Banksy Directs The Simpsons Intro, Things Get Dark, Fast


Banksy, the world renowned and mysterious graffiti artist is going mainstream, but that doesn’t make his political statements any less pointed.

He was (somehow) contacted and put in charge of designing the famous “Couch Intro” sequence to The Simpsons that accompanies every episode. After a relatively tame opening, the couch scene itself is very dark, and speaks to the subpar labor conditions in Asia, and is so outspoken about it, I’m shocked Fox actually let this go to air. It did go to air right? I haven’t watched The Simpsons in like five years.

Check it out above. That music is going to haunt my dreams.

  • Bashman

    I’ve just see it, its awesome. Love Bansky

  • andrew

    It did indeed go to air. I would say I’m shocked that Fox let it air, but Matt Groening gets to do pretty much what ever he wants with that show.

  • Neptuny

    Gee, that was sobering. Oh, well. Twitter and Facebook will make me feel better. Guilt averted.

  • Velovan

    The Simpsons has taken shots at Fox before, but not to that level. Not only is it amazing that they let it air, it’s also amazing that The Simpsons is relevant for the first time in 8 years.

  • joe

    It’s great that the Simpsons is trying to help make the American public aware of the sub par working conditions in Korean animation shops… but how about instead of making a “political statement” re: the conditions, actually doing something to remedy the situation? I guess that’s too much work though.

    The ending makes it out that it’s all the fault of Fox for using an overseas workforce to churn out their cartoons. Why doesn’t Groening take some of the stacks of cash he has laying around and actually do something to improve things for the workers that animate his show these days?

    All that intro did was make me not want to watch the Simpsons… not that anyone does anymore anyways.

  • Tron

    To the above poster.

    Although Matt is the creator/producer etc. of the simpsons he does NOT own the rights to the simpsons.

    Fox does. Therefore I doubt there is little he could do about the ‘overseas’ animation as.. Fox will do what they damn well please. (just look at the propaganda/fear speech that is fox news).