Adventure Time Grows Up

I still don’t know what all the fuss is about regarding adventure time, and I’ll leave a more detailed discussion of the show to Remy, but I know it has it’s fans so I figured I’d feature this piece of art.

It’s from Leila Alvarez, and shows Finn and Princess Bubblegum all grown up and badass-ified. I love when people badassify cartoons.

Oh, and in case you miss it, there’s a certain four legged friend behind both of them as well. His awesomeness was too much to be contained in such a tight shot I guess.

  • WilliamMcScott

    heh, I might actually watch it if it looked like this.

  • Looks like Geralt and Triss from the Witcher…

  • Beorach

    I’ll vouch for AT. It’s damn good (and everything’s relative, to be fair) for what’s largely family-friendly fare.

  • JJ

    You’re really missing out Paul.

    At first, I just took it for being rather quaint. A fantasy world with a boy having random adventures with his talking magic dog.

    But when you try to look closer, and as the series goes further into its seasons and characters become more developed. It literally put the overdrive in its “OH, SHIT!!!” moments.

    Why is Finn the only human around? Why is the world the way it is? What history do these characters have? Adventure Time then turns out to be incredibly layered, dark and emotional (literally tear-inducing) the more you become invested in it.

    But it’s usually funny and charming for the most part with lots of adult humor. It’s really best to power through each season since their is some linearity to its storyline.

    The only other show that I look forward to as much as AT, is Game of Thrones. Yet, Game of Thrones never made me want to actually cry…

  • Tonyctitan

    Oh my glob!

  • Wite Boy

    @JJ we do know why the world is like that… the Mushroom Wars. which were a series of Nuclear Bombs going off(mushrrom clouds, not cutesy mushrooms fighting). Theres an episode that shows a giant crater where Europe use to be.

  • Jim

    @Wite Boy He didn’t mean that he literally didn’t know. He meant as you’re watching those are questions that they bring up and then eventually answer. He was phrasing it in a way that wouldn’t spoil anything. Good job ruining it.

  • cobra

    i can only find 2 things wrong with this picture thing glove should have 6 fingers and princess bubblegum should be made of bubblegum