All the April Fool’s Crap You Missed Yesterday

Thank god that April Fool’s Day was on a weekend for once, meaning I spent less time on the internet and didn’t have to guess if whatever I was seeing was real or not. It’s a humorous internet holiday I suppose, but one that I’m sort of growing tired of over the years.

In case you weren’t web surfing yesterday (wow, I haven’t said “web surfing” in like eight years), here’s what you missed April Fools-wise in terms of things I deem relevant Unreality content. Some are pretty great, other’s a nice try. Check out the fully list below.

Mass Effect’s Saturday Morning Cartoon


Better in concept than execution, but I would totally watch a non-awful ME cartoon.

Introducing Gmail Tap


This is actually a fantastic idea.

Tom from Toonami Reviews Mass Effect 3



SEGA’s Bass Fishing of the Dead


Zombies are really everywhere these days.

Assassin’s Creed for Kinect


You know, some parts of this look cool, but then there’s the eternal question of how to walk in three dimensions with no controller.

Google Announces Self-Driving Racecar


Again, I want a self-driving car in my lifetime.

Blizzard Kidzz – Zergling Teaches Typing


Blizzard has like ten April Fool’s jokes a year, so here’s one of them.

  • Thanks for the video wrap up!

  • Gabriel

    I saw the Toonami one and about shit my pants…then I noticed what day it was then I was sad again

  • Eddie

    The google map is cool! today is the day after April’s Fool but still I find myself looking for the “Quest” on google. Haha!

  • Bob

    You missed the Reddit timeline

  • Mutant Turd

    This year’s stuff was all stupid. I was hoping for something that would have gone completely viral and had everyone believing it. This was all “Hey look what we made… PSYCH! lol.” I can’t wait for next year when it’s on a week day and everybody is too taken in with work to not believe something.

  • Alex

    Was that LL Cool J in the Gmail Tap one?

  • Shadow144

    Yes that was LL Cool J

  • Snoowy

    The Google Chrome multitasking was pretty awesome as well.

  • Giauz

    – “You can tap it in the morning. You can tap it at night. You can tap it in the bathroom.” LOL!!!

    – Is there ever a moment the question “Hilarious?” can’t be answered with “Harry Partridge”?

    – TOM, COME BACK!!! WE NEED TOONAMI! This one would have been better if the fantasy wasn’t broken by Tom cursing and then commenting on the ‘dating’ aspect of Mass Effect. Still, I am so glad someone did this.

    – Someone needs to create a functioning version of Google Maps 8-Bit (“Quest”) pronto. Make it exactly like what is shown in the video and I will not be able to stop playi- errr- planning my travel routes.

  • Kit

    The Hungry Hungry Hippos is real. Think Geek sells it.