Are Modern Family and Glee Really Our Best Shows on TV Now?


The Emmy nominations are out today, and with them comes the realization that there really just aren’t that many good TV shows on anymore. I’m generalizing to be sure, but I stand by my blanket statement.

Mad Men and 30 Rock are certainly two shows I still respect on the air, but when Glee is nominated for 19 awards, and Modern Family for 14 I have to stop and pause.

I’m just not a fan of either, and it’s not for lack of trying. I’ve seen about 8 episodes of Glee, and 12 of Modern Family, and I simply can’t get into either despite me really giving it my all.

I think Glee is a novel concept to be sure, and the songs are quite well done, but as a show, it’s hour long format makes it drag, and the characters are too fluffy to have any real substance to them in my eyes.

The same goes for Modern Family, which attempts to be Arrested Development with a heart. Unfortunately, by gaining a heart, it’s lost a funnybone, and the show is just like a dumbed down version of AD, which is something that’s really sad to see, as it should be THAT show on the air and getting lavished with awards.  It’s not a definitively bad show, and it has its moments, but if this is supposed to be one of the best comedies on TV right now, that’s really a sign of the times.

I know I’ve probably insulted your favorite series now, and you can feel free to slap me in the face and challenge me to a duel, but as someone who has watched the complete series of probably 40 different shows, I like to think I know a bit about TV. But hey, maybe I’m just getting old and have lost track of what modern audiences like these days.

  • Cheryl

    I’m happy about some noms – I think as far as Comedy shows go Modern Family is about as good as it gets. I’m so glad Two and a Half Men did not get nominated this year (I still don’t know a SINGLE person who watches this show and yet it’s so popular).
    I figured True Blood would have been nominated for more…Emmy’s love HBO so I was a little disappointed. Where is Eric’s Emmy? (I know that’s not his name but I don’t have a Scandanavian keyboard so I would butcher his last name).
    Love that NPH got nominated for his guest role on Glee because he was amazing, yet I fear he will lose to Betty White.
    I also wonder if Conan will show up, it’s NBC, he’s still pretty bitter, but if he won (which he won’t, the Daily Show will continue it’s dominance) but it’s still be awesome to see him.

  • Beha

    No, I agree, those shows suck

  • Anonimo

    Breaking Bad??????

  • Josh

    yeah i agree even though modern family is not a bad show but still. You should watch Parks and Recreation. AD is my favorite show, and Parks and rec is my favorite show on now

  • What about Community? That show rocks. Especially the Paint Ball episode. THAT was a masterpiece.

  • Sean

    See that’s why Modern Family works. It’s a complete polar opposite of AD. And I think that’s what we need in a tv show: some witty, even subtle at times humor mixed with heart and warmth.

  • matt

    As far as comedies I would probably say the best is Community and I honestly don’t think there is much else to work with. I think that without a doubt the best show on T.V. is Sons of Anarchy distantly behind that are Breaking Bad and Mad Men. I am inhibited by not having cable so I can’t speak definitively but those are really the only shows I watch with regularity.

  • J5

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: The hardest part about watching Glee is telling your parents that you’re gay.

    As for the funniest show, it’s hard to say which is which because people have different tastes, but I gotta agree with Raab on Community. Funniest show out right now. Party Down was great, but I heard that’s getting the axe. Also I think Tosh.0 is the best show out right now (consistently anyway), but seeing as it’s not really a show, but rather a series of clips & jokes I understand that it probably wont get nominated for anything, ever.

    Outside of that, TV sucks donkey balls. You can get a show on tv if you have any of the following:

    More than 6 kids.
    Midgets (or you are a midget).
    Own a bakery that deals primarily in cake
    Have enough money to act like every day is a high school drama fest.

    Maybe I think that way cause those are the only shows I ever see advertised…

  • GuestyMcGuestGuest

    Rescue Me just started back up again. Really dont know why that show isnt talked about on this site, it seems to have everything Unreality could dream of.

  • Tishy

    I love Psych and Burn Notice. Though, I don’t know how well USA does with getting it’s shows nominated, not since Monk went off the air anyways.

  • ScottH

    Community, without doubt, best comedy on TV right now.

    What about Spartacus? The first few episodes were rough, but the series as a whole was a brilliant watch.

  • Ant2206

    I personally reckon that Breaking Bad is the best show on TV. It’s the only one that literally has me stressing out every episode. A quiet conversation between Walt and his wife has more feeling to it than whole episodes of other shows.

  • Those were the two shows i actually tuned in to this year. But I agree, TV doesn’t have much else to offer. I can remember having a schedule of tv to watch all week: Alias, ER, D Housewives, Ugly Betty. Now I mostly watch reruns and stuff on the Internet. (more recently )

    NBC looks as if they have a slew of new shows for the fall season, some with similar formulas and other destined to fail, but exciting nonetheless. I love TV too much not to watch anything, so I’ll peep it all out.

  • Thomas

    Justified, hands down. The recently premiered “Louie” on FX holds a ton of potential. FX has quietly developed a very, very strong line-up of original series.

  • Ellie

    I’m mad that Community wasn’t nominated for ANYTHING.

  • Grant

    I think its a shame that Breaking Bad, one of my favorite shows, was nominate for 7 enemies while Glee was nominated for 19.

    I miss the days when people used to judge shows and movies on their quality and not their popularity.

  • Josh

    The best show on network tv now is Fringe. Cable? Countless shows. Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Warehouse 13 are the ones that jump out at me. Then premium cable… we won’t even go there with how many great shows are on HBO and Showtime right now.

  • SpyKi

    I love both Glee and Modern Family.

  • Liam

    I have to say that I don’t really think that these two shows getting tons of Emmy nominations at all indicates that they are anywhere close to the best on TV. I will admit that I watch Glee, but I do so more to hear their unique takes on songs than anything else. Also it provides a bit of cheap entertainment, but I really don’t see how anyone can say that it is actually a good show. Sure, its fun to watch and even funny occasionally, but Matthew Morrison is one of the worst actors on TV today, and Glee has some pretty terrible writers. As for Modern Family, I tried to watch a few episodes, but I couldn’t get into it at all, and truly, truly despise the show now. That being said, I was rather disappointed and slightly enraged when the Emmy nominations were revealed. Seemingly none of the funniest and best comedy series out there got any nods, including Community, Chuck, Parks and Rec, and Psych. As an aside, I think that Leverage also got really shafted this year. I doubt many of you have seen on TNT, but you should go check out immediately. It is easily one of the best shows on TV right now, in the same class as Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

  • RobG

    Dude, you love pokemon. Your argument is invalid.

  • Mr Jim


    Seriously there is no argument.

  • cameron

    Breaking Bad is hard to watch, but still well done.

    Sons of Anarchy is very well done and a personal favorite.

    i saw the sneak peak at Rubicon, a conspiracy series coming out in august on AMC. it was good, very elegant.

    Spartacus: Blood and Sand always gets my attention for its prose-like dialogue, but the plot and characters are well done too.

    Louie looks to be pretty solid.

    Community is a nice comedy.

    i watch way too much tv.

  • vidokou

    Breaking Bad is much better than both of these shows.

  • Sam

    How is it that no one has mentioned The Big Bang Theory? Especially on a site devoted to comics, video games, movies and TV. That’s what the whole show is about. Sure its from the guy that makes two and a half men, which is awful, and it has an annoying laugh track but it is far and away the best comedy on right now. Community is extremely funny as well but nothing compared to Big Bang Theory. I feel too many people are simply writing it off because of who it comes from but that’s a real shame.
    Also, Lost was nominated for 12 and Dexter for 7, so they didn’t screw everything up.

  • Erin

    Danny Pudi was robbed. I mean, he sings, he dances, and he impersonates Don Draper. What else does the man have to do to get a Supporting Actor nod?

  • J5

    @ Sam

    When i went up to CA my brother swore up & down that The Big Bang Theory was pretty funny. What I got was a scripted dialogue, ever joke trying to display of “nerdy” the guys were & the dude from Roseanne whining like he did, in Roseanne.

    My borther loves that show and a few other people I know like it as well, but I just couldnt get into it.

  • Sarah

    It’s Always Sunny is by far in a way the best comedy on TV but that doesn’t get any recognition except on these message boards. I guess it’s more lowbrow than the shows that are getting nominated, but it deserves some recognition from the Emmy committee.
    And I think Modern Family is hilarious, by the way, despite the mushy stuff. Phil is one of the best comedy characters on tv, in my opinion.

  • Community kicks ass. So does Fringe. Honorable mention…Legend of the Seeker.

  • The only show I would want to add to the opinion fest as to what is the best show would be “How I Met Your Mother”. That is my favourite show on TV right now. However, that is not the point of this comment.

    I share your opinion Paul or I suppose I share your confusion regarding the two shows. Especially where “Glee” is concerned. The thing about “Glee” that frustrates me is how good of a show it SHOULD be. I have watched a good number of the episodes (Most of the 1st season ans select episodes from the current season.) and I am always left wishing that the writers would have the courage to use their show properly. I think that the presentation of the musical numbers is fantastic. I just wish that the stories could be of a similar caliber. I can never shake the thought that the show shys away from truly being powerful. It is the sort of show I watched and wished Joss Wheedon was writing. (Then I saw the episode he directed and was disappointed.) I guess to sum it up, I wish that they had taken the musical format but made the show about real teens with real problems and not the charactatures that they present to us. I think making the characters so fluffy goes very far towards undermining the messages and stories that they are trying to convey.

    Modern Family? I watched one episode. I was completely turned off by the horrid unfunny stereotypes.

  • Lauren

    Where is the love for Aziz Ansari, Parks & Recreation’s Tom Haverford? Funniest character on TV, since NPH’s Barney and Liz Lemon are getting old.

  • Mike

    There’s quite a bit of good TV, most of it already mentioned. If none of it tickles your fancy, then go watch the boxed sets of some older shows for a couple of years until new shows catch on. I don’t mind Glee, and think Modern Family is one of the funnier shows on TV right now.

  • Chris D.

    30 Rock took over as my favorite TV show when The Office faltered, but Modern Family destroys both.

  • Chris D.

    and Always Sunny, how could I forget!?!?!

  • Titus77

    MF is a terrible show with a great cast. In fact, that can be said of nearly every single-camera “comedy” on TV. They just fall flat. ‘Big Bang Theory’, and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ just leave them in the dust.