Aqua Teen Hunger Force – Audition to Play Carl


Alright, first off, if you have no idea what Aqua Teen Hunger Force is, go read about it on Adult Swim.  If you don’t think it’s funny, kill yourself.  Really.  I don’t care how you do it.  Lie down on train tracks, jump off a building, or blow your brains out.  Whatever you want.  For those of you who do know about Aqua Teen Hunger Force, here’s your chance to become part of the show.  Adult Swim is filming a live-action episode of the animated series and is holding open auditions for the role of Carl:

If you or someone you know looks like Carl, this
could be your shot at immortality. Sweaty, hairy,
horny immortality. How, you may ask, is one to
achieve such greatness? Easy. Simply make a video of
you or your friend (being Carl, you sicko) and upload
it to Then sit and wait. If you are
man enough to master the role of Carl, Adult Swim
will contact you. Then your journey begins…….
For there can only be one.

Friggin’ Awesome!

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