contrasting X-Men to Heroes is hilarious.

    First off.. Sylar doesn’t stand a chance against Magneto. His experience and the caliber his rests on is unrealistically higher.

    Secondly.. Fuck Mohinder, Beast would smack his head off (him having Spiderman-esk powers does him no justice).

    All of the rest are fine. But let me say, Nightcrawler is just too bad ass for Hiro to comprehend.

    Bring Scarlett Witch in and we’re all fraked.

  • Alex

    You can add Alice (Angela’s sister) from Heroes vs. Storm from X-Men because they both have similar powers with controlling weather. Both use lightning as a major killing weapon, so I would say it’s pretty even, but… Anyways, that’s just another one to add to the bunch!

  • Raphael Kottakal

    in Peter vs. Phoenix, peter should b the one to win caus he can heal. and do u remember how Phoenix died in the movie???? Peter is the strongest mutant of them all, end of discussion.

  • Joey

    I dont think Peter can absorb the Phoenix power because its a spirit that possesing Jean Grey but if Pter could Posses souls then he could stand a chance but he cant can he?

  • Joey

    and to answer Raphael Kottakalon question. wolverine has a indestructible skeleton so the Phoenix cant tear it apart but peter doesnt have a indestructible skeleton.

  • Rick

    I’m sorry but, with Peter’s original power including those he picked up, he’d win hands down. Immortality, bending space and time, invisibility, no one can beat him, not even Sylar. Phoenix might be powerful but she is still fragile as normal human.

  • M I N N

    Sylar vs. Mageneto

    Is so stupid – mageneto has tooken on tons of hordes of mutants at the same time with the ability of sylar and kicked ass.

  • Rachael

    The sheer power of Phoenix’s power would cause his head to explode!

    Also, to the writer of this, Rogue could keep the powers if she drained someone so much that they died. That’s how she could fly!
    She fucking sucks in the movies. Especially the last. She was so emo. And young ;[
    And what about gambit?!
    He was the best. <3

    Heroes is a boring show, X Men’s way better

  • chrisp

    i like both but xmen would clearly win.

    powers aside the characters written for heroes often ditch each other and are not practiced in fighting as a team, are poorly trained and inexperienced as they are still trying to grasp their powers where as the x men as mention previously are trained extensively in skills apart from their powers and are well trained as a group and compliment each others fighting.

    that said when looking at the powers xmen still win hands down. not saying it would be a bug squish style fight but the xmens powers are far more evolved than those of the heroes and the xmen are far more experienced and can use their powers more effectively.

    also think that gambit, jubillee, and some other xmen should have been considered due to their pure awesomeness.

  • Vossela

    well at first to support you x-men sight of view arthur vs. rouge is pretty much the same except that arthur keeps the power because rogue almost killed wolverine, too as she took his powers.

    but Peter vs. Phoenix… she is so much fucked
    1. regeneration
    2. electric shots
    3. flame-throwing
    4. flying
    5. telekinesis
    6. messing with peoples mind
    7. stoping time

    well i think thats enough 😀

  • Jameberto

    Ive grown up with the X- MEN but heroes would destroy them!!!

    FIRST of all Phoenix is not a mutant (but a celestial being) Jean is just an avatar for Phoenix Force however IF she was to fight Peter he can not only withstand and regenerate from her “tempest of psychic energy” but can produce an atomic blast of his own

    and SECOND we have all seen how the whole X-MEN team can get there ass’ kicked by someone as dumb as Juggernut. Peter could play this type of role in the fight

    THIRD as for Professor-X one of three people can take him: Parkman, Parkman Jr., or even the creepy guy who makes “sex dolls” out of Clear and her mom.

    Only one person in the x men universe would give them a chance and that’s Scarlett Witch, with her reality-altering abilities. Although Hero would make her nul-in-void

  • cadeyrn

    Arthur should’ve been compared to X-Men Evolution’s Apocalypse (season 4), as he was able to do what Arthur, not Rogue.

  • Fr00z3rm4n

    keep in mind that this is not a fight to the death but merely a heads-up comparison of powers
    here’s how the matchups should have gone

    1. claire vs. wolverine – good choice
    however the most crucial part to the argument was ignored…claire can actually be killed, if something stays lodged in the correct part of her brain she’s out
    wolverine wins for lack of a death sweetspot

    2. tracy vs. iceman – good choice
    the problem here is that this was written before tracy started kicking ass
    she froze herself solid and avoided death and now she’s capable of powers related to water, i’m assuming any form of water, whether it be frozen, liquid, or possibly even gaseous (only time will tell)
    tracy wins that hands down

    3. hiro vs. nightcrawler – ok choice
    if you only look at the teleportation hiro definitely wins because he can go absolutely anywhere without teleporting himself into the middle of a solid object
    swordsmanship goes to nightcrawler because he was wicked with that tail
    hiro also has the benefit of time control which was pointed out so the result can only be…
    hiro wins

    4. matt vs. professor x – damn good matchup
    matt can do more than the professor but the professor is more skilled at what he can do
    it’s only speculation of course but if matt trapped xavier in his own mind, i believe the professor could escape back to reality
    the only thing that keeps this match from being a stale mate is the professor’s ability to kill someone if he concentrates on them
    professor x narrowly emerges victorious

    5. nathan vs. angel – fair enough
    flight by itself is a pretty weak power
    however, nathan can break the sound barrier and isn’t looked at like a freak, easy decision
    nathan flies off with the win

    6. super mohinder vs. beast – perfect power rivals
    this is the only one i can honest say that the idea was stolen solely from xmen
    the only difference between the two is one’s blue and furry and the other is indian
    however, the beast was alot smarter than mohinder if you think of common sense, through the course of heroes mohinder has done alot of really stupid things…he just had the benifit of never shedding on anyone
    beast wins on his shear ability to think things through

    7. meredith vs. pyro – good match
    i won’t spend alot of time on this because everybody else seems to have taken care of it
    pyro could only manipulate fire, meredith can create it and even control the temperature of it
    also as a sidenote, meredith met her demise in a fire so intense it brought down a building that was created as a superhuman prison made to withstand powers
    meredith wins

    8. arthur vs. rogue – really good match
    they can both steal powers, the problem with what most people are saying is that they are only deadly in certain senarios
    arthur is only deadly to adam who is too old to be alive without his power whereas i believe rogue is deadly to all non-mutants (ms. marvel didn’t die, just comatose), point for rogue
    it is countered though by the fact that rogue can only keep her powers if she does “kill” her victim, arthur can keep all the powers he takes forever without having to harm the source, point for arthur
    gotta call this a stale mate

    9. sylar vs. magneto – absolutely horrible matchup
    magneto controls metal and magnetic fields, sylar on the other hand has a completely unrelated power…
    no i’m not talking about his telekinesis, sylar’s original power was immediate (or almost immediate) comprehension
    for this reason i believe a winner can not be chosen

    10. peter vs. pheonix – absolutely horrible matchup on multiple counts
    problem 1. pheonix is an “entity” therefore there is no power to compare
    problem 2. peter’s original power is the absorption of other powers, pheonix doesn’t do that at all
    again there can not be a winner

    sudden death. ando vs. apocalypse
    the write went for a bad joke because he wanted xmen to win
    he’s an idiot
    ando gets a power but it’s not comparable to apocalypse at all
    fail, no winner

    the tally given the matchups is xmen 3, heroes 4
    i like xmen and heroes but given the criteria that should have been followed in this battle royale heroes gets the victory

    (alternate option a). magneto vs. the german
    same abilities but magneto would win that because he’s too damn smart

    (alternate option b). dl vs. shadowcat
    same abilities
    kitty might win though because she could sneak places without drawing much attention, who pays attention to a little white girl?

