An Attempt to Get Into Anime with Attack On Titan


As big a nerd as I am, I’ve never really gotten into anime. My only real brushes with the genre have been a few scattered half-seasons of Dragonball Z, the original Pokemon cartoon, a few movies like Akira, and more recently, The Last Airbender and it’s Korra sequel. I know half of these aren’t “real” anime, so I remain a relative stranger to the genre.

That said, an old dog can learn new tricks, and I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about a new anime out this year called Attack on Titan. Who am I to dismiss it because it’s a genre I don’t usually dabble in? When I saw that it was streaming on Netflix, I jumped right in, and devoured the first and only season in the course of the past week.

My praises or criticisms of the show may also in turn be about anime in general, so forgive my ignorance if that’s the case. Perhaps Titan can be a case study for me about the good and bad of the genre, and you can tell me how right or misguided I may be.

Titan appealed to be with an attention-grabbing concept right off the bat. In the past (or future?) a society lives behind three concentric rings of giant walls. The reason being is that the land outside is populated by Titans, giant humanoid monsters that range from twenty to a few hundred feet tall, and enjoy eating tiny regular people as their one and only pastime.


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