Battle Royale: Gossip Girl vs. The O.C.


When if first debuted, Gossip Girl was decried as an O.C. clone by fans of the recently deceased series. And as the show progressed the characters seemed to mimic their west coast counterparts pretty damn closely. But ultimately which show did the best take on each archetype? That’s what I aim to find out in this edition of Battle Royale.

Round 1: Serena Van der Woodsen vs. Marissa Cooper


The Same: Rich party girls who lead lavish lives to the point of excess, haunted by their past mistakes, have a troubled home life and a rather slutty mom. Fall in love with a boy from the bad part of town and begin a cycle of dating and breakups that last forever.

The Difference: Serena only used to be super ****ed up, now she’s cleaned up her act while Marissa is ODing or shoplifting every other episode. She’s out of control to the point where it becomes annoying for the show to keep having to use her insanity as a plot device.

Who’s Hotter: All girls think Serena is gorgeous, but despite her skinniness Marissa is the more breathtaking of the two.

Winner: Serena (GG: 1, OC: 0)

Round 2: Dan Humphrey vs. Ryan Atwood/Seth Cohen


Yes, I’m using both, watch how the Seth/Ryan pieces amalgam into Dan.

The Same: Poor kids from a part of town that all the prep school kids scoff at (“Brooklyn?” “Chino?”). Has a sharp wit and a propensity to punch people in the face if the situation calls for it. Kind of a loner until he starts dating the rich, troubled girl at school where all her friends sneer at him for the way he dresses.

The Difference: Well, Seth and Ryan are two people obviously, and even though Gossip Girl felt that combining them into one guy was a good plan, I think they work better as a tag team. You can’t be witty and brooding, geeky and a brawler, it doesn’t work like that.

Who’s Hotter: Dan, sorry Ryseth.

Winner: Ryan/Seth (GG: 1, OC: 1)

Round 3: Blair Waldorf vs. Summer Roberts


The Same: Best friend of the girl dating the poor boy, constantly sneers at his appearance and background until they finally learn to live with each other. Is a social leader at school and commands the respect of all those who cross her path.

The Difference: Summer started dating Seth and subsequently stopped being interested for three seasons. Blair is constantly forming new plots against those who have wronged her, and she always, always wins.

Who’s Hotter: Survey says Summer, even though it’s close.

Winner: Blair (GG: 2, OC: 1)

Round 4: Nate Archibald vs. Luke Ward


The Same: Rich kid at an ultraprep school. Has a knack for causing controversy by hooking up with people other than his girlfriend, including much older women. Has a dad with a terrible secret that ultimately tears the family apart and causes him to be mocked and beat up by other kids.

The Difference: Nate isn’t a bully, Luke is. Although he comes around eventually, Luke is the classic prep school foil, where Nate is a ladies man who’s never so much as punched someone and is mainly eye-candy for the show.

Who’s Hotter: Both are pretty much Abercrombie models, but Luke is a bit too cro-magnon. Nate takes it.

Winner: Luke (GG: 2, OC: 2)

Round 5: Chuck Bass vs. Oliver Trask


The Same: Dressed in the latest hyperprep fashions, has parents whose fortunes dwarf the other rich kids at school, but he’s emotionally neglected and ultimately develop deep sociopathic tendencies that culminate in an almost-suicide.

The Difference: They really are exceptionally similar, but Chuck is likable, despite his appetite for the destruction of all those around him. Oliver’s plotting was just creepy, but when Chuck sets a scheme in motion, it’s downright poetic to watch it unfold.

Who’s Hotter: Chuck, in like the same way that the Joker is hot.

Winner: Chuck (GG: 3, OC: 2)

Round 6: Jenny Humphrey vs. Caitlin Cooper


The Same: Little sister that rebels against her parents. Constantly causes older men to fall into temptation with her hotness, but ultimately doesn’t do anything over too the line. Such a tease.

The Difference: At least Jenny does something. She may have gotten all angsty with her bangs and eyeliner, but at least she’s dropping out school, becoming a fashion designer and leading a relatively exciting life. I can’t name one interesting thing Caitlin did on The O.C. besides magically age six years overnight.

Who’s Hotter: Without her bangs, Jenny. Otherwise, Caitlin.

Winner: Jenny (GG: 4, OC: 2)

Round 7: Rufus Humphrey vs. Sandy Cohen


The Same: The prototypical “cool dad” who dishes out sage advice, but sometimes fails to live it himself.