    (alternate option c). the haitian vs. leech
    the haitian takes the win on this one because even though they both block other power, the haitian also can erase memories

    (alternate option d). noah bennet vs. william stryker
    technically neither has powers but they have their “toys” and guns
    stryker had the chip in his head to block telepathy, noah had his sidekick the haitian but also is shown to have extraordinary tolerance to parkman’s mindreading
    they also both hunt people with power, for different reasons though and with different methods

  • Amber

    While I might have to agree on who wins I have to disagree on one key point. If you think about it Marvel was made WAY before and has a mass of over 1000 characters with different powers. There are only so many powers you can come up with before ideas begin to shrink. So either way I think they went with the “what did I want to be when I was a child” I think I would have to go with heroes did it fair and square. just saying. You can only come up with so many ideas before you drain the idea pool. Plus no lawsuit yet you cant really sue for something like that… its not like it will ever REALLY happen anyways.

  • Peregrine

    most of the contention is whether x-men are going by comics or not. if they are, they win hands down.

    i’m gonna have to disagree with hatian vs leech. the hatian can pass out trying to hold back arthur, the leech just sits there (even in his movie version)

    wolvie vs claire, there are a few arguments for claire, but most seem to be siding with logan.

    tracy vs bobby: definitely bobby. after the end of season 3, tracy can still only do what bobby can but with less power.

    hiro vs nightcrawler: the only thing the x-men don’t have in spades is time-travel. any time travelers with the x-men came from the future, and most weren’t regular cast. unless nightcrawler can get into his dimension, he will never be free of time. this one was a bad match-up, u can’t compare these powers (cable or rachel would’ve been a better match).

    matt vs charles xavier: i’m gonna have to go with prof. x. he can kill people by concentrating on them. if u’ve seen what it looks like in x2, u know matt’s gonna have trouble concentrating. we know he needs to be able to concentrate.

    nathan vs angel: this one’s close, sure, nathan’s faster, but angel has tons of training. angel can probably fly at higher altitudes as well. i’m gonna call a tie.

    mohinder vs hank: i’m gonna go with beast, he’s smarter (invents tons of futuristic gadets and weaponry), stronger (he can launch himself into the air with a single finger) and he is perfectly comfortable with who he is, whereas suresh is constantly trying to undo his power.

    meredith vs pyro: the comic version of pyro would win, but it would be close. both are invulnerable to fire, but pyro can control and manipulate it. he can also intensify or extinguish fire. he can’t create it, but the moment meredith makes a move, he’ll be on top of her. he pretty much has complete control over flames. movie pyro, even closer, but he doesn’t have much of a part and we don’t see him very often, i’d go with meredith, she’s much older and more experience than teen pyro.

    rogue vs arthur: again a close tie. just comes down to who’s power overpowers who’s. calling that a stalemate, it comes down to powers that they have absorbed. rogue wins this one hands down (assuming arthur only has the powers we’ve seen him absorb). she is physically invulnerable, is super strong, can fly, and attack at range with plasma. she has also absorbed hulk, wolverine, colossus, nightcrawler, juggernaut, etc… the only power that arthur can hold to her is mind control, and rogue has, like, a bajillion entities lying dormant in her mind. she’s like legion, you can’t beat all of them.

    sylar vs magneto: magneto’s powers remain fairly constant, whereas sylars are constantly fluctuating. i’m going to have to go with magneto out of sheer power. his magnetism has been shown to just plain overwhelm normal telekinesis, sylar’s main power. mind power’s can’t affect magneto as long as he’s got that helmet. magneto’s a genius without almost COMPLETE control over his power. doesn’t matter where sylar moves his sweetspot, magneto can drain his blood, or launch him into the sun. the only way sylar could possibly beat magneto is through trickery, using his shapeshifting powers. even that’s not a guarantee. sylar’s no pushover, but this one will eventually go to eric lensherr.

    peter vs phoenix: it’s pretty much agreed upon that comic book phoenix wins right? she’s an allpowerful entity that can unravel reality, even time itself. even the movie version of phoenix could kill peter, doesn’t matter which incarnation of peter’s power were talking about. jean is the second most powerful telepath next to prof. x. u can be darn sure the feedback would hit peter worse than her. no one in heroes has been able to disintegrate armies. the only reason logan even got close to her was his indestructible skeleton and the fact that jean was trying to help him. against someone she was determined to kill, peter doesn’t stand a chance. even his time travel doesn’t work out quite so well (of course, he never could quite pull it off).

    ando vs apocalypse was a joke, i won’t go there.

    micah vs warlock: i can actually see them becoming friends :), but if it came down to it, warlock.

    destiny vs angela? hmmm. i don’t know much about irene, but no one knows much about angela. we’ll have to wait and see.

    candace vs mystique? mystique hands down. candace was an obese bimbo, mystique is a killer.

    molly vs caliban? hehe, i won’t go there…

    kitty vs dl? kitty, she can phase stuff through the entire earth. if dl could reflexively phase, like kitty, he would never have been shot in the first place.

    i’d call bennet over stryker though. stryker’s prejudice against mutants will be his undoing, whereas bennet’s recognition of and respect for powers will give him the edge.

    x-men overall. normal people with extraordinary abilities that all do their own thing just don’t measure up to the astonishing, uncanny, highly-trained x-men who work as a team.

    any others people want to try?

    how bout elixir vs linderman?

    alice vs storm?

    deveaux vs empath or wallflower?

    jesse murphy vs banshee?

    luke cambell vs firestar? (campbell is the annoying punk who follows sylar)

    west vs icarus?

    daphne vs quicksilver?

    danko vs nick fury? 😀

    eden vs emma frost? elle vs dazzler? monica vs hellion? (these aren’t the best matchups, any other suggestions?)

  • Everyone here is embarrassing.

  • Peregrine

    actually, a better matchup would be elle vs jubilee, and monica vs synch

  • Cortega

    Super Ando might be able to be apocalypse. And Peter could stop time, walk up to Jean Grey, and go nuclear in her face. Heroes wins.

  • ryann

    @Guy Incognito

    if you ever read the x-men comics half-assed, you would still know that Mimic can copy others abilities but only half the power they have. peter would stomp mimic.

  • Karen

    Really Phoenix will beat all of them. Peter has no chance, and even if in some way Phoenix dies she can come back to life. About time-travel Phoenix can exist outside of space and time and could kill anyone of them at any point anyway.
    Magneto is one of the storngest guys, having once killed Jean (in Phoenix form I think) by pulse blasting her.
    Peter, Sylar and Arthur should really be under the same category because they start off as people who take others’ powers, like Rogue. Rogue has gone up against someone like her before (Sauron) and the powers just cancel each other out anyway. For Arthur turning someone to dust, Rogue takes the lifeforce out of anyone, mutant powers and memory. She can kill people by holding on long enough and can keep powers permanently by doing the same thing, as done to Ms. Marvel. If she developed her power further, as has been done, she can recall all powers ever taken, including that of most of the X-Men and many many others. So Rogue wins.

  • arturo

    The truth is that it is impossible for him to win a petter Dark Phoeix, remember that the power of Phoenix is unlimited, it’s like a god, I pity da setter, and it is pathetic to say that it is a tie,

  • Peter P.

    Peter and/or Hiro goes back in time and they kill every young X-Men before they aquire mutant powers or they go back and kill the mutants great grandparents.

  • rich

    @bob – phoenix let wolverine get close and let him kill her. did you guys watch the movie with the sound off. she asked him “would you die for them?” he said “no, not them for you” she let him kill her because of what she had become. peter is a wuss and would lose big time.

  • hankmoody

    um peter petrelli would whoop phoenix’s ass…he can freeze time just like hiro!!!!he’ll freeze that bitch n kill her!!!

    dr. manhattan is the GOAT superhero marvel or DC….name me a marvel or dc character who can beat him…

  • Sam

    First off the only reason one dude died from arthur was because that one dude was 400 years old…its called telomeres fools they shorten as u get older. when peter healed from mortal injury he healed and it was no longer a problem, when adam monroes power was taken he was still 400 years old with tiny testy telomeres. DNA check it out.

