Alright, I’ll Stop Being a Drama Queen

So before I write anything else today, I thought I’d continue a conversation I started yesterday where I stated I didn’t really feel like reviewing TV shows anymore as it’s been pointed out to me it might not be my “thing,” and I did believe many of the criticisms I was getting had merit.

But what I was NOT expecting was a response from you guys so far in the other direction. Almost fifty comments is a lot for this site, and I guess I just hadn’t heard from a lot of you in a while (or ever) and I didn’t think that many people would miss something like a Dexter review.

I received a particularly encouraging email from one of my bigger critics last night that really drove the point home that I shouldn’t be discouraged just because my writing isn’t for everyone. I am proud of my work, and I should try to continually get better, not just quit when I might not be the best at something.

This week has also just been tough in general as I’m currently sorting through the disaster that was my computer self-destructing, and a massive data loss that included a lot of creative projects I”d been working on with books, screenplays and the like. I’d backed up, but not often enough, and I lost a big chunk of stuff and am now facing the prospect of having to shell out for a brand new computer, when I just got one barely a year ago. The laptop I’m writing on now is practically steam powered.

Maybe it’s not “professional” to be talking about all this, or to be real about struggles I face with my writing or the site, but I like to think that’s part of the appeal of Unreality, that’s it’s a real person writing this stuff, and not just some random name.

Anyway, moral of the story, I’ll continue with my Dexter reviews for this season starting next week, and will definitely bring back Game of Thrones down the road. Breaking Bad? Eh, perhaps not, though I’m open to other suggestions.

I really do appreciate all of your support, and I’ll stop complaining and get back to making Unreality as kickass as possible.

  • Good to hear.

  • Sideshow

    You should think about doing a weekly or monthly article on your struggles that you want to share. Call it, “Un-unreality” or “Reality” article of the month… just a thought.

  • tuffy

    thats great news πŸ™‚ I hope everything gets sorted out for you, my computer just went out on me as well lol

  • TechTerry

    I just found about this site a few weeks ago and I have to say I look forward to reading your review as well as the comments for both Dexter and Breaking Bad.

    I think you’re bang on that the appeal of these reviews is that they’re just a bunch of real people talking about something they love. The TVGuide reviews are so boring in comparison.

    I’m glad ur not quitting because of a handful of haters and naysayers. Keep up the kick ass work here!

  • Wermine

    I enjoyed the last season’s Dexter reviews and I’m about to read the review of the first episode of the current season after making this comment. Sometimes I miss some key element or minor nuance from the episode and find out that you point it out. And in some cases (Game of Thrones) there are so many characters that I don’t always follow who was who and you address those situations well.

  • Frothy_Ham

    That IS one of the reasons I like coming to this site so much.

    I really enjoy your writing, you come off as an intelligent, geeky, media enthusiast that a lot of us can relate to as opposed to a snooty web journalist/tech blogger who is just doing their job.

    Keep up the good work dude!

  • Ankston

    I visit daily. I read whatever you write and thoroughly enjoy everything. In fact, your tastes mirror mine scarily well.


  • SurlyB

    I’ve always like the synopses you do of shows I don’t watch. It helps me keep up with my friends who do watch those shows.

    Keep reviewing and synopsizing!

  • john v.

    Paul: just consider everything practice because you really need to be fully prepared when Game of Thrones starts back up.

  • Chris

    I have come by here almost daily for a while now. I am frequently surprised about how spot on your reviews are. I am specifically thinking of your Terra Nova review. Keep up the reviews. You are doing a good job of articulating and verifying my thoughts.

  • Ty

    We love you, Paul. Never stop.

  • D-Money

    Glad you’re not giving up, keep working!

  • Jobes

    I really enjoyed your Breaking Bad reviews and thought they got a lot better as the season went on. I look forward to reading them next season!

  • Sams

    You’ve nailed why I love this site above, it’s all in the personality πŸ™‚

    I’d love a Firefly retrospective, I don’t know if you’ve done one from before I started reading here but I love the way you review the tv shows and it’s one of the best!

  • LawlessVictory

    That’s the spirit. And I don’t think you’re being a drama queen. I honestly think it’s cool that your writing concerns you this much because it means you care about it. Keep it up. Even if you do question yourself, continuing is the only way to get better anyway.