The Difference: Rufus is a divorcee and has way too many unresolved issues of his own to be the kind of effective parent. He’s in love with his ex, can’t control his daughter, he’s a mess. Sandy, in contrast, is the picture of cool, and oh, those eyebrows.

Who’s Hotter: Rufus, despite (or in spite of) Sandy’s eyebrows.

Winner: Sandy (GG: 4, OC: 3)

Round 8: Vanessa vs. Theresa


The Same: The former hometown fling of the poor kid. Gets involved in his life again and makes his current rich girlfriend jealous since they’re both from the hood. They reunite briefly, but ultimately decide things can never be like they were and decide to remain friends.

The Difference: Theresa got pregnant, in the first season. They’re not supposed to pull a stunt like that until season three at least. But that being said, her character had more of an emotional impact on the show, where Vanessa pretty much has no purpose whatsoever.

Who’s Hotter: Vanessa is ****ing gorgeous. That is all.

Winner: Theresa (GG: 4, OC: 4)

Round 9: Lily  Van der Woodsen vs. Julie Cooper/Kirsten Cohen


Another combo, stay with me.

The Same: A divorcee who has the propensity to go through men like candy. Her past mistakes haunt her to this day, and even though she cares for her family, often puts herself first. Sometimes she does manage truly motherly instincts however, and is forever in love with poor guy’s Dad.

The Difference: Well, this is another two people one, so there are many points where they differ. Lily is just very schizophrenic, to the point where you can’t really understand her motivations at all. One day she’s happily married, the next she’s off trying to band her fling from 20 years ago again. Julie and Kirsten might be different, but at least they’re relatively constant.

Who’s Hotter: Julie and Kirsten for sure, even individually.

Winner: Julie/Kirsten (GG: 4, OC: 5)

Round 10: Howie “The Captain” Archibald vs. Jimmy Cooper


The Same: A father of spoiled rich children who ruins his entire family’s reputation through sordid business deals, eventually causing them to lose their home and their wealth entirely.

The Difference: Jimmy is more of a whiny bitch, whereas the Captain thinks he’s some sort of drug lord by running away to South America to escape his problems and has a completely “I don’t give a ****” attitude about the whole thing.

Who’s Hotter: The Captain, love that porn stache when he gets back from down south.

Winner: Captain (GG: 5, OC: 5)

Round 11: Bart Bass vs. Caleb Nicol


The Same: Real estate mogul who is exceptionally cruel and mistrusting, even investigating his own family members’ pasts. Ultimately dies and has a lavish funeral where everyone wonders how his business will be divided up.

The Difference: Bart is like a robot, whereas Caleb is like an evil robot, much more exciting to watch. He’s a bastard, but fun to watch, whereas Bart is just boring as hell, and downright nasty to poor Chuck.

Who’s Hotter: Caleb the silver fox.

Winner: Caleb (GG: 5, OC: 6)

So The O.C. takes it by one, in a surprisingly close match. Honestly, The O.C. was twice the show that Gossip Girl is (at least in its early seasons) in terms of writing, plot and direction, but GG does boast some pretty strong characters. I mean, how can you compete with Chuck Bass? Not possible. The show is only in its second season, and The O.C. started to waver during season three before it dropped straight off a cliff in season four. Let’s hope Gossip Girl can avoid such a fate. Could it be the first show ever to escape the infamous college curse? That remains to be seen, but until then we’ve got one last semester of senior year to enjoy.

  • TRadina

    I watch GG on mute to gaze upon B Lively’s tattays…other than that I’m not sure of the content of the show..

  • Gossip girl wins in my book.

    Round 1: Marissa (OC 1, GG 0)
    Round 2: Seth/Ryan (OC 2, GG 0)
    Round 3: Blair (OC 2, GG 1)
    Round 4: Nate (OC 2, GG 2)
    Round 5: Chuck Bass (OC 2, GG 3)
    Round 6: Draw – both annoying (OC 2, GG 3)
    Round 7: Sandy (OC 3, GG 3)
    Round 8: Vanessa (OC 3, GG 4)
    Round 9: Lily (OC 3, GG 5)
    Round 10: Jimmy (OC 4, GG 5)
    Round 11: Caleb (OC 5, GG 5)

    But, wait, you say it’s a tie? No way. Kristen Bell’s “xoxo” pushes Gossip Girl over the edge.

    Rounds that could’ve made me change my mind?

    Anna ( v. whose that artist Serena dumped in Argentina (Aaron?)?