  • nesticles

    its plain to see that Paul Tassi only knows the x-mens powers from watching the cartoon. nightcrawler could grab that fags head & teleport it off. no way in hell is sylar beating mags, its not even worth saying any more. plus, iceman or the phoenix solo every hero/villan seeing as how they are both omega level mutants.

  • Robert

    Since Stan ‘The Man’ Lee did a cameo on Heroes as the bus driver in, I believe, season 2 (although it might’ve been season 1) I’m guessing there will never be a lawsuit (although now that the money-grubbing Disney has bought Marvel, I see sad days ahead). So, I think Stan has the greatest super power of all, he can see the future – and all you guys sitting here debating these things that don’t make a lick of difference, but make both enterprises more popular. 🙂 So, I’d say that if Stan Lee can sit back and do a cameo on Heroes, then it’s pretty safe to say that he’s not worried about the ‘rip-offs’ or similarities between X-Men and Heroes. I love them both. And, apparently, so does Stan ‘The Man’ Lee. 🙂

  • Tyrek

    Where are Storm and Elle?
    Or Dapfne and Quicksilver?

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  • stephan

    guys in heroes, they copy the ability, but not the POWER, what i mean if sylar copied magneto’s ability to control metal(ITS AN EXAMPLE) it doesnt means he could move as much metal as magneto can, because magneto has mastered his powers i think Magneto is at least the 6th strongest of Mutants(in the marvel universe) he has complete power, he is EXTREMELY clever, he is wise, plus he mastered his abilities, he is like a mini god, when x-men sees him they better run.

  • stephan

    Magnetos power its not just moving metal, he can create magnetic fields, he is THE MASTER of magnetism, he can create waves of magnetic energy vibrations etc, he is the BEAST, i love magneto xD.

  • David

    Okay, I’m a little late to the party, but I thought I’d leave my thoughts anyways. I agree with most of what the author said, but I absolutely must call out the Sylar vs Magneto match up. Saying that Sylar’s telekensis is about as good as Magneto’s magnatism is like saying that because Spider-Man has super strength, he can tie the Hulk in an arm wrestling contest. Magneto has the ability to throw cars, trains, and pretty much whatever metal he wants at Sylar. The most impressive thing I’ve seen Sylar do is throw around a few guys. Also, Magneto has metal in his costume, so he can easily resist any telekenetic grabs that Sylar tries. Sylar is going to be a streak of blood on the road once Magneto’s done with him.

  • Peter

    X-men is more awesome

  • Blake

    hahahahahahhaha EVERYONE IN HERE IS SO RETARDED I SWEAR. i am speaking simply on sylar vs magneto.

    He has like 30 different powers at this point. Sylar could lightning bolt magneto into oblivion or break his neck with a wave of his hand and cut his throat before magneto even realizes sylar is there. Hes also got super sonic scream thing he just never used it on show. It would take forever to go through his list of powers. Noone in x men could defeat sylar. Sylar can go atom bomb on everyone and guess what everyone but sylar is dead omg wtf? how did this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the biggest challenge in x men would be dark pheonix. Sylar would need about a 1-2 second window to use tk to cut her throat and just saw her head off because we know he can do it really fast its just the show shows him going slow for intensified drama. Me and some friends went through every power he has and pitted him against every superhero and villain out there we could think of. THE ONLY ONES WHO SYLAR CANT BEAT ARE GALACTUS AND ONSLAUGHT. because those are more gods than super villains lol. Face it onslaught can think people out of existence for christs sake. Now that sylar has matts power too hes just raising higher on the power scale. And by the end of this season hes prolly gunna have alot more powers from the carnival guys. He can potentially kill anyone he just needs to keep collecting powers. His healing can out heal wolverines as anyone who has seen both the shows and the 3 movies should know. And wolverine survived that psychic thing from pheonix so could he. And people don’t forget anything metal magneto throws not only can sylar deflect it or catch it he can melt any metallic objects instantly remember????

  • Blake

    haha oh yea sylar has peters empathy absorbtion power now too sooooooo lol magneto is so screwed along with everyone else in x men rofl

  • Tim

    “Calling the Sylar v Magneto in favor of Sylar seems a bit far fetched… Telekinesis is nice and all but until I see Sylar lift a cargo freighter weighing 30,000 tons 50 feet into the air from a distance of 300 feet away I’m gonna have to go with Magneto on this one for sheer overpowering force.”
    I would say that Sylar telekinetically slicing his throat or head open in an instant could be done quicker than Magneto tossing freighters or bridges around. Just needs to show up in pajamas or underarmour so no metal is around.

  • Blake

    hooray Tim at least thinks logically

  • Anyone

    LoL! Are this really serious? Heroes are a miserable joke tv serie, it totally sux! Ofc any of then stand a chance against the X-men, but how to put a light in the mind of all the heroes fanboys? Sylar? Don’t makes me laugh! Claire? Lol, from where she will get materia to rebuilt her body? This ios so pathetic that only works as joke, if so.Heroes stinks so much, no way to watch that. 1st season was so so, second… well, second… now 3th? Dang! i need a break!
    Yes, go on, heroes won, lol! The funny things we find on internet today! 😀

  • CEREBRO-626

    X-MEN is simply the BEST. been there, done that. HEROES? whatthe!? i forced myself to watch the seasons hoping to overcome the precognition that the show is a total CARBON COPY of X-MEN but again, i found myself realizing that indeed it is. ;( X-MEN has been raging the imaginations and emotions of MILLIONS of people for years. HEROES, sorry but all that is viewing you now are ‘self-absorb, stupid’ psuedo-fanatics. hahaha

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  • K.K.

    why apocalypse fight with Ando?
    Sylar with Apo its more logical :/

  • FearsOfWar

    To whoever said Ando having his blast ability could go toe to toe with Apoc:

    That would be false. In addition to his myriad other powers, Apocalypse has shown energy absorbing powers in the past (think Bishop). When Ando shot him, he’d just take it in. Besides, when you have unlimited growth potential (not to mention the ability to alter your density at will), a littleenergy blast won’t do much.

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  • Geoff

    ok i know it was a while back but i gotta say my theory on the peter with claire/adam power when normal people get cut they eventualy heal but when they age they die there is nothing a normal human can do about it so when peter or claire is hurt the “power” speeds up or enhances their natural (normal human) ability to heal so if you were to take the power away it is still healed because of natural human ability and i know what some of you are thinking “what about when claire lost her powers durring the eclipse and she became sick” well beause she was born with her ability and like the dr said her immune system never “grew” immunities so in that case since their is no natural “fix” for aging when adam was drained the centuries caught up with him. so there thats my theory feel free to criticize to your hearts content

  • Sorry, but Meredith wins out against Pyro. She’s pretty imaginative herself, and she doesn’t need wrist-mounted lighters to manipulate fire; she can just conjure it. She can manipulate the flame just as easily as Pyro, but the poor boy’s gonna run out of lighter fluid eventually, and then what? He’s got nothing left to fight with.

  • Heroebal

    Claire vs Wolverine:

    Wolverine wins this or this ends up a draw b/c wolvie doesn’t wanna harm a teenage girl for no good reason. There is nothing offensively that Claire could do to him, plus he’s far stronger/faster/agile/experienced than her and has an indestructible metal skeleton. Plus wolvie’s senses wouldn’t allow for her to sneak up on him.

    Adam may put up a better fight but that would still go to wolverine b/c he’s far more skilled, lethal, and has better abilities at his disposal. HRG would stand a better chance than her simply due to experience and expertize.

