American Horror Story Concept Art: What Could Have Been

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I didn’t wade into the debate when Remy wrote his post about why this season of American Horror Story was bad, but I wholeheartedly agree with him. So much so, I didn’t bother watching the last three episodes to see how it turned out.

It was simply too much. You can’t blend so many different horror elements together and expect them to work as a cohesive unit. An insane asylum filled with serial killers, nazi doctors, the demonically possessed, mutant zombies and aliens to top it all off? Too far man, too far.

Above and below we have some concept art for the season which imagined what some of the creatures contained within might have looked like. Check it out via artist Jerad S Marantz.


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  • trashcanman

    Lightweights. Lightweights everywhere. You actually probably missed the lamest part of the season skipping out on the last few eps, though. The story felt more or less done and then they spent even longer winding down than Return of the King did. The season was mighty entertaining television for the most part, though. I do wonder why you are pimping the art for a series you didn’t even like after the season is already over. That’s at least two kinds of weird. Aren’t there any shows you actually like that are actually airing you could talk about?

    • I just thought it was cool to see the difference between the concept art and the final product. I didn’t mind the creature designs, just the story was shit.

  • lol

    The zombies were the worst, they weren’t even zombies. You can’t strangle a zombie. The serial killer was also disappointing, the santa was much better. Why did they even do that? Why add a new serial killer just to outshine the one you already got?

  • dc

    I actually liked it for what it was: a crazy horror story. It had a lot of elements, but I felt like there were moments- especially in the last few episodes- that were so amazing that it was worth the ridiculousness of the plot-line.

  • Bill

    They may have gone ‘too far’ with all of the crazy stuff this season – but i always found myself invested enough in the characters to want to know more. The last few episodes may not have been brilliant, but i was pretty happy with how it wrapped up in the end and i thought they were worth watching.