    Taylor Townsend ( vs. Penelope Shafai (

    Marissa’s female love interest vs. Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg)

    Eric Van der Woodsen & Dorota are also awesome but i’m too tired to think of O.C. equivalents right now.

  • Samie

    Hey, Seth Cohen was God! And Bass is his baby Jesus!

  • Mia

    I’m sorry, but The OC rules Gossip Girl.
    The OC dealt with real issues in todays world, unlike Gossip Girl which is all about, well, gossip. Plus I think the OC is way better because of Seth’s humour, and because The OC makes fun of itself (teen dramas).
    I don’t know, its just that The OC was funner to watch and IS funnier, and Gossip Girl has almost no humour, and is not as fun to watch cause all it BASICALY is is dating. And gossip.
    The only bad thing about the OC was that Kaitlin Cooper aged very quickly.

  • Domenica

    Round 1: (Oh God, this is tough. They both suck.)
    Serena (OC 0, GG 1)
    Round 2: Ryan/Seth (OC 1, GG 1) (Though this is unfair, seeing as you’ve teamed the two together. Individually, Dan beats Seth. Just not Ryan.
    Round 3: Blair (OC 1, GG 2) (I mean, it’s not even a competition. Though Summer is cool).
    Round 4: Nate (OC 1, GG 3) (Though I do hate Nate. SO much. But he’s hotter and if Lily’s schizo then Luke’s totally bipolar)
    Round 5: Chuck, Chuck, Chuck (OC 1, GG 4)
    Round 6: Ugh. Who cares. (OC 1, GG 4)
    Round 7: Sandy. (OC 2, GG 5)
    Round 8: Theresa (OC 3, GG 5) (I mean Vanessa is just … one of the worst characters in TV history. Though I did sit around waiting for the whole Teresa storyline to just freaking end.)
    Round 9: (This is SO tough. I mean, not only are Julie/Kirsten like my favorite characters on the O.C. but I love Lily to pieces. She’s so tied with Blair for me.) Lily (OC 3, GG 6) (Only because I think it’s totally unfair to put them TOGETHER, because individually Lily beats both … but together)
    Round 10: Jimmy (OC 4, GG 6) (The Captain is SO freaking annoying. And like, the worst dad ever.)
    Round 11: Caleb (OC 5, GG 6) (Even though Robert John Burke is SO the better actor. But Caleb didn’t get in the way of my favorite couple so …)

  • Kara

    Gossip Girl, hands down.

  • Kitty

    Gossip Girl why?

    #1-CHUCK BASS!!!!!
    #2-Blair Waldorf!!!!
    #3-Gossip Girl Herself!!!

    Enough said.

    • Gossip Girl



  • Gloria

    you guys are stupid if you think gossip girl is a better show.
    gossip girl+dull, boring show. “hot” characters,gossip, unrealistic(who would actually waste their time stalking people and writing up garbage? if someone wrote any garbage about me i’d beat them up, just a liitle:) )
    the oc-funny,realistic, real problems, mocks teen shows(but around season three it became everything it mocked, which kinda sucked)

  • I for one liked The OC better than any of the teeny bopper tv slots on air today.

  • zz1986

    olive/chuck similarities: do you mean sociopathic tendencies instead of sociological tendencies. that would make a little more sense.

  • gossip girl 4ever

    gossip girl beats oc any day. hotter cast and better story/plot.


  • gossip girl 4ever

    oh and the Hilary Duff thing propels it way beyond the reach of oc.


  • Tammie

    I love both shows and most of the characters in them.

    Round 1: I hate Merrisa with a passion so Serena (OC 0 , GG 1)
    Round 2: Seth/Ryan (OC 1, GG 1)
    Round 3: Blair (OC 1, GG 2) But I love Summer
    Round 4: Luke (OC 2, GG 2) I hate Nate
    Round 5: Chuck Bass (OC 2, GG 3)
    Round 6: It really depends I hated Jenny in season 1 but im actually starting to like her mid season 2 and season 3 But Kaitlin I really liked when she was willa holland that is (OC 3, GG 3)
    Round 7: Sandy totally the best (OC 4, GG 3)
    Round 8: Niether (OC 4, GG 3)
    Round 9: Julie/Kirsten (OC 5, GG 3)
    Round 10: I hate jimmy so the captain (OC 5, GG 4)
    Round 11: I really liked Bart despite being an asshole (OC 5, GG 5)

  • Yusuf

    I’m sorry, but the O.C is much better. The O.C was the greatest teen drama show ever, it’s a pitty they screwed it up in the end.. a season 5 would of been great. The 1st and 2nd seasons of the O.C were just brilliant, amazing, funny and dramatic.. everything a good teen drama needs.