    X-Men: 1 Heroes: 0

    Tracy vs Iceman:
    I see this as a draw unless Iceman can somehow over power her ice ability. Iceman has far greater control and power over ice manipulation, but both can keep getting shattered and keep reforming. The probably no way for them to kill each other, but If bobby wanted to simply stop her i could see him shattering and then absorbing the moisture in the air so she can’t reform right away.

    X-Men: 1 Heroes: 0 Draw: 1

    Hiro vs. Night Crawler:

    Hiro is pretty much a glass cannon, if he can stop time before nightcrawler ports into his dark dimension then he wins. If he tries a porting match or fight match with ‘Crawler he loses hard. However I see Hiro instinctivily or luckily catching nightcrawler with a time stop and then simply knocking nightcrawler out or using a sleep syringe or something. I don’t see him killing crawler b/c crawler wouldn’t give him a reason to.

    X-Men 1 Heroes: 1 Draws: 1

    Matt vs Professor X:

    Professor X dominates he’s far more powerful and skilled at using telepathy. He has spent pretty much his whole life training his ability. Matt needs Ando to boost him in order to hear thoughts of the whole city. Xavier can do this on a whim and can net the whole planet if he wants to greatly exert himself. Even in the movies X controlled a whole mall of people Matt hasn’t done anything close to that yet. He has to concentrate to control one person.

    X-Men: 2 Heroes: 1 Draws: 1

    Nathan vs Angel:
    I’ll give this one to Nathan. TV Nathan stomps movie Angel. Comic Angel could definitely win though even though Nathan is faster speed wise but comic angel is more durable, quicker (combat speed), stronger, better aerial and fighting techniques, smarter, experienced. If Nathan would need to get a weapon of sorts of a one shot ko b/c the longer the fight went the longer Warren would find away to out maneuver and out think Nathans. But for movie/tv adaptions this one goes to Nathan.

    X-Men: 2 Heroes: 2 Draws: 1

    Super Mohinder vs. Beast:
    Movie/tv adaptions

    Strength: push
    running speed: Mohinder
    combat quickness: push
    fighting skills/technique/experience: Beast
    smarts both fighting and overall : Beast

    I say overall Beast takes this his ferocity in battle, smarts and experience would overwhelm Mohinder.

    X-Men: 3 Heroes: 2 Draws: 1

    Meredith vs. Pyro:
    I believe Pyro isn’t immune to fire he can just control it so it doesn’t hurt him. Either way he has far better control over fire manipulation so any fire created by Meredith he would simply nullify then he’d just knock her out. Even if she got the jump on him and as soon as her fire burned touched skin he would put it out.

    X-Men: 4 Heroes: 2 Draws: 1

    Arthur vs Rogue:
    movie/tv adaption: Arthur stomps rogue. Comic adaption would be interesting and most likely going to Rogue. Arthur touching rogue could backfire because she wouldn’t just be absorbing his abilities but his life force as well. He would have to figure that out and simply just used his already acquired abilities to figure out a way to pull off a victory. Even then he would have a hard time getting past her durability. But this VS comparison is mainly for movie/tv adaption so this one goes to Arthur.

    X-Men:4 Heroes: 3 Draws: 1

    Sylar vs Magneto:

    Magneto is just on another tier both power wise and skill wise then Sylar. He also has vast experience against psycho kinetics. So if Sylar is going to take down Magneto it is not going to be from telekinesis but from his innate ability intuitive aptitude. Sylar telekinesis isn’t strong enough to get through Magneto’s magnetic field manipulations. Mag’s ability is far more then just controlling metal he has leveled city’s , made city’s out of asteroids, gives himself vast strength, ripped people apart at a cellular level. Even in the movies he’s moved a giant bridge to get to Alcatraz. For those mentioning lightning as a way to stop Mags that would be a grave mistake. Storm’s tried this already he used the lightning to strengthen himself and then redirected an amped up bolt right back at her that she couldn’t handle. His helmet would protect him from sylar’s puppet master ability.

    X-Men: 5 Heroe’s: 3 Draws: 1

    Peter vs. Phoenix:

    Even Movie Jean/Phoenix is way too powerful for Peter, she simultaneously overpowered Prof X’s telepathy, Magneto, plus wolverine, Juggernaut, Storm, the other 2 muties, levitated a 2- story house, and then sub atomically ripped Professor X apart. She could simply telekinetic shut down his power like she did with cyclops. At the End she let wolverine kill her, she could have disintegrated all of his bio cells leaving behind just the metal skeleton if she wanted.

    Comic Jean/Phoenix is even more broken.

    X-Men: 6 Heroes: 3 Draws: 1

    Ando vs Apocalypse:

    Apoc would abduct Ando and use him as a lab rat so he could dissect him and use his power boosting abilities to power up himself and his horseman. The Red lightning would just give Apoc entertainment while he continued his experimenting.

  • drillah

    I am evil Superman and I come in and destroy all Heroes and X-men.
    (I have taken my recently perfected anti-krypton effect pills so don’t even think about it).

  • JustMe

    Jean Grey as the Phoenix Force…would beat ALL of them! No? She is a cosmic

  • Guygood

    Okay I liked the list up until he put Ando against Apocalypse…A freakin’pocalypse that was just so that X-men could win. Buuut to be honest X-men would have won anyway unless they had that Vortex guy there.

  • Lies. If we were going by the comic books, X-Men trump ALL of Heroes in about two seconds. :/

  • omgfail

    well jenna ur pretty ignorant. Im sorry people but this is just stupid. Most of these matchups are pathetic. Now most of the X-men would completely obliterate the heroes but i call BS on two of these. Peter can hold his own against the x men given he absorbed enough powers. Not against pheonix but against most of the others. Now most of you dont seem to understand what sylar is…. The fact is sylar is an unmeasurable hyperpowerful character. You need to understand the mechanics of his Intuitive Aptitude. Everyone single one of his powers he automatically has complete understanding and control over. Intuitive Aptitude also allows his powers to be next to limitless. His Telekinetic ability is just as powerful as magneto’s ability to control metal its just that the show hasn’t done sylar justice as far as how powerful he CAN be. You need to understand sylars potential. Theres nothing magneto could do to sylar that would kill him anyway. Not since he got rid of his off switch. If sylar can survive a nuclear warhead he can survive anything magneto’s got. Additionally sylar has much faster ways of disposing of opponents than magneto does. A flick of sylars finger and magneto is dead. Now the matter of pheonix vs sylar would be quite interesting. Although through intuitive aptitude sylar could actually sever the connection to pheonix from jeans brain, from a distance so he wouldnt have to fight pheonix. but if it did end up with him fighting pheonix i would not know how to answer that because there both POTENTIALLY gods. Pheonix is a little bit handicapped though because sylar has rapid cellular regeneration where pheonix cant heal at all.

  • George

    If Peter gets blasted by Phoenix’s mental tempest, he’d just use Claire’s ability to heal it all up. In X-Men 3, Wolverine was able to kill Phoenix because he had that healing.

  • Zee

    Hmm… on the whole super mutant powers thing, I’d think Nathan’s would compare more to Cannonball from the Marvel Universe. And in that case, Cannonball would probably win since he technically has a kinetic energy shield around him allowing him to plow right through speeding metal and more! And Peter’s has more similarities to the dead mutant, Synch (from Generation X) than anything else. Except I think Synch would lose on that one as he needed to be in proximity to another mutant’s ability. Dang.

  • Michael

    Evidently you people are bored and don’t have nothing better to do than to come up with stupid stuff like this. It is a no brainer. All of the X-Men would beat the Heroes because the X-Men had the benefit of having their powers for a long period of time and has some training in combat utilizing those powers. Most of the Heroes were just now finding out they had powers. Give me a break!!!

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  • pling the girl

    I wanna see some Hiro vs. the Tardis.

