And the Only Choice for the Final Cylon Is…


There has been much speculation as to who the final Cylon will be in the last ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and you know what? Now, it’s my turn. The only difference is, I’m right. Here I break down the vast majority of the cast as to reasons why not, and at the very end you will find my answer which I will boldly predict now will turn out to be correct.

Two pieces of information before I start:

1. I will reference Diana’s quote from the show where she implies that the final Cylon is not in the fleet (she says “I want the four in your fleet”) which disqualifies a large number of people.

2. Also, Ron Moore has said that the final Cylon is not in the famous “Last Supper” photo (seen above) which features a lot of major characters.

These are reasons to take under consideration, but there are others as to why I’m disqualifying these cast members.

Main Characters:


Bill Adama – As he once said to Roslin “If I’m a Cylon, you’re pretty screwed.” Well put. If the Cylons really were all about the destruction of humanity from the get-go, they could have activated Commander (Admiral) Adama a long time ago. Also, Bill has two sons, Zak and Lee, and that would mean they had to be half Cylon or not his biological children.


Lee Adama – Presumably Bill or someone watched him pop out of his mom’s vagina at some point. Also he had a twin brother and Commander Adama as his father, so the whole “Cylon family” argument comes up again.


President Roslin – She was already told by Diana she was specifically NOT the final Cylon, but who knows, Cylons lie. But I don’t think the show’s creators would pull a double-switch on everyone like that. Plus she’s the mystical dying leader in the alternate universe Bible, and God doesn’t care about Cylons, despite what they think.


Gaius Baltar – There have been some pretty explicit statements that Baltar is not a Cylon, plus he has that whole “destiny hybrid child” thing in the Operahouse with Number Six. Whatever happened to his “Cylon detector” anyways. Didn’t it actually work on Boomer?


Starbuck – Honestly, she’s really the only one I could see being the final Cylon potentially, but I think that the whole mysterious disappearance then coming back with directions to earth thing is a bit too obvious.

Supporting Characters:


Gaeta – A lot of support for this one, but I really don’t think Gaeta has what it takes to be the final reveal of the show. Plus he’s DQed as “on the fleet” with Diana’s statement.


Helo – Destroys the whole “Athena’s hybrid child is the chosen one” concept if he’s a Cylon too. That would just mean Cylons can reproduce, which I guess would be terrifying, but pretty lame.


Dualla – Also a lot of pull for her, but Dualla has pretty much been a useless character from the get-go. She’s done little if anything significant on the show, and her love story with Lee came out of nowhere. She would be a letdown and the creators know that.


Tom Zarek – Yeah I suppose, but why? I guess I could see him as lord of all Cylons, but I think people have mostly forgotten about Zarek by this point. Also DQed by the “in the fleet” line.


Romo Lampkin– Aka. Blind Lawyer Guy. Honestly, he could be my #2 pick, but he didn’t have nearly enough screen time to be relevant and there was that whole “he’s crazy and carried around a dead cat for a month” episode which isn’t very becoming of a final Cylon candidate.


Doc Cottle – Really?


Pilots – Many of the pilots were aboard the basestar when Diana said the “in the fleet” line, so speculation has been cast on them. But there is no way the minds behind the show are going to have “Hot Dog” or any of his other cronies (you barely remember their names) be the final Cylon.

Dead Characters:


Cally – Dead people are prime suspects as the final Cylon because they are exempt from both Ron Moore’s claim about the photo and Diana’s statement. But it’s not Cally because she and the chief would have an all-Cylon baby, which makes things too complicated. Also, everyone raves about Athena’s kid, but isn’t Cally and Tyrol’s kid a half Cylon too? Guess it doesn’t count when the sperm comes from the robot side.


Ellen Tigh – They would not make one of the most hated characters on the show the final Cylon, no way no how. Not even if she was sober and un-whoreish.


Admiral Cain – The dead admiral of the Pegasus would be too obscure a choice. Plus that would kind of rain on her whole lesbian hook-up with Number Six.


Kat – The dead pilot was around for awhile, but it’s too left field of a choice. Man Battlestar kills a lot of girls huh?


Crashdown – Not nearly relevant enough. Would be like saying some random janitor on Galactica was the final Cylon.


Zak Adama – Oh God. It’s possible, but really? How would they explain the whole family tree then? Was Zak’s mom a Cylon too so one twin was born a Cylon and the other not? I don’t think so.

And now, without further ado, my absolutely correct choice for the final Cylon is…





Yes, ****ing Billy. I’ve read a dozen different blogs speculating about the final Cylon, and most of them don’t even mention Billy, much less cast suspicion on him. I read an article on io9 that was listing all the potential dead people on the show that could be the final Cylon, and they had Zak Adama, but not Billy who appeared for a whole 25 episodes before eating it. And poof! Forgotten? It seems so.

Billy is hardly being suspected by anyone. His death was unceremonious and pretty overlooked. But not by me. Now with only one to go, he fulfills the criteria of being dead (and therefore exempt from points 1 and 2 up at the top), being in enough episodes to be relevant and fitting the part. Honestly, I can easily picture him lowering his hood at the center of the opera house. Can’t you?

Everyone forgot about Billy, but not me. And you’ll all see how right I was quite soon. Get excited for tonight.

  • scott

    I like the idea of Billy as the final cylon, Yes many people did forget about him and i think would make a very intersteding and shocking plot twist, compared to the other listed characters. My only reason for not liking this choice is that I feel the final Cylon should be a character with alot of pull/leader potential. I feel that the 5th should be in charge of the rest of the cylons, rather than just a member of the group

  • Kimberly

    Obviously, you were wrong, it’s Ellen Tigh.

  • Nick

    I honestly think Ellen Tigh was a bluff. I predicted Zach Adama a year ago and I’m sticking to it! The focus of the show recently has been Admiral Adama’s downfall. (He finds out his best friend is a cylon, he leads his fleet to a desolate earth, his son’s wife kills herself)…Take it a little further…and….His son is a cylon…Good story. (Though, I didn’t know zach and lee were twins. can anyone verify that?)

  • Joe

    No–Ellen isn’t a red-herring. The previews for next week admit that she’s the final Cylon and that the mystery is over. I’m not sure what sort of role she’s going to play in the remainder of the series…unless her character is the one who developed the ability for Cylons to be ‘reborn’.

  • poot

    Ha…. you were wrong.

  • angrycylongod

    Zak is the 7th model, whose entire line of models was supposedly poisoned by Cavill. He’s alos listed on IMDB as being in the last 3 episodes of the show.