    Josh Shwartz has tried to recreate the glory of the O.C in Gossip Girl. He has failed thought, because the O.C kills it in everthing!

    The O.C’s ratings are much better than Gossip Girl’s.. sorry people, but O.C for life!

    • Jana Obune

      I wonder what you would say now since at this time Gossip Girl was only on season 1 or 2.

  • I hope you know, that even when it “jumped in a cliff” in season 4, it still had TWICE as many viewers as Gossip Girl. JSSSSSSsS

  • rachel

    OC OC OC OC OC OC OC OC OC IS WAY WAY WAY BETTER i litterly HATE gossip girl know i used to love it but no im in love with the oc sooooooooo much i hate gossip girl i love the oc it is as simple as that 🙂 oh and serina is really ugly and marrisa is probly the most preetiest girl ever and so it rachel…hehe thats my name and ryan ans seth are hot as! the oc cast are GORGEOUS and the gossip girl cast are HIDDIOUS thats all i have to so 🙂

  • Zain

    The O.C. all the WAY!!!!!

    Here’s why:

    1) Marissa I find more interesting to watch than Serena on Gossip Girl.

    2) Ryan and Seth are awesome in their own way. The fact that Dan is a mix of the two…it’s just not as good.

    3) Summer is COOL! I’ve watched both The O.C. and Gossip Girl and I love Summer much more than Blair (not that I ever did). Summer may have been a snobby brat in the beginning, but she changed, and she wasn’t so insecure as I found Blair to be. I found Summer to be more lovable that I wish I were Seth Cohen!

    4) Luke was awesome, especially in the mid 1st season. Nuff said!

    5) Oliver over Chuck Bass. He was a great diabolical villain. He’s a character you love to hate. Chuck on the other hand, isn’t.

    6) Kaitlin I liked because I liked seeing how she hated being in Marissa’s shadow and you especially see this when she comes home years older (and I love that they made fun of this fact on the show). Jenny’s okay but I never found her too special.

    7) Sandy Cohen rocks on so many levels!

    8) Julie was pretty bad, and by that, I mean she was awesome. Love the character development that was done with her. Kirsten was also awesome. In fact, Sandy and Kirsten are the best parents ever so why would you NOT want them as parents?!

    9) Everything that was said about Caleb by Paul.

    10) I loved how there’d be enough screentime for the adults unlike other drama shows today which show mostly what’s going on in the kids’ lives. They’d show both the adults and the kids in an equal amount of time.

    11) Seth and Summer are a lovely couple. Especially in the beginning. I can’t get enough of those two 🙂

    • Jana Obune

      I wonder what you would say now since at this time Gossip Girl was only on season 1 or 2. I personally love both shows but the Gossip Girl all the way for me. Oliver just creeped me out and how anyone doesn’t love Chuck or Blair or Chuck and Blair mainly Chuck is just strange.

  • rachel

    i totally agree with zain 😀

  • Andrea

    i agree with Zain too! the OC was epic. gossip girl is on the CW for godsakes, nuff sed. gossip girl is so petty and shallow sometimes. nothing really realistic, just drama filled. i actually liked season 4 of the oc it was not that bad!

  • John

    Season four was actually solid (I hated the finale but the other fifteen episodes were solid.) Season three is what sank the ship. In season four, The OC got back to being very good tv, but it was a different show. The attempt for Kaitlin to bring a new cast of teens with her failed so the show was left with two options. Grow up and mature past constant teen drama, become more light-hearted, and more comedy oriented or stay in hs forever. It chose the former, and that drove a lot of the people who watched season 3, while it is almost impossible to gain new viewers during your fourth season. In a way, the improvement from season 3 to season 4 may have actually ended the show.
    In regards to the comparison, no comparison. Gossip girl can’t hold a candle to the OC

  • Mother

    I used to be SO obsessed with Gossip Girl, and I loved it so muxh. Then, my sister showed me the O.C. and I now think that the OC is my life. Gossip Girl looks like shit compared to the OC, but I still watch Gossip Girl because I want to see what happens to the characters. I did the same thing in the 4th season of the OC because I wanted to see how everything ended up with Seth and Summer, but I did not want to see Taylor Townsend trying to replace Marissa because NO one can ever be in love with Ryan like Marissa was. and ryan will never love anyone the way he loved marissa. marissa and ryan were supposed to get married, and seth and summer were supposed to get married. that is the way it was meant to be.