  • Pip

    this is like a joke article. xmen are so much cooler than heroes its absurd. its like comparing jay z to kevin ferderline or something.

  • sigvertutank

    I’m sorry, but Nikki/Jessica has superstrenght, wich can knock through a little ice any day, so she wins… and send micah to that robot and he’ll error the shit out of it!

  • Aria Jensen

    I think you need to redo this, there have been a few changes in the show, and magneto has a better match now.

  • omgfail

    lol alot of changes in the show. Magneto vs samuel is a better fit. Sylars just out of his league these days.

    And peter is pretty weak now.

    and tracy is just pure badassness now lol

  • geekerd

    ….and then deadpool walks in and everyone starts beating HIM up

  • omgfail

    deadpool would get wtf pwned by sylar if deadpool went after him alone.

  • tooms

    Sorry but you’re completely wrong about the Sylar vs. Magneto battle.
    Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants of all time. He would absolutely rip apart even a full powered Sylar.

    Sylar’s only chance is a surprise, single shot kill but I have yet to see him do anything like this.
    Mags always has his shield up going into battle (which has taken hits from the likes of Thor, the Hulk, nukes, etc.) so nothing Sylar throws at him is gonna leave a scratch.
    Mags squashes him like a bug.
    For that matter the only battle in the Heroes favor is potentially

    Hiro vs. Nightcrawler but this is only if he stops time right away.
    While Nathan can fly faster than Angel, Angel is stronger and much better H2H. So if it comes down to a fight Angel wins. And mind you if this is Arch-Angel he owns.

    Beast is much stronger, more agile, and a much better fighter than Mohinder-Fly so win for X here as well.

    Arthur vs. Rogue is interesting depending on the version of Rogue. Current is slightly de-powered but if we’re talking classic with Ms. Marvel’s powers she takes this.

    Peter vs. Phoenix is a joke. You realize that the Phoenix force is one of the most powerful forces in the marvel universe. Phoenix can destroy universes and can literally wipe people from existence. Goodbye Peter you will not be missed.

  • omgfail

    same goes to your ignorance tooms scroll up and read what i said about sylar. You dont understand half of what sylar is capable of. MUch more than the show has him do. Please be informed before making a statement like that. Magneto may be very powerful, yes, BUT sylar is much more so. Sorry

  • MTHL

    With no prior planning or awareness of each other’s powers, on the count of three, Magneto would have severed Sylar’s spinal cord with the zipper from his own fly before Sylar could even lift a finger.

  • omgfail

    /sigh lol i hate ignorance especially when you know its ignorance but do it anyway

  • Pax

    Wow! So many comments… too many to read so someone may have already offered the below. Though funny, you really didn’t need Ando vs. Apocalypse at the end. Just continue the fight with the survivors.

    Professor X



    I’m just going to say that Iceman, Pyro, Nathan and Mohinder get killed off. This leaves…


    Arthur VS Phoenix = Phoenix
    Sylar VS Wolverine = ??
    Hiro VS Professor X = ??

    Doesn’t make a difference who wins the last two. For the purposes of argument, let’s say that Sylar defeats (but could NOT kill) Wolvie and Hiro manages to defeat ProfX (despite the fact that Hiro’s child-like brain is very easily mentally manipulated).

    These two would have to face Phoenix and she would win against either (or both) of them. She is a force of nature up there with Galactus (possibly more powerful) – almost god-like…

    In the end – worse case scenario for the X-men, they would have at least two standing… Phoenix and Wolverine.

    To be fair… Phoenix should probably NOT be in this match-up. Jean Grey is Omega-Level as it is (Telekinesis and Telepapthy far in advanced of Sylar, Arthur, Prof X). When Phoenix is added to the mix (master of space/time, manipulate matter and energy), she alone could take out all others (all the heroes and x-men).

    That’s why after the fight, she would kill Wolverine. Phoenix is
    NOT a team player.

  • Royce

    There are so many characters in the X Men universe that would be able to completely vaporize the entire cast of Heros along with any other superhero/villian you can think of.
    Number 1.
    Not the X Men movie Juggernaut who was a pussy, but the original comic Juggernaut, who is NOT a mutant, but instead is given powers by the Gem of Cyttorak (which is a mystical power given by the god, Cyttorak). He can lift well over 100 tons; he doesn’t need food, water, or even oxygen, and never tires. Oh yeah, almost forgot about this tidbit. He has a personal shield that he can activiate that protects him from all harm. I believe we have a winner.
    Number 2.
    With telepathic powers greater than Professor X, and telekenis as great as Jean Grey’s when embodied by the Pheonix, the son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers only died in the comic because his mind essentially collapsed onto itself, after kicking the crap out of every villan he came across in the Marvel universe single handedly. He also could trasmit his entity into physical objects, so if his body were destroyed… I also believe he has the ability to forsee future events, so theoretically, he would know what his adversary would do beforehand, so there would be no way of defeating someone who knows what you’re going to do, least of all X-Ma.
    Number 3.
    With the combined powers of Professor X, Magneto, Franklin Richards, and Nate Summers (X-Man) to the Nth degree, Onslaught basically KILLS WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS, because when he thinks of something, it happens.
    Number 4.
    Nothing can kill these guys, not even gods. Heros won’t even be able to clip their toenails. Plus they’re bigger than planets. and there are 9 of them. Need I go on?

  • Filip

    Since Tracy’s powers have advanced to the point she can not only freeze, but also turn herself into water so she can’t be hurt. She would slaughter all of the X-Men (or at least Iceman)

  • omgfail

    well not slaughter but still tracy cant be beaten by anyone becuase shes made of water lol. She would beat Iceman easy enough.

  • Guy

    Man, everyone is all about who would win. I say bring on rule 34 and watch the erotic slash fiction write itself! Hawt.

  • Dead Fetus

    Syler is the strongest villen of all time nothing can beat him

  • KittyKaKa

    Sylar is more powerful than any other character on either side of the coin for the simple fact that he can absorb his victims power and use not only it, but any of his other powers to defeat them.

  • Xan

    without actually reading through all the comments, you didn’t consider that Peter would take Phoenix’s powers. Claire doesn’t feel pain while Wolverine does, I’m not use how much that would matter, but it might. Rouge can fly and has super strength. Ans as for magneto…wow. not only can he erect a seemingly impenetrable electromagnetic shield, but he can lift gigatons of weight with his mind.


    Did not read other comments, but did the writer watch heroes?

    The reason Arthur turned Adam to dust is because he was 400 years old!

    Peter (multiple-power Peter) would kick Phoenix’s ass in seconds. She can die, Peter can’t. (Wolverine did it with just two sets of claws and regen). WFT! I know she’s hot, but come on, let base this on facts (imaginary ones, of course), not what’s between your legs.

  • bittner19

    Ok, I had to geek out a bit and toss in my 2 cents.

    Pyro vs. Meredith. It doesn’t matter that pyro can’t create fire, meredith can, so he has fire he can manipulate. She creates fireballs, he can make the fire do anything he wants. Make fire animals, burn the entire area down around them, extiguish her fire completely, etc. He’d probably just shut her fire down and beat her, he is a psycho after all.

    Rogue vs. Arthur.
    I’ve seen a ton of posts about this one, and you’re all so very wrong. Rogue permanently absorbs the powers, memories and abilites of anyone she comes into contact with. PERIOD. She maintains control of those abilites for a short period of time, with the exception of the powers she derived from Ms. Marvel (carol danvers).

    In Xtreme X-men, and even more recently, Rogue has shown the ability to use all of the powers she’s ever absorbed. Since she has absorbed far more powers than Arthur has, she’s got a distinct advantage. The best advantage she has though, is the fact that she can use more than 1 power at a time. She can combine Magneto’s power, with Xaviers telepathy and Nightcrawler’s teleportation to keep herself moving around the battlefield while she kills Arthur. Arther, Peter, and Sylar have all demonstrated the ability to only use 1 power at a time.

