A Massive, Comprehensive Doctor Who Timeline

Call me a skeptic, but I have my doubts that anyone can come up with a “comprehensive timeline” for a TV show that’s spanned fifty years and focuses entirely on time travel. It’s hard enough keeping movies like Terminator or Primer straight, so to think they’ve gotten all this correct would be a miracle.

Secondly, as I’m only two seasons into the show, I didn’t actually want to read this too much, for fear that I’m going to spoil something for myself, which I’m almost positive I would should I scroll all the way down. But you fans are welcome to take a  look at it yourself and verify its accuracy. But I probably won’t be reading your comments either.

Full image is below via CableTV.

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  • Jim Lahey

    That is awesome

  • DarthObsidenne

    And accurate too, wow. Someone certainly did their homework on this one.

  • Romple

    I’ve been watching since I can remember, have seen every episode ever. There’s detail missing, like not mentioning minor villains and monsters, but it’s very accurate for the overal arcs.

  • D

    I had my moment of, “SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET” at the comment that Adric was the only major companion to die on the show. I guess Katarina doesn’t count then?

  • Lyme

    I already spotted one error – Jamie is the longest running companion, not Sarah Jane. They also list Craig Owens as a companion – which he is/was not. Several of the other listed companions are debatable, too (like Adam).

  • Skull

    They seem to ignore “the Silence” as a Major foe in this….