Another Round of Badassified Characters


Artist Tohad is back with another round of badassified pop culture characters. This time on the docket he has Dora the Tomb Raider (above), the Powerpuff Girls, The Lion King, Bomberman, The Smurfs, The Little Mermaid and more.

It seems like there’s really nothing he CAN’T make either awesome, terrifying, or both, and I’m curious to see how long he’s going to stretch out this series with seemingly infinite source material. Check out the others below:







[via NerdApproved]

  • mexicangreatnes

    These are great. However, I don;t think he should have changed Ariel’s face, she could have been creepy enough; keep the glowing eyes though, add sharp teeth, and covered in blood after having eaten/killed the two people in the background. Yeah, I would freak out if I saw that irl.

  • LBattle0819

    Lol Dora Croft