    They wouldn’t need to worry about absorbing each other’s abilities though. Rogue has come into contact with other absorbers before, and their abilites cancel each other out.

    Claire vs. Wolverine.
    Claire is not indestructible, she’s immortal, there is a difference. In season 2 of heroes they clearly stated that cutting off the head of any immortal will kill them. Plus she has the spot in her head that renders her “dead”, for lack of a better word. Plus even if Wolverine couldn’t permanently kill her, he’s not an idiot. He’d cut her up, collect the pieces and toss them into some quick drying cement. She might live, but she’d be useless for a few decades.

    Angel Vs. Nathan.
    Nathan is far faster of a flier, he hits super sonic speeds (so he’s also got a degree of invulnerability, or else he’d die mid flight). Angel has increased strength (he’s carried a few hundred pounds in flight before), enhanced senses and durability. Nathan is a weak politician who’s afraid of his own power, Angel wins.

    Beast Vs. Mohinder.
    Beast can bench 10 tons, Mohinder needs both hands to rip a car door off it’s hingers. Beast wins.

  • bittner19

    Magneto vs. Sylar.

    This wouldn’t even be a battle. Sylar is such a pathetic villian. He could be the most powerful villian ever, instead, he’s a whiny little girl. He used to collect every power that he could, for some reason he stopped and mostly collects attack based powers, which is pretty ignorant. How many different ways does he need to be able to kill?

    Sylar’s favorite ability is telekinisis, which is understandable, it’s pretty awesome. However, his is relatively weak. The greatest demonstration of his power was in season 1 when he flipped the armored car carrying Ted. He flipped an armored car, wow.

    Magneto on the other hand has ripped an iron lode from miles under the earth and created Asteroid M. He lifts mega tons, and shows enough skill to also be able to move individual atoms of Iron in your bloodstream. So he’s ridiculously powerful, with an extremely fine control.

    Sylar hasn’t shown the ability to use more than 1 ability at a time, which is his biggest flaw. I don’t care if he’s got 10,000 powers, if he can only use 1 at a time and his default ability is telekinisis, he’s going to lose. He can’t stop anything that magneto hurls at him, because he’s not nearly as powerful. His best bet would be to turn the metal to liquid (aquired power in 1st or 2nd season). That would stop anything that magneto hurled at him, but also give magneto a whole new attack strategy. Suffocating in liquid metal has to suck.

  • omgfail

    bittner19 you did not think your post through. First of all even if everything u said was accurate sylar cant die. Meaning there is no suffocating in liquid for him. Now if u forgot sylar ripped a blast door 3 feet thick off its titanium hinges in half a second without any effot whatsoever. Same with the armored car he put forth no effort to do either. Sylars telekinetic strength is immeasurable, due to his original ability IA (intuitive aptitude). sylar can and has used more the one ability at a time before. I suggest you go back and watch the episode a clear and present danger. Heres the scenario assuming sylar and magneto face off. Sylar flicks his fingers which takes all of 1 second and magneto’s throat is cut. Just like he did to nathan. Awww magneto is dead boohoo. Magneto cant survive multi million volts of electricity running through his body either. Magneto is too fragile when it comes to taking on sylar. The fact that sylar is immortal helps too. Lets not forget sylar can also detonate at the power of a nuclear warhead oh and that any person sylar looks at is instantly analyzed due to IA meaning sylar will know exactly what magneto is capable of before they even fight. Sylar wins hands down every time. Like i said before if x men wanna kill sylar go get some other worldy being like onslaught or something similar because thats the only way.

    Sylars powers as of season 4

    IA (intuitive aptitude)
    Human Flight
    Electrical Discharge
    Cellular Regeneration
    Alchemy (a very cool power)
    Empathy 1 (able to absorb powers from others)
    Empathy 2 (able to see peoples desires and intentions)
    Shape Shifting
    Molecular Desintigration (in the episode i am sylar)
    Art precognition
    Super Hearing
    Vocal Sonic blasts ( the yelling sonic waves of death he got in season 3 from jesse)
    Lie detecting
    Induced radioactivity (also very awesome)
    Dematerialize metallic objects (melt metal in simple words)
    Ballistic Telekinesis (the power he got from that emo guy who was shooting the glasses)
    Super Strength (he had already in season 1 before he was introduced)
    Some kind of teleport (season 3 from back of danko’s car to roof, or in dual teleporting around the hallway)

    and im forgetting some of them im sure but thats it in a nutshell and he most certainly can use more than one at a time. Sylar is simply too powerful.

  • Xan


    youre forgetting that Magneto can control electromagnetism, that means he can form an impenetrable shield…as he usually does. Also, yes, Sylar is Immortal, but not indestructible. He can be destroyed on a molecular level. Don’t forget, like half of Onslaught was Magnetos powers. Sylar might be a challenge for Magneto, but in the end, do to experience and power lv, Magento would win.

  • omgfail

    sylar can survive a nuclear blast, he can survive anything that would reduce him down to a molecular level. But even if he couldnt that doesnt solve the 1 milisecond flick of his finger and mag’s dead.

  • bittner19

    Where are you getting the idea that Sylar can’t be killed? Why does everyone Keep assuming that Sylar (clair as well) can’t be killed? In season 2 it was clearly stated the cutting the head off of a healer will kill them. As well as that “sweet spot” in the back of the head that disables them. Sylar can’t be killed with the sweet spot, but he can have his head removed. Drowning is the best killer of healers, because there is nothing to heal, you’re body literally just shuts down.

    Magneto would never stand within sight of Sylar. He’s not an idiot. Sylar also takes his time to telekinetically cut his victims. It’s been shown multiple times when he’s cutting someone and been stopped (being hit, someone yelling, etc). He has never once used 2 powers in conjunction. He uses 1 power, stops, then uses another power.

    Even if Sylar were “unkillable” Magneto could just wrap him in a metal cocoon and leave him somewhere. He’s done it to multiple other super hero’s over time. Sylar’s teke is no where near as powerful as Magneto’s power. yep Sylar ripped a door off it’s hinges. Magneto pulled an Iron ore lode from miles below the earth and created Asteroid M. That’s GIGATONS of force exorted by him. He has enough control over his powers that he could lock sylar’s body in place before Sylar could even flick that finger.

  • bittner19


    Sylar has had his butt kicked by numerous “Heroes” who didn’t possess as much power as Magneto. Mohinder took him down twice when he didn’t have any powers (he just didn’t finish the job). Clair, who has 0 offensive skills, took Sylar out. Peter took Sylar down with nothing but shapeshifting and a syringe. HRG is just a normal human with some training, and he’s taken Sylar down. Elle, who only had electric shock, took out Sylar. Even the Earth mover (a cheap version of Magneto’s power) took Sylar down.

    So a guy who is arguably the most powerful mutant ever wouldn’t be able to take him out, when a 16 year old girl can?

  • NStyles

    IrishWhiskey ftw.!
    Though I appreciate the drama of the tie, really Beast had so much more badass than Mohindar. Not to mention several of the other matches clearly going in the Xmen favor, that one simply being the most egregious.
    Ultimately what makes Heroes fresh is that it takes the notion of super/mutant powers and examines what it would be like for ‘normal/real’ people to have them. XMen is clearly more in the fantasy realm so… fantasy always beats reality. Plus they have sexier costumes (sorry Claire).