  • sodagum

    That guy u put with chuck the obsessed rich kid should vs georgina. Both are evil are trying to destroy another guys life (oc. Ryan. Gg serena) and both ultimatly get send to some “terrible” luxury troubled rich kid rehab. Only g returns every season end.

    Chuck vs vulchuck (guy who killed marrisa) both bad boy. Hot sexy hot hot sexy as hell is hot. Both commit violent crimes (chuck rapes/assults young schoolgirls .serena.jenny. and vulchuck deals drugs (which chuck uses all the time also) and vulchuck also kills a girl.

    Anna vs miss carr/that redhead girl who chuck paid( the nair-tini girl) and vanessa.

    Summer’s brown vegan wierdly-hot ‘friend’ and aaron rose

    Jack bass vs guy who blackmailed julie with her porno tapes

    Taylor townsend vs blair (for her humorous wit)

    Juliet vs idk some orange county b£tch.

  • Aoife

    OMG. i love GG but they copy all of the O.C s stuff.Summer/Blair , Marrisa/Serena,Seth/Dan,Nait/Ryan,Kaitlyn/Jenny,Theresa/Vannesa,Caileab/Bart. everyone can see that there copyin.even the story lines are similar.
    the only person GG made up is CHUCK (who i LOVE) i have three words for e……………………………………….
    why cant e just make up ur own storys nd characters.GG must have shit directors nd stuff if they cant make up stuff for their own show.get off ere lazy asses nd do sumtin nd if the O.C were still makin episodes they wud beat ere ass.

  • Aoife

    btw i agree with Zain 100%

  • Lola

    The O.C by far…
    Serena vs Marissa – Marissa
    Dan vs RySeth – Ryseth, Dan doesn’t have the wit or charisma to compete with seth, nor does he have the bad boy broodiness to compete with Ryan
    Blair vs Summer – Blair, but it’s a really, really close call.
    Nate vs Luke – Luke, because he changed a lot. Nate’s just always been a manwhore.
    Chuck vs Oliver – Chuck (I don’t think you can compare these characters. chuck wasn’t like anyone on the oc, actually, so that’s pretty much the first thing GG did right)
    Jenny vs Caitlin – Caitlin
    Rufus vs Sandy – Sandy, Although likeable, Rufus just spends his time chasing after Lily. That’s all he does.
    Vanessa vs Theresa – Both annoying. But Vanessa.
    Lily vs Julie/Kirsten – Julie/Kirsten all the way. I can’t decide what kind of person Lily is.
    Captain vs Jimmy – Jimmy, because at least he was likeable.
    Bart vs Caleb – Caleb

  • Kaeleigh

    Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage produced both Gossip
    Girl and The O.C.; because of this the two shows are bound to display
    similarities. Each show portrays the party girl, the poor boy, the
    social-leading best friend, the golden boy, and the cool dad. While it is
    possible to compare these characters to their opposite coast counterparts it would never do any of the shows justice because they become individual shows that attractive different audiences.

    The shows differ because they take on different lifestyles that each coast has to offer. Gossip Girl takes on the East Coast lifestyle
    which includes the fast-paced life and the need to be the best and have the best items. The O.C. represents the West Coast lifestyle which includes being more relaxed and having fun not worrying about labels and always being in a hurry. Aside from their geographical location, another thing that sets these two shows apart is their character relationships. The O.C. consists of four main
    characters that are tight knit in their friendships and stay close for majority of the show; while in Gossip Girl there are six main characters and for most of the time cannot stand each other. This really sets the shows apart because the relationships between the characters are what keep the viewers interested. In Gossip Girl the characters tent to create their own drama through scheming and manipulating
    while in The O.C. drama tends to find the characters when they are least expecting it.

    In the end, the two shows should not be compared because
    each person is going to gravitate to the show they most desire to be a part of, meaning the type of lifestyle they lead. This includes scenery, shopping,estate, and the personality of people. While, the plots are similar, the different aspects about the shows are different in what makes them incomparable.

  • Lo la

    This was fun to read

  • Nicole

    Wait wait. Marissa is prettier than Serena?? In what world….

  • Nicole

    I almost finished reading this until it said summer is hotter than Blair! Please!