Archer’s Pam Comes to Life

If you’re not watching Archer, shame on you. It’s the best animated series on the air right now, and one of the best comedies period. Seriously, at this point in your life you should be graduated from Family Guy and The Simpsons, and Archer is the next logical progression.

Anyway, for existing fans out there, you will undoubtedly appreciate this rather excellent costume. Sure, the sexy Lana might be the prime choice for cosplay, but there’s no denying that this Pam get-up is freaking awesome in its own right. It just takes a certain body shape, hair color and hand puppet and voila, costume perfection.

Side note: In doing “research” for this post, I’ve discovered that a lot more people need to get going on Lana costumes. I could only find one or two.



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