  • lol

    have any of you noticed that every time sylar has his but kicked it was because sylar didnt care enough to try? when he actually puts forth the effort to kill someone they end up like peter did in season one with a peice of glass through his skull, or like elle is season 3 or like arthur or anyone sylar has actually TRIED to kill. He doesnt often put forth 100 percent effort into killing. With his power if he wants someone dead.. there dead no doubt about it. He has used multi powers simultaniousley. In clear and present danger he used electricity and telekinesis at the same time. He can do whatever he wants with his powers. He also is unkillable like it was stated. If he can survive exploding at a nuclear bomb level he can survive decapitation or something as simple as drowning. Stop being ignorant, magneto is done with if sylar wants him dead. Magneto would never even know sylar was there before magnetos head is gone.

  • Xan


    why do you assume sylar would get the drop anyway? magnento has 110% control of a fundamental force of the universe. theres things he can do that even he doesnt know about, let alone the writers that make him do things. also, sylar can be destroyed.

    heres a scenario for all the naysayers. magneto rips the electrons from sylar and he dissipates. there.

  • omgfail

    sylar could kill him faster than magneto could rip the electrons out. As sylar stated, all it takes is a single thought and he’s dead. Sylar’s full potential is incredibly powerful. The show has never shown him at his full potential. Sylar would get the drop everytime. As he always does on the show. Noone can hear him sneaking up and they never see him. Go watch season 3 again and you will see what i mean. he ALWAYS gets the drop on people.

  • Xan

    well although it doesnt matter anymore seeing as the show got cancelled, magneto has dealt with far more powerful opponents than sylar. also, the same intelligence and cunning youre giving to sylar, magneto has too…and far more of, considering how long hes lived. it can easily be said that magneto could sense sylar from the other side of the planet by sensing the distortion that sylar would have on the magnetic field on the earth. in fact, magneto standing on the moon could stop the spin of the earth and kill everything.

  • bittner19

    LOL you’re right, Sylar only failed when he wasn’t trying.

    Except of course when he was trying to get Claire in season 1 and peter kicked his butt. Or when he was escaping from Primatech and Elle whooped on him (he was trying to kill her). There was also the time when he was torturing HRG and Angela and Claire beat him. He must not have been trying to get the president either, maybe he didn’t really want his dreams to come true.

    When did Sylar survive a nuclear blast? Nathan survived one, Peter created one, but I don’t remember Sylar ever surviving one. He never uses his powers in conjunction with one another. In Clear and Present danger he uses his teke, stops, then uses his electricity. That’s not simultaniously, that’s one after the other.

    Sylar’s teke head cutting isn’t as fast as you seem to think it is OMG. When cutting Peter’s head, it gave mohinder enough time to sneak up behind him and hit him. Sylar is a lame villian with daddy issues.

  • DDSilver

    Would be interesting to see Sylar versus the Scarlet Witch.

    What would happen if he copied her powers, and his intuitive aptitude would (try to) make him understand that which cannot be understood?

    If it comes down to Heroes versus X-men, well… Phoenix does not really care about trivial things such as life, death, time and whether it is frozen or not. She practically is the IWIN button.

  • omgfail

    bittner19 i suggest u go back and look at what your talking about. Elle never wooped him, she just self exploded because the cutting of her head made her unstable. And your wrong on how long it takes, sylar can do it instantly if he wanted. Like charlie in the diner. Mohinder never snuck up behind him and hit him either. Peter just regenerated.

  • bittner19


    Sylar had Elle pinned and she attacked him (even taking blame for the blast releasing other prisoners afterwards) and kicked his butt. He was still imprisoned in Primatech after it happened. All Elle had was a minor electrical blast. Magneto can shift the magnetic waves of the earth.

    Even with Charlie in the diner, it didn’t happen instantly. You’re stuck on the idea of what you want Sylar to be, a total bad ass, when he’s nothing more than a whiny brat with a great power.

  • omgfail

    IT DID happen instantly go back and watch it man i swear it happened instantly

  • ako

    why can’t people just laugh over the sudden death comparison… i thought it was hilarious! hahaha STOMP!

    or maybe I found it funny coz i wanted xmen to win! hahaha! xmen rules!

  • Del

    X-men wins easy.
    They aren’t cancelled…

  • I dunno, I think putting Ando against Apocalypse is a bit of a cheap way to get Xmen to win and I’m pretty sure Peter could just grab pheonix’s powers during the battle anyway so thats more of a draw than a loss for heroes.

  • DDSilver


    I dont think so. With al the skill copying Mutants the Marvell Universe has, no one has ever done it before.
    That being said, the Phoenix is a living entity, and does not have any ‘powers’, she can destroy and create parts of the Universe as you can breathe and walk, and like a dog can bark. It is an integral part of who she is.
    On a second side note, the Phoenix needs an external fuel source for her capabilities, not much of a problem for herself because she is a flying blob of energy which regrows, but anyone who would simply copy her power would more then likely draw out all his/her energy and kill him/herself igniting a simple spark.

  • Bleeb

    Pyro is nowhere near as good as claire’s mom, she can make fire without a lighter…win

    • Travis

      Damn Straight

  • Xan


    Peter copies only a molecular level. he can copy you powers or no powers. granted he doesnt transform into the person hes copying, but he does get everything. dint forget, wolverine “beat” her ;p

  • Holy Toledo Batman there are a lot of comments. In my opinion all superheroes/villains are almost all pathetic. Take superman, the dude can fly faster than light causing time to go back, he could kill a foe with a breath or a laser beam from his eyes. But he doesn’t because of moral compassing. What’s the point of saving people when you could save them all? A combo of telekinetic/telekinesis/psychokinesis and healing are the best who ever on either side has the ability to move objects with their mind or tell people what to and heal no matter how crazy the wound would win. Peter Petrelli having met all the characters that he has would be insane if he was able to get over himself and just do it. What a putz. Sylar having stolen what he has, again what a putz… Phoenix is just f-ing crazy and has no limit to her power, she just lives in Jean Gray and so she, Phoenix cant really die… there are compelling arguments for both, but as far as I see it they should just abandon earth and go somewhere else or do what ever they want, they all should be villains.

  • your mom

    it’s not MAGENETO you dumbass, it’s Magneto.

  • hanseman

    Well in the end in Heroes they dont fight it out very often. Wich makes them much less cooler

  • WiddleWade

    First I must say I’m disappointed that you’re using the movies as reference, I mean, I’m a lifetime marvel fan and still thought the movies sucked monkey balls. And some of them had their powers screwed around with.

    Then I have to point out that you’re wrong about Rogue’s powers. She can absorb people’s power permanently, but doesn’t because it also absorbs their memories, personality and eventually kills them. She’s done that to Carol Danvers, aka Ms Marvel, for example which if I remember correctly acquired her a permanent ability to fly, and left Danvers with a big memory hole and reduced power. I still don’t know if she’d win that battle, though.

    All in all I think X-Men would win hands down because they’re actually trained to fight. All those danger room sessions should leave Heroes in the dust.

    Finally, for those who think Heroes is a ripoff… you try to come up with original superpowers when Marvel and DC have been at it for fifty years.

  • Marta

    3.nov 2008 untill today … WOW what a discussion!!!

  • Stebin

    Here is the clear reason why Heroes loses to X-Men…because Heroes is now canceled and X-Men have stood the test of time plus some. You can kill the X-Men they just keep coming back in multiple different titles from Ultimate to Uncanny, silver screen, green screen, or cartoon. All day baby…child please.

  • senio

    yo dude your wrong i´m a huge x-men fan but heroes beat them.

    because pyro can´t make fire him self he needs a lighter or his hidden gas thank things

    and if that runs out claire´s mom has de upperhand.

    so heroes wins man

    to bad but ist true

  • ERRoR

    Meredith vs Pyro
    He stands in front of her smiling as she starts a fire..
    then.. propably would give her real mindfuck turning her flames in heroes she knows.. and then beat her to death.

  • CJ

    Eh, check some of the comics, Rogue goes stupid crazy powerful. But yea, movie version she’s not as powerful. But hey, as long as she touches someone, she can’t die. 😛 So I’d say give it to her, since all she needs to do is hold onto him and he’s out of it.

  • Oh, that ending was some utter BS.

  • Fred

    Tracy vs. Iceman
    Tracy would kick his ass because she can not only do everything he can but she can also mimic water and control oneself while in a watery state.

    Meredith vs. Pyro
    The link that shows why Pyro wins is broken.

    Arthur vs. Rogue
    A bunch of people have said this already but Arthur cannot absorb people’s life force. The only reson why Adam turned into dust was because his power was keeping him alive.

    Peter vs. Jean Grey
    If this fight was before Peter lost his powers he would win easily. He would keep healing and then he could just use Jean’s power against her. And thats only if she could find him (invisibility). He might not even have to use her power. If this fight was after he lost his powers then he would just need an ability that would let him touch her.

    Peter vs. Phoenix
    The only way Peter would win is if he could touch her before she noticed him.

    Ando vs. Apocalypse
    Screw you. Heroes kicks ass.

    • Travis

      And.. Let’s not forget that Tracy can heal… As seen in the fourth season

  • KojakFeltzG

    in what universe would any of the heroes cast match up to their xmen counterpart?
    i get the feeling the writer doesnt know much about x-men and is a very big fan of heroes instead
    i challenge him to perhaps read the x-men comics or watch the films or tv shows more carefully

  • kitt

    ok so i didnt read all of the comments but i just got fed up with one of them when you say that heros is a rip off of comics and THEN you say that comics have been around so long that you would not be able to come up with anything that has not already been in a comic then you just proved the fact that it does not matter it a more modern version of a good story and why do we have to say that one is better that the other because i think that if they were to coexist they would work together not fight against each other! so just get over your selfs and learn that most MODERN THINGS have similarities to older shows/comics/games/ect…. that were good!

  • Mega Ophiuchus

    great battles, except that Apocalypse ISN’T part of X-Men.

  • Tom

    I have a battle of epic proportions:


    Peter (with powers) v Jean Grey (as Phoenix) v Dr. Manhatten

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

  • o_O

    Urm.. Peter can stop time as well, so he could just leave, Come back 30 years later with a sowered or something, Still freezing time and cut of her head, Then leave and time goes back to normal ^w^

  • Jack

    Phoenix is literally the most powerful thing in the universe. Read (or at least find out about Dark Phoenix). She could kill a time traveller tbh she could have destroyed the known universe and everything in it at the very least. No competition.

  • wordkave

    pheonix is unbeatable, agreed, but she limits and subjects herself to possible defeat as long as she’s in Gene Gray or any other human for that matter…so Peter wins!!

  • wordkave

    pheonix is unbeatable, agreed, but she limits and subjects herself to possible defeat as long as she’s in Jean Gray or any other human for that matter…so Peter wins!!

  • wordkave

    pheonix is unbeatable, agreed, but she limits and subjects herself to possible defeat as long as she’s in Jean Gray, or any other human for that matter…so Peter wins!!

  • X-Man fan

    There are about 495,349,453 X-Men that left haha. And technically some of those ones used are in the brotherhood.

  • Bad Monkey

    I’ve gone half way down this list before I had to put my two cents in so pardon me if someone finally came to the same conclusion and I just didn’t see it. The one thing the X-men have over the Heroes character, at least in the comics and to a certain extent the movies, is combat experience. They’ve all been trained to use their abilities to fight. They know in what ways they can use their powers. Their reaction times are way better than any of the Heroes characters. Round one definitely goes to Wolverine. Besides combat experience and just wisdom from being around for a century, I don’t doubt that Wolverine would figure out Claire’s weakness. He is good at what he does fro a reason. Round Two, obvious Iceman and I don’t think I really need to get into that one. Round Three, this is a tough call. I do like both characters but again I would go with Nightcrawler. Yes Hiro can travel through time which would be his ace in the hole. But if my memory serves me correctly (and please any X-men fan verify) all Nightcrawler has to do is teleport Hiro into a solid object. I vaguely remember Nightcrawler doing this and like I said, if any X-men fan can verify this please do so. Round Four, again Professor X has way more experience at using his ability than Matt even without the use of Cerebro (which mostly enhances his range really). Round Five, granted Angel’s wings might be a weakness but again he has more combat experience than Nathan who is just a politician. Pre-razor winged Archangel would be more than capable of taking down Nathan. Round Six: really?! You picked Mohinder over the Beast?! Though Hanks would rather work in a lab, his ability to fight was shown very well in the movie even though it pales to what he has done in the comics. That one goes to Hank also. Round Seven, This one actually is a tough one. Meridith can create the fire and Pyro can manipulate it. Not really an advantage for him because Meredith would be immune to the fire. So this would have to come to a physical match and, sorry ladies , but he would be physically stronger. Round Eight, I might be inclined to agree with you on this one but all your reasons are wrong and Rouge, especially the comic book version is a lot more formidable than you think but Arthur might be more ruthless at least compared to the movie version. The comic book version would crush him though because, you guessed it, combat experience. She has done so much more in the comics than how they portrayed her in the movie. So against the movie version, better chance. Round Nine, Now this would be interesting. As much as I like Sylar, he has done nothing on the scale of what Magneto has done. Just going by the movie version (even the crappy third one) HE LIFTED THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE! Besides the fact he would be a better tactician than Sylar. But I will say that Magneto can not afford to slip around someone like Sylar who would definitely take advantage of a mistake. Round Ten, ahaha. She would tear his soul apart. Thank you for your time.

  • Mandy

    Ok, if it came down to it, Nightcrawler would kick Hiro’s butt. Just saying. I mean, come on. He’s trained in close combat! And he’s simply awesome. Also, there’s no way Hiro could stab someone in the back with a sword…. But other than that, I agree with all other outcomes…. I think. I can’t remember… I was too busy focusing on the glaring fact that Kurt is awesome.

  • clementina

    i think heroes and x-men though have power similarities, still should not be compared with each other… x-men i think were trained to be soldiers to protect lives… heroes on the otherhand was more on brotherhood and family matters that only extends to the fighting thing… heroes don’t have the fighting skills x-men do…

  • Keeping an open mind here. The Difference between Sylar and Magneto is Sylar’s power is telekinesis. Whatever objects Sylar moves doesn’t require any metal. Magneto on the other hand, his power is magnetic, hence his name. Furthermore, hacking open Magneto’s skull to get his powers would be pointless, because the genetic structures of X-Men and Heroes are completely different.

    Nathan Petrelli does not fly. He levitates. When Senator Petrelli takes off, his movement through the air is completely devoid of aerodynamics. Angel is the one who flies.

    Hiro is capable of traveling through space and time. Worthington Labs (X-Men 3) could find him of Great benefit. All Warren Worthington would need to do is give Hiro a plastic cure gun and some cure darts. Then Hiro goes to Xavier’s house in 1944 with a “cure gun”; fire a dart at 12 year old Charles and Raven in the kitchen of the Xavier home. And then, go to the Nazi death camp and give a dart to Erik Lensherr just as he gets off the train and one to Dr. Klaus Schmidt as he’s getting out of his car to start work.

    Lo and behold, Hiro’s actions stop the Cuban Missile Crisis before it starts. There is no Sebastian Shaw because the cure dart took away his ability to absorb energy. There is no Magneto to tear the Golden Gate Bridge off its foundations to board Alcatraz Island because the cure dart Hiro gave Erik means he has lost his powers before he can develop them.

    The results are: Colonel Hendry stands by his opposition to deploying missiles in Turkey. The plan to deploy the missiles is scrapped, the USSR has no reason to deploy missiles in Cuba. Hence no Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • Ragathol

    Sylar win against Magneto… :DDD Magneto is omega level mutant, he is very powerfull. He can put Sylar and 200T metal together. Good luck to the regeneration.