  • Although I didn’t reply yesterday (and don’t watch Dexter), I was disappointed when you said you’d quit writing the reviews. I’m glad people were able to help you change your mind.

    And just in time for Walking Dead. Back to work!

  • I also have to say I appreciate your style of reviews. I think they tend to be more from a viewer’s angle rather than a critic’s, even though you ARE critiquing the episodes and ARE a critic yourself. I don’t mean to imply somehow your writing is lesser, in some way. Actually, the opposite, since its not just populated with generic review-speak and critic-y, if that makes any sense. They have a real opinion and voice to them.

  • Bert

    I don’t read them all, but I do like the Dexter reviews when I read them. Gives the discussion a jumping-off point for sure.

    And I’m not saying this to troll, since I know you’re a PC guy, but seriously consider a Mac if you’re shelling out for a new laptop. I have had a grand total of two since 2000. The longevity is outstanding. I’ve had my current MacBook Pro for going on four years, and you wouldn’t notice except for the HD space that I don’t have. Plus the new Macbook Airs are all-solid state memory, giving you less that can go wrong.

    Failing that, call up Company X that made this one and harass them until they replace it. Only getting a year out of a laptop is not OK. Warranty or not, if you harass them enough they may give you something out of it. I work in technical customer service for a manufacturer (not of computers though) and you’d be surprised what some bellyaching and threats of running their name through the mud (on your website, even!) will get you.

  • OTWarrior

    I like reading your TV reviews (well, the only shows I watch that you seem to as well are Dexter and True Blood). Glad you are going to continue.

    Aside from the issues with some of the adverts occasionally, I have no problems with the site. I would even say it is one of my favourites (I visit it twice daily…yeah I know…lol)

    As for mentioning your personal life, go ahead. This isn’t some invisible corporate site. I for one like knowing a bit of background about the person writing.

  • trashcanman

    Dude, it’s your site. Write what makes you happy. If you start writing what you think other people want to read, it’ll only be enjoyed by idiots. I personally don’t need to read reviews of every episode of any show, but I’ll be damned if I tell somebody who wants to write them not to. Stop worrying about what internet trolls think and do what you do. It’s worked so far.

  • Yippie!!!

    Hey, life happens. Get yourself together and then get back on track.

    But again, Yippie!!!

    Have you considered reviewing Boardwalk Empire? I know earlier this year your weren’t impressed enough to keep watching, but I think it is one of those shows that takes time. So far season two is really showing some good character development which in turn is giving more action. Or the new show that comes on after Dexter called Homeland? I have to say… Homeland is two episodes in and I really think it has potential.

  • JD

    I like the fact you share as much as you do as thats what makes the site interesting and different. I’d like to see more TV reviews though as I’m stil catching up on previous seasons of Dexter and Breaking Bad so cant read them yet – the Tera Nova review nailed it and saved me many more wasted hours watching that schlock. More reviews please.

  • Bernie

    Good decision Paul.

  • Drester

    Haha, drama queen indeed. Good to hear you’ll be writing reviews again/still. You should keep in mind that people will sooner(?) complain than give compliments. That a few readers don’t like your reviews doesn’t mean most readers do. But it’s good to hear you’ll stop posts when people criticize it. Can’t wait to criticize your next pokemon post!

  • Blair

    I come here because I want to read thoughts from someone who actually watches something they like, not because they have to or are a professional reviewer. Your opinions are honest and shared by many fellow readers. I don’t see this as a bad thing. Haters gonna hate. Its just the nature of the internet.
    I just finished Breaking Bad and although I was behind your reviews most of the time, I went back through your reviews just to check what you thought about the episodes.
    Walking Dead next?

  • Jake Stone

    Nice…. Now if we can just get you to stop with the Pokemon, this would be a daily must-read.

    Seriously. WAY WAY too much Pokemon.

  • JohnC

    “Instead of an episode, how about an series review which highlights pros and cons of the chosen show. Such as people who haven’t seem AD, you could highlight the humor and plot and draw readers into the series.”

    This comment is from Conner, from the last post you made about this subject.
    I wholeheartedly agree. It would be less straining since you wouldn’t have to throw something together on a weekly basis and you would get to put a more personal spin on it.

    Which is precisely the problem that I have with the TV reviews; they don’t have the same spin as your game and movie reviews.

    Maybe you should hire someone else (or intern them, so you don’t have to pay those suckers, hehe) to specifically write reviews.
    With the point being you’d have more time to work on your Insert Coin articles (these ones I do consistently enjoy) and other webmaster duties on this site.

    I hope you consider this option.

  • Rogan

    Nice! After each episode, the first thing I do is open Unreality to check out the review (GoT, BB or Dexter), so it’s good news you’ll keep it up. Then the comments section and discussion are great!

    I really think you have a really good reader-base here on Unreality. I think people here are pretty loyal. I remember when you were reviewing GoT that you asked very nicely that people who had read the books should stop spoiling on the comments, and they really listened. No more spoilers showed up until the end of the season. That was nice.

    Keep it up Paul

  • Kandice

    Yay! I don’t normally leave comments, but I’m really glad you’re staying with the Dexter reviews. I read practically every article you put up and check this site every day.

    You just have to remember that people that typically have an issue with something are more likely to say something than someone who reads the article and goes “cool stuff”. And it’s awesome that you were that discouraged, then encouraged by our comments because that means you really listen to us. Some people complain, but don’t really expect to be listened to, and don’t remember that their actions actually have consequences.

    Also, it’s not terribly unprofessional to sometimes discuss issues in your life on YOUR website (it helps put a human being behind what is usually just a name). Like, I was really interested to hear when you switched to the PS3 for the first time and were exploring all the new games, versus just a normal game review (though, I like those, too).

  • Nima

    That’s the way to go! And dude, your reviews are the only ones I read on the Internet, so that has to say something, doesn’t it? (Especially because I spend huge amounts of time watching movies and TV series, usually marathon-style…)

    (PS: Why not do Mad Men, since you are such a Christina Hendrix fan? And Chuck! I kind of like that one a lot…)

  • Matt

    i’ve been coming to this site for a year now…and your reviews are one of the few things i scroll down the page to look for every day. the reason i LOVE this site is that you guys share all of my interests…dexter and breaking bad are two of my favorite shows of all time (along with lost, which i enjoyed every review of)…i didnt really understand why people were complaining so much about your reviews, i never had an inkling of a problem with any of them. some people just love to hate, everyone knows that. also i completely understand how life can get in the way and make you say things you might not mean, or sometimes dramatize a situation. i’m very glad you came to your senses and realize that your reviews are an integral part of this site and would be dearly missed.

    you’re the man paul!

  • Sams

    Have to agree with the mac thing. I’ve had my macbook pro since 2006 and it’s still fine, had to buy a new battery once which was around Β£90 here in the UK. I bought an imac since as well and love both.

  • Getting to vent now and then is part of the joy of owning your own blog, right?

    Keep the reviews coming, and thanks for all the great work you do for us!

    Sorry about the computer; been there.


  • MattChi

    Less crying, more typing πŸ™‚

  • Clive

    i enjoy your comments as a reader everyday of this site i say keep going with it. you cant please everybody. hope your watching “the league”. i watch most of movies you recommend. keep up the good work.

  • Aiman Browning

    Im glad to see that you’ll keep reviewing tv shows. dexter is my favorite show since its inception and Ive always liked reading your thoughts on it. I never would have gotten into or had even heard of Game of thrones until I seen it on your website. Ive only commented once( a few months ago but have been coming to this website for a long time) before but know there are those that dont speak that like what you do here. Your sire is awesome and incorporates the best of all things entertainment. Keep up the good work. I need some more shows to watch as well if anyone has any suggestions on here. Im waiting for Mad Men and Damages to return and Im downloading Breaking Bad since youve been giving it high praise. Suggestions Welcome. Salutations from Korea πŸ˜€

  • Airman Browning

    I spelled my name wrong damn it! It’s Airman. Plz fix! I cant stand that shit. I have OCD ><

  • FNG

    Keep doing what you’re doing! Write for yourself as long as you enjoy it.

    and if anything more writing will lead to improvement.