A Gallery of the Best Simpsons Newspaper Headlines

Before Arrested Development was even a gleam in Mitchell Hurwitz’s eye, The Simpsons was one of the smartest comedies on TV, and was incredibly adept at hiding subtle jokes all throughout its episodes.

One place you could often find them was in any newspaper shown on screen. A lot of times it would just be for a split second, so the moment would be quickly lost or missed.

Well thankfully someone, somehow went through the trouble to find 55 screenshots of Simpsons newspaper images to form the gallery below. Enjoy.

Thanks to FunnyorDie for finding these.

  • Serial-Critiker

    Impressive nerdy job, but hilarious ?
    Maybe it’s me and the fact that I don’t get all english jokes on these news papers. It makes me smile yeah, but not laught as much as Arrested Development did =D

  • Henrik

    You stole all of these from Funny or Die. Give credit where credits due.

    • Nattyb

      You’ve gotta be kidding me Henrik. These are on about 500 websites.

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  • @Henrik

    Not to mention I did credit them…

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  • Spencer J

    there’s also the one when Abe wins the bullfight. “Old man beats meat.”