Unreal TV Review: Archer was Good but Not Great


So I finally got to watch the show I was completely hyped up to see and I was unfortunately not all that impressed.  The idea of the show is fantastic.  You got yourself a spoiled brat secret agent who takes advantage of this because well, his mother runs the agency.  So we’re off to a pretty fun start.

Then add in the voice of Archer, H.Jon Benjamin, and you’re again off to a great beginning.  I have to admit that his voice alone can carry this show to acceptable ratings.

But where does the show go wrong?  I’ll tell you where.  In two distinct places.



The first one is kind of minor.  I’m not sure how much I really liked the animation.  It reminded me way too much of Aeon Flux and that show really disturbed me.  It’s kind of slow robotic movements and I see what they’re trying to do but I simply don’t like it.  It’s kind of like Dr Katz and the wiggly motion of the cartoons.  You either liked that or you didn’t.  Personally I loved it on Dr. Katz but I can see where people may have hated it.  Well I for one am not a fan of the animation in Archer.

Supporting Cast

This is the one that did me in.  Did you guys notice then when Archer wasn’t on the screen the show was really really bad?  I mean I guess Chris Parnell’s guy is OK.  But Lana is terrible.   What is she tough?  She’s awful.  Archer’s mom just annoys me.  Cheryl Carol is actually kind of cute in a cartoon kind of a way and Archer’s Butler is half decent, but I think the show really struggled when Archer wasn’t on the screen being his dry comical self.   And if there’s one thing all great shows have, it’s supporting characters.  So either these characters get better real soon or I’m gonna have a real tough time watching this thing.

Don’t get me wrong though.  Archer himself is one of the best cartoon characters I’ve seen on TV in a very long time.   Benjamin does a great job with timing.  I think that was the biggest thing.  The pauses, interruptions, way he used his speech is what makes this character so likable and funny.  I could definitely watch Archer for a long time and not get tired of him.

It’s his supporting cast that remains questionable.  I’ll give it one more week to see if they can improve but after that I might just save a few shows for rainy days when I’m not doing anything.


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