Anatomy of Jack Bauer

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I actually pulled this off my Facebok newsfeed surprisingly enough where Fox had apparently bought a spot so my eyeballs couldn’t avoid their content. Fortunately for them, I liked what they were flashing in my face.

The image above shows the anatomy of Jack Bauer, a TV icon that I really do miss in recent years. Yes, 24 got crazy in the end, but some of my best TV memories come from earlier seasons of the show, back when shocking twists and betrayals stillĀ meant something.

I think my favorite here is the “forearm of justice” which was used no less than eight dozen times over the course of the series. And really, Jack Bauer killed 224 people across seven days of the show? Anyone have the bodycount for season eight so we can get an updated tally? He’s out-murdering Dexter at that rate. But hey, terrorism. ‘Murica.



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