A Possible Re-Write of Dexter Season 8


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Season eight of Dexter may very well end up being one of the greatest TV tragedies of all time, given how much potential the show has squandered it its final season. I’m not the only (former) fan who thinks so, and the video above (which I can’t embed, so click the picture to watch it), has a lengthy explanation of a possible re-write for the entire season.

While I don’t agree with every specific plot point the video suggest, the overall theme is crucial and something that this season has lacked completely. The end game of Dexter was ALWAYS him being found out, but now, the only thing anyone is remotely close to pinning on him is harboring Hannah McKay, not, you know, killing 80+ people.

I love the idea of the entire department slowly turning against Dexter, Batista’s sister dying which enrages him, Quinn in charge of the investigation, Masuka putting together the forensic evidence against him. Contrast that to Batista’s epic struggle figuring out who to promote, Quinn’s relationship troubles and Masuka’s topless, pot-smoking daughter, which is what we actually got.

And while the final Big Bad isn’t very well developed in this video, and Dexter faking his death should be a little different than season two, I’m totally on board for Dexter hunting other killers in South America, and the idea about an alternate intro at the end with a disguised Dexter is just amazing.

I may do my own re-write of this at some point, but for now, just watch this video which has the major elements of what my own season would